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The 10 Best Sausage Stuffers to Enjoy Restaurant Type Sausages At Home

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Are you dependent on store-made sausages? But they are not a healthy option. You can easily make sausages at home with the electric or manual sausage stuffer that will require less time and effort. You also need to know the capacity of the stuffer capable of making sausages at a time. 

Also, make sure to check the presence of the air valve to keep the sausages in shape. The sausage stuffers usually are large so you need to disassemble them for cleaning. Some parts are safe to put in the dishwasher while the electric stuffer needs to be hand cleaned. Choose the best sausage stuffer that will fulfill all your requirements.

Best Pick

Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage Stuffer

The Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage Stuffer is our best pick on our list as it is made of durable stainless steel and 4 different sausage tubes to get the preferred shape. Moreover, it has screws to control the 2 speeds of the machine. The meat container is cylinder-shaped and has the capacity to hold 7 pounds. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide comfort in making the sausages.

Budget Pick

LEM Products 1112 Big Bite Vertical Sausage Stuffer

The LEM Products 1112 Big Bite Vertical Sausage Stuffer is on our best budget pick because it has huge drive gear to make the sausages. You can make sausages of various shapes with 4 different sausage tubes.You can set the speed to make sausage according to your need. It is a vertical sausage stuffer made of stainless steel that gives a long time service.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Sausage Stuffers

Apart from our best and budget picks, we have several other sausage stuffers that we thought are great regardless of whether you are a beginner in making sausages or someone who is well-experienced with this process, and we have also made a comparison among them which will help you to choose the product that is most suitable to your needs and personal preferences.

1. Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage Stuffer

The highlights of this excellent sausage stuffer are its all-stainless steel durable construction and two-speed settings that you can choose between to control the stuffing of your sausages. A metal body frame is great but it could be quite daunting when you think about lifting it and positioning it on your workstation. But this sausage stuffer solves that problem because it is light yet durable due to it being made of stainless steel which is lighter than metals but as durable and rust-resistant. Moreover, all parts of the stuffer that come into contact with meat maintain SGS food hygiene standard and ensures a high level of safety for the sausages that you are going to make. 

To make sure that the workflow is smooth while using this stuffer, the gears have been strengthened with resin and are supported by two long rods that have been threaded. The handle to be cranked is chrome coated and the part that is going to be held is coated with polypropylene to allow smooth touch and a firm grip. The steel piston has air release valve to let air out while working which prevents air being trapped inside your sausages and also prevents heat to build up during operation. The stuffer also offers you four different nozzles with distinct diameters: 16 mm, 22 mm, 32 mm, and 38 mm, to allow you control over how thick you want your sausages to be, and they are all made of stainless steel to ensure high durability.

The other great thing about this stuffer is the fact that it allows you to easily choose between two filling rates for stuffing your sausages: fast and slow. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to fill your sausages as fast as possible, for example, if you need to make a large number of sausages in a short period of time or choose to fill slowly if you want to prevent the risk of your sausage casings blowing up.


  • All parts of the stuffer are made of stainless steel which makes it durable yet lighter than metal.
  • The cranking part has been chrome plated with a polypropylene handle to allow you comfort and a good grip while working
  • There are four nozzles with different diameters, all made of stainless steel which are highly durable.
  • You can choose from two speeds: fast and slow to control how fast you want the fill-rate to be.
  • The air release valve on the piston allows air to escape and prevents building up of heat inside the meat.


  • The base does not have any extra mechanism for holding the stuffer securely on the table surface.

2. LEM Products 1112 Big Bite Vertical Sausage Stuffer

Making the perfect shaped sausage at home is tricky work and to make that work easy, this sausage stuffer can be used. It has the capacity to hold 10 pounds of meat and can stand stable on the countertop. However, some might find it unsteady while putting the meat. It also has metal gears with 2 speeds that provide you the control over making the sausages.

The feature we like about this sausage stuffer is its non-slippery handle that has 90 degrees slanting for comfortable cranking. 

The meat storage cylinder is to remove for filling and cleaning. It can be tiresome to clean the stuffer properly after making the sausages. However, it requires physical labor to make the sausages. The base of the stuffer has holes to mount at the top of the counter but they do not provide the screws and other hardware tools to fix at a place.


  • It is a vertical sausage stuffer that can be easily operated single-handedly.
  • The whole tool is made of stainless steel that makes it strong and durable.
  • 4 different lengths of stuffing tubes to make different size snacks.
  • Ergonomic handle with 90-degree position to make the rotating easier.
  • The piston has a valve for air release for the smooth flow of the meat.


  • Disassembling of the parts is required for thorough cleaning.
  • The parts of the sausage stuffer are not suitable to put on the dishwasher.

3. LEM Products 1606 Vertical Sausage Stuffer

There are many things that we love about this simple yet efficient sausage stuffer with a capacity of holding up to 5 pounds of filling meat. First, the gears of this stuffer are made of carbon steel that gives a great precision in doing its work and also prevents slippage, wears, and rust. For the additional protection of the gears, there is a gearbox cover to ensure the machine to work with reliability for a very long time. Second, the stuffer has all the features that make an efficient and durable sausage stuffer, for example stainless steel construction, air valve on the piston to prevent air bubbles and overheating, three nozzles of different diameters, and a big cylinder that can be tilted for easy filling and that can be removed for thorough cleaning. One unique feature of this stuffer is that it comes with two sturdy clamps that can be used to hold the stuffer securely to the countertop without having to drill holes in your table.


  • Its stainless steel construction makes it durable and efficient
  • The gears are made up of carbon steel which prevents slippage, rust resistance and allows precise filling of your sausages
  • Easy to use
  • The gears come in a protective gearbox to ensure the durability of the gears
  • Comes with two strong clamps that will hold the stuffer securely to the countertop
  • The piston has an air release valve to prevent trapped air and overheating


  • The nozzles and the piston are made of plastic

4. KENOME Metal Food Grinder with 2 Sausage Stuffer Tubes

The sausage stuffer that comes along with a meat grinder reduces a lot of workloads. This sausage stuffer from the KENOME store has 2 types of stuffer that provide you the choice to make your preferred sausages. It is made of heavy-duty metal to last for a longer period. 

As it is a meat grinder as well, you do not have to waste time separately grinding the meat. All you need is to attach the sausage stuffer to get the sausages. However, it is not dishwasher safe and the parts need to be detached for cleaning. 

The package comes with a cleaning brush that helps to clean the corners of the stuffer. Warm soapy water washes away the remnants easily from the stuffer. Make sure to hold the sausage stuffer with one hand if you have not mounted it on your countertop to prevent it from moving.


  • A grinder that has a sausage stuffer reduces the mess of grinding the meat.
  • It has 2 different sized sausage stuffing tubes to make chorizo, summer sausages, etc
  • It is made of premium quality metal to make it durable and strong.
  • Easily disassembles to clean the parts of the grinder.


  • Any part of the sausage stuffer is not dishwasher safe.
  • This sausage stuffer may not stay stable if you do not mount it on the countertop.

5. KitchenAid Sausage Stuffer

KitchenAid Sausage Stuffer is easy to operate to make the best sausages for your children at home. It is a grinder with a very powerful motor that can grind meat as well as makes sausages. As sausages are consumed in breakfast or dinners, you might want to make them in different shapes. They provide 2 types of sausage tubes with which you can make Italian, Polish or other types of sausages. 

However, we have little concern about the sausage stuffer and tubes being plