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The 16 Best Tart Pans to Bake Delicious Tarts for Your Family

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Are you looking for tart pans to make tarts for your bake sale? Tart pans are available in various shapes and dimensions. You can make individual small-shaped tarts where you can put various types of fillings. On the other hand, large tart pans can be easily served in the family gathering. Tart pans are made of carbon steel, aluminum, porcelain, etc and they have their unique features.

Moreover, tarts are baked in the oven so the pans need to disperse heat uniformly to perfectly bake the tarts. Easy removal of the tarts is also an important feature of the pans to keep the shape intact. You need to determine how you want to serve the tarts to your guest before choosing the best tart pan for your baking sale.

Best Pick

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan

Wilton Excelle Elite takes our best pick in our review when it comes to tart pans. This tart pan doesn’t try to show off and stays simple and excels at what it was intended to do. The highly durable construction features that help you in baking better; keeping your pan safe and not to mention it includes recipes, this just takes the spot.

Budget Pick

Webake 4 Inch Quiche Pans Removable Bottom Mini Tart Pans

Webake 4 Inch Quiche Pans is our budget pick because the pans are thick and have a removable bottom. The removable bottom swiftly releases the tarts and helps to cool down in no time. The non-stick coating is food graded and pan dishwasher safe. These 6 mini tart pans reduce the time of cooking as you can bake various tarts at the same time with different fillings.

Quick Comparison: Top 16 Best Tart Pans

ProductNo of tart pansDimension(Inches)MaterialRemovable bottomGrade
Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan19SteelYesA
Webake 4 Inch Quiche Pans Removable Bottom Mini Tart Pans64Carbon steel
Fox Run Rectangular Tart/Quiche Pan111Stainless steelA-
USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Mini Fluted Tart Pan64AluminumNoA-
CHEFMADE Round Tart Pan19.5Carbon steelYesA
Sweese Porcelain Tart Pan19.5PorcelainNoB
Boao Store Tart Baking Dish59 and 4Carbon steelYesB+
Gourmia GPA9375 Mini Tart Pans65Carbon steelYesB
HOMOW Nonstick Heavy-Duty Tart Pan110High carbon steelYesB
Zenker 6531 Mini Tart Pans64SteelNoB-
Paderno World Cuisine Deep Fluted Non-Stick Tart Mold19.5SteelYesB+
JACKSUN Tart pan53.5 and 9.5Carbon steelYesA-
Safca Disposable Aluminum Tart Pan15AluminumNoB+
Fat Daddio's tart pan18AluminumYesB+
MontoPack Disposable Tart Pan505AluminumNoB+
Alotpower Store Tart Pie Pan29Carbon steelYesB-

1. Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan

Wilton is known for its cooking utensils and is no small competitor in its category. The Wilton Excelle tart pan is made from heavy-duty steel which increases the durability and toughness of the pan that is needed for long-term use.

Also because of the heavy duty construction, it prevents warping when being used. The pan is of nonstick which makes it easy for you to bake and clean. And this tart pan is also dishwasher safe, so you no longer need to worry about washing your pan manually.

This pan is of 9 inches with a very beautiful fluted patterned rim. But the most important feature about this pan we think is the removable bottom.  Because of the removable bottom, you can easily transfer your tart or quiche without an issue or be breaking it. And for all of you, who don’t know of what to do after getting the pan, well YouTube is always there, you can always start with a cooking book but the best suggestion would be to read the recipes that are included with the pan!

Highlighted Features

  • The heavy-duty steels meaning high durability and won't bend or warp when in high heat.
  • The pan is nonstick, so you won’t have any issue with popping out your tart after it’s done.
  • Your pan being dishwasher safe can never be a bad thing as it gives you an alternative choice.
  • The bottom of this pan is removable giving you the ability to serve it directly without destroying the crust.
  • Recipes are included with this pan that gives you a head start after buying your pan.

2. Webake 4 Inch Quiche Pans Removable Bottom Mini Tart Pans 

There are many things in life that we want, but for most things, there is not more than a few reasons as to why we like it. That is why we want little bits of everything and especially the good parts. But what if we take all those good parts in everything and make it into one.

Would that work? And how would it turn out to be? Well, the Webake Company has certainly tried that and now we can get the results. These are small mini sized tart pans with a set of 6 that are made from carbon steel

As we have already said before, carbon steel is very durable and so you can use it for a longer span of time. These mini-sized tart pans are also nonstick and dishwasher safe. So you don’t have to worry about breaking your tarts while removing it from your cups or spend useful time cleaning these 6 little buggers manually.

But what Webake did was pushing up another notch because the most interesting feature in these little cups are the fact that the bottoms are removable and for all 6 of them.

Highlighted Features

  • Carbon steel ensures your mini tart pans to have a high shelf life.
  • The 6 mini sized pans are of nonstick which actually a great thing is considering that these are small sized cups.
  • You don't have to worry about cleaning up these 6 cups with the hand as they are dishwasher safe.
  • The bottoms of these cups are removable. While it might take some experience taking the cups off, but seeing your mini-sized tarts undamaged just makes it worth it.

3. Fox Run Rectangular  Tart/Quiche Pan

This tart pan is an 11-inch rectangular pan that will help to make evenly baked tarts. It is a premium material made pan covered with non-stick. The bottom part of the pan is removable which helps to cool down the tart in a few minutes. You can serve the dish without causing any damage to the tart.

The sides of the pan are straight with a 1-inch height and a consecutive rim pattern. Moreover, there is no mention by the brand if the pan can be put on the dishwasher for cleaning. As it has a non-stick coating we advise you to handwash the pan and put butter or oil before placing the crust on it.

Highlighted Features

  • The pan is constructed from carbon steel to make the pan durable.
  • A rectangular-shaped pan with a non-stick coating.
  • The pan distributes heat evenly reaching all the corners.
  • The bottom part is flexible to remove for fast cooling.
  • The pan can easily fit inside a toaster oven.

4. USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Mini Fluted Tart Pan

Our number ten ends with the mini-sized tarts. If you are not into making a big tart or probably need to make small tarts for your party or a gathering, then USA Pan Bakeware has got your back for you. USA Pan is pretty well known for its quality and you can say that they have your own unique design to their products that immediately speaks durability and assurance.

This tart pan has 6 mini-sized cavities which are a normal quantity for a little gathering and the whole construction is made from heavy duty Aluminum steel. Aluminum steel ensures lightweight but high conductivity. 

65 percent of the steel is recycled steel; hence it’s good for the environment and helps us reduce garbage that we throw every day. USA Pan has their unique corrugated design that gives you better airflow hence the baking time is faster. This pan is coated with Americoat which makes this pan nonstick. The coating is PFOA, PTFE and BPA free. This ensures you that baked food to be free from toxins.

Highlighted Features

  • This pan has 6 small cavities for your tarts which is just enough for a quick snack for you and your close friends.
  • This pan is constructed from heavy aluminum steel that 65 percent recycled steel. This not only helps you baking tarts with no worries for your pan but also makes you happy as you are making Earth a better place to live.
  • This tart pan has a corrugated design that helps in better airflow for faster baking and faster heat spreading.
  • Americoat has been used which makes this pan nonstick which is PFOA, PTFE and BPA free.

5. CHEFMADE Round Tart Pan 

Even heating is required to achieve a properly baked tart. CHEFMADE tart pan is made of high-quality material that can bear heat up to 428 ℉ without warping. Health was kept in mind while manufacturing this pan as it is made from food-grade material. Even the non-stick coating is non-toxic and you do not have to fear producing fumes when the heat is applied.  

It is a 9.5-inch round pan with strong edges made from carbon steel. The tart pan comes in champagne gold color and requires less to no oil for baking. The brand has advised not to soak the pan in water and to hand wash it with mild soapy water. For longer service, dry the pan immediately with a towel.

Highlighted Features

  • Round shaped tart pan made from food-grade silicone coating.
  • Removable bottom for easy cooling.
  • Carbon steel material made pan provides even heating and durable service.
  • The premium quality non-stick coating releases food without effort.
  • The pan heats fast and reduces the cooking time.
  • The pan is free from Teflon, PTFE and PFOA.

6. Sweese Porcelain Tart Pan

Tart pans that can be used as serving dishes reduce a lot of work. The tart pan has classic ruffled rims on the sides and has a non-stick coating for easy release of food. The pans come in 9.5-inches in diameter which are capable to bake the regular tart mix. 

The feature we like about this ceramic pan is that it can be used to bake cheesecake, macaroni, meat pies, etc. The bottom part of the pan is not removable so you can bake liquid food on them. 

The pan is safe to put on the dishwasher for cleaning and the high-quality material does not form stain marks or scratches. You do not check frequently if all the sides are cooked or not as the ceramic construction of this pan provides even heating to all sides.

Highlighted Features

  • The pan is made of porcelain that can be used for serving the tart
  • The porcelain is lead-free and does not develop stain or scratch marks.
  • You can put the pan in the freezer and oven.
  • The pan is dishwasher safe which makes the cleaning easier.
  • Baking time is reduced as the pan distributes heat evenly to all sides.

7. Boao StoreTart Baking Dish

Small tart dishes are sometimes needed as you might want to bake for 2 or 3 people. Boao stores offer a 5 pans package that will cover all types of events. For a big gathering, you can use a 9-inch tart pan. Whereas you can bake 4 tarts with different toppings at the same time with the 4-inches tart pans.

The pan has a detachable bottom which helps you to serve the tart without damaging it. Moreover, the pan has a non-stick coating for easy release of food. 

The sides of the pans are 1-inch high for the big pan, 0.7-inches high for the small pans, and are slightly slanted. Any dish that has a base can be cooked on the pans. However, the pan is dishwasher safe as the brand mentioned to hand wash the dish to get a long term service.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a package of 5 tart pans containing 4 4-inches pans and 1 9-inches pan.
  • Removable bottom for easy release of food and effortless cleaning.
  • The pans are multi-functional as it can be used for baking pizza, cakes, etc.
  • The pan is strong as it is constructed from carbon steel.

8. Gourmia GPA9375 Mini Tart Pans

For a bake sale, mini-sized tart pans are needed and for that Gourmia has a set of 6 tart pans. Each tart pan is 5-inches in diameter and 1-inch in height that will produce the perfect tart. These tart pans will reduce your work as they are safe to put in the dishwasher. 

These tart pans have fluted edges to deliver the crispy base of the tarts. Moreover, the pan is made from food grade approved carbon steel material so you don't have to worry about generating fumes while baking. Moreover, carbon steel is a good distributor of heat to provide an even baked tart.

Highlighted Features

  • The package consists of 6 pans that have a 5-inch diameter.
  • Heavy-duty material made product for durable use.
  • The non-stick coating is food-grade material to avoid health issues.
  • It is suitable to put on the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • The pans come with fluted edges and a removable bottom to make the serving easier.

9.  HOMOW Nonstick Heavy-Duty Tart Pan

This tart pan is from Homow and it’s of 10 inches in size. The construction of this tart pan is highly durable and is nonstick. The nonstick coating it has used is from Whitford Xylan. Whitford Xylan coating is a one of the top tier coatings in America that assures usability while protecting you and your food.

The coating is FDA and EU LFGB approved, so you can be assured about using it. The durability of this product was taken up a notch by using Platinum 3X3 Spraying Technology.

This ensures an increment in durability, makes your tart pan stain resistant, non-corrosive and the best thing of all; it’s PFOA free. The bottom of this tart pan is also removable and is dishwasher safe. Because of that; you can remove your tart from the pan easily with high accessibility and won’t need to spend much needed time on washing the pan.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a nonstick pan with Whitford Xylan coating that is FDA and EU LFGB approved which ensures that you tarts or quiche won't be damaged as you bake them or pop them off after it has been baked.
  • The Platinum 3X3 Spraying Technology ensures the high rigidity of the pan and makes the pan stain resistant, non-corrosive and most of all; it's PFOA free.
  • The bottom of the pan is removable which can be helpful when it comes to removing the tart from the pan
  • Dishwasher safe feature is always a welcoming feature as it gives you another option.

10. Zenker 6531 Mini Tart Pans

This tart pan from Zenker can be used for multipurpose. The pans are manufactured with carbon steel to provide durability. Frequent checking won't be necessary as the pan distributes heat to every corner. The pan can resist heat up to 450° F and won’t warp easily due to heat.

However, the pan does not have a removable bottom and as a result, easy cooling is not possible. Also, the removal of tart base delays your serving as you need to wait 10 to 15 mins to cool down. 

The pan is non-stick but it will be helpful if you add some cooking spray to the pan before pouring the mix. These pans will bake the mini-sized tarts and you can add different kinds of topping as you like. The pans cannot be put on the dishwasher as the non-stick coating will be damaged. Clean the pan with mild soapy water and avoid soaking the pan in water.

Highlighted Features

  • 6 mini tart pans that are 4-inches in diameter.
  • Each of them is covered with PFOA free non-stick coating.
  • Evenly baked tarts as the pan provides heat evenly to all corners.
  • The sides of the pans have fluted edges that give the exact tart base structure.

11. Paderno World Cuisine Deep Fluted Non-Stick Tart Mold

Simplicity can be overlooked most times but sometimes simplicity is what it’s needed and is best for most situations. Paderno World Cuisine made their tart pan simple but withholding the core functionality that makes this tart pan stand-out.

This pan has deep fluted design making this pan able to bake a stronger crust and withhold heavy ingredients like a fruit tart. The pan has a nonstick coating that gives you the ‘ease of use’ feature when it comes to baking and removing your baked food.

This is a deep dish tart pan so making heavier tart, pie or even a pizza can be possible in this product. And the flutes are also deep which will ensure that your crust will be strong after it has been baked. The bottom plate is also removable from this tart pan. So after baking; popping up your tart won’t be a hard task to achieve.

Highlighted Features

  • The nonstick coating allows your baked food to be not stuck to the pan while being baked. And it also helps you in removing your tart easily.
  • This is a deep dish tart pan. Because of the higher height, you can add more ingredients or toppings and create many different types of baking goodness.
  • The bottom part of the pan is removable which helps you in moving your tart after baking it and not destroying your crust.
  • The flutes on this pan are deep which will ensure that every crust you bake will be strong and can hold on without breaking and falling apart.

12. JACKSUN Tart pan

For food, we want kitchen tools that are not toxic and the pans from Jacksun are free from PTFE & PFOA. The silicon non-stick coating is food graded material and contains no Teflon. It is a carbon steel pan that provides even heating to all corners and bakes evenly.

The pans have a detachable bottom which helps in fast serving. Not only tarts, but you can also make pizza, biscuits, and cakes on the pan. 

There is a risk of leakage if you pour the liquid mixture. To avoid this situation you can use baking sheets before pouring any mix. The edges are fluted that bakes a great looking tart. As the brand did not mention if the pan is dishwasher safe or not, we would recommend hand washing the pan to get a long term service.

Highlighted Features

  • The tart pans have a removable bottom to cool down the tarts.
  • The set consists of one 9.5-inches pan and four 3.5-inches pan.
  • The non-stick coating has gone through treatment to avoid developing fumes during cooking.
  • The pan is thick enough to not warp easily when heated.
  • The whole pan is made from food-grade materials that will not ruin your food with chemicals.

13. Safca Disposable Aluminum Tart Pan

Finding a food storage container for putting the tarts is hard. If you want to make tarts for your next visit to your relatives, you can use Safca Disposable Aluminum Tart Pan for carrying them. These disposable tart pans are made from 29 gauge aluminum foil and are recyclable as well. 

This pan is made of aluminum and is safe to bake in the oven. You can store the tarts pan with food in the freezer. The pan comes with a plastic lid to cover the food. However, the lid is not oven-proof, so put away the lid from the pan before putting it on the oven. The pan has the capacity to hold 6 fluid oz.

Highlighted Features

  • The pans are disposable and made of aluminum.
  • The pan can 5-inches round-shaped tarts.
  • Pans are safe to put in the freezer and oven.
  • The pan includes a plastic lid to cover the foods while traveling.

14. Fat Daddio's tart pan

Non-stick coating when mixed with food and consumed can cause health hazards. Fat Daddio's tart pan is made with Anodized Aluminum that requires no chemical coating on the surface. The pan is 8-inches in diameter and has a removable bottom. Removable is very necessary when you want to serve the tart without damaging any sides.

The aluminum pan reflects heat making the pan hot faster and distributes the heat evenly on the pan. The brand has recommended hand wash the pans as it may get scratch marks. The pan can endure heat up to 550 degrees F without any warps or damage.

Highlighted Features

  • A silver color aluminum constructed pan for safe baking.
  • The removable bottom makes the tart release easier.
  • The even heating of the pan bakes good quality tarts or quiches.
  • The pan is made from Anodized Aluminum that makes the pan free from the toxic non-stick coating.

15. MontoPack Disposable Tart Pan

For outdoor events or picnics, disposable tart pans are life saviors. MontoPack Disposable Tart Pan is made of aluminum that can hold 8 ounces of food. It is a round-shaped pan suitable to carry cakes, cookies, etc.  

After the event, you can also store the remaining food on the aluminum pan and keep them in the freezer. They also reduce a lot of your tasks as they are safe to put on the oven for heating. 

Disposable tart pans can be of huge help as it reduces the use of dishes and helps to carry for long tours. However, these pans do not come with a lid and you need to and the extra transparent cover to carry your tarts.

Highlighted Features

  • The pan is 5-inches in diameter suitable for mini-sized pans.
  • The pan is made from premium quality aluminum foil.
  • The pans are disposable which are great for carrying tarts or quiches to events.
  • The pans are safe to store in the freezer and reheat in the oven.

16. Alotpower Store Tart Pie Pan

Lastly, we have a set of 9-inches pan to bake the crust for your tarts. The pans are made of high carbon steel to provide sturdiness and durability. The most important feature of the pan is the removable bottom which is included on the pans.

The pan is not suitable for liquid ingredients and can leak the mixes. Also, the pan is coated with Teflon for a non-stick surface. However, you do not have to waste time cleaning the pan as it is safe for the dishwasher

Highlighted Features

  • A set of two 9-inches pans to bake for big events.
  • These round tart pans come with a removable bottom to cool the tarts in a few minutes.
  • The pan is dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe.
  • Heavy-duty tart pans distribute heat evenly for baking the perfect crust.

Things to consider before buying the Best Tart Pans 

Are you looking for tart pans for your bakery? As a bakery owner, you need to bake various sized tarts or quiches. Tarts not only differ in size but also have different fillings and toppings. A perfect baked brown crust makes tart more delicious and attractive. But first, you need to think about what type of tart pan you want to use for baking them.

Type of tart pans

The markets are filled with various tarts pans. You will find pans made of carbon steel, ceramic, aluminum, porcelain, etc. The most commonly used tart pans are carbon steel tart pans that are used to bake the tart crust evenly. Ceramic tart pans can be used to bake on the oven and directly served straight out of the oven. 

Furthermore, aluminum tart pans are used for transporting the tarts and they are disposable too. They are suitable to put in the freezer and heat on the oven.

The dimension of the tart pans

Deciding on the size of the tart pan is a key factor before buying the best tart pan. Tart pans come in various shapes and sizes and not all sizes are appropriate for all occasions. For a bake sale, you might want to sell small tarts with various fillings and toppings. Whereas, for big events or weddings a big-sized tart dish is required to serve the guests. The regular size of tart pans is 9.5-inches but you will 3 to 5 inches tart pans to bake small tarts. Whether you own a bakery or not, you might want to have various sized tart pans to satisfy the customers or family members.

Pan Design

While traditionally, a circular fluted design is the norm, different pan design can make your baking much more fun. There are various types of pan design starting from circular to rectangular, and even little mini-sized design. Depending on your demands, it's best to get the pan of that particular design.

Even heat distribution

The tart is considered a sweet and savory dish and it needs to be baked evenly to provide the perfect taste. For even baking, the pans need to be heated evenly from all sides of the pan. Usually, the pans are made of carbon steel that circulates heat evenly to all corners of the pan. Checking the crust for even baking within a small time interval can be bothersome and for that pans are designed to get heated fast and distribute the heat equally to the sides.  

Easy removal of the bottom part of the pan

The specialty of tart pans is that the bottom part is detachable. This flexible bottom part helps to release the crust without damaging it. Moreover, you can add the fillings and toppings to the hot tart crust. The removable bottom of the tart pan helps to cool the crust swiftly. 

Most of the tart pans have a detachable bottom but some ceramic pans do not have those. Ceramic tart pans can be used for baking the crust as well as serving dishes for tarts. 

The thickness of the pans

You want tart pans that will last longer and for that, you need to check the material and thickness of the pans. The thickness of the pans ensures that the pan will not warp in heat. Also, the pan will get the adequate heat required to bake the crust. Thin pans tend to warp easily and will not give durable service. 

Depth of the pans

The height of the tart pans is usually 1-inch. If you want a deep dish tart you can look for pans with more depth. Small tart pans have lower heights. Before placing the crust crosscheck the size of the pan and crust with the recipe. As the crust will rise up due to baking.

Cleaning the tart pans

Tart pans are not supposed to require hard cleaning as they have a non-stick coating on them. Due to non-stick coating, the pans should not be soaked in water. Soaking will damage the non-stick coating and handwashing the pans will enhance the longevity of the pans. Though some brands mention that their pans are suitable to put on the dishwasher but we advise you to handwash the pans with mild soapy water.


Can I use the pan for making eggs or any liquid dish?

As the pans have a removable bottom, the liquid ingredients can leak. So, we advise you not to bake any dishes on these pans that have no thick crust. However, you will find some ceramic tart pans that do not have a flexible bottom. You can try to make eggs or bake brownies or cake on those pans.

Do I need to use flour or cooking spray before putting the crust?

Most of the pans have a non-stick coating to release the food easily. If you are not sure about the easy release, you can put some oil, flour, or butter before placing the crust on the pan. As the tart pans have detachable bottoms, we recommend removing the bottom part at first for easy release of the crusts. 

Are the pans safe to put on the dishwasher?

The pans have a non-stick coating for quick release of the crust. As other kitchen accessories are washed on the dishwasher, the pan will clash with each other damaging the non-stick coating. It is better to handwash the pans as the non-stick coating on the pan does not stick to food.

What can I use to avoid the risk of leakage of the liquid mix? 

Tart pans are used for baking food with thick crusts. The pans have low sides which are not great for making cakes. However, if you want to bake cakes on a tart pan, you can put a baking sheet before the liquid ingredients on the pan. The baking sheet will hold the ingredients and will release them easily as the food gets hardened.


Tarts are fun to make and glorious to see. The reason why tarts are amazing is not only because of the face value and design but also because it's healthy. There are various ways to bake tarts that can give you a healthier lifestyle and not have to sacrifice your dessert time. But of course, we cannot ignore that tarts look just amazing and can be a huge buzz when it comes to family time or a party.

The most important thing about food is that it brings people together. Yes, we survive by eating and drinking but there is an emotional connection to it too and that's why it's not a small matter to cook. We hope that by reading this article, you have gotten some idea of what you need when it comes to tart pans. 

We have gathered some of the best tart pans out there for you so that you can know the difference between them and judge to see of what fits you. And we cannot wait to see you baking tarts for your family and friends as your embark a cooking lifestyle that is healthy and rich with nutrients and of course be praised for baking some awesome tarts.

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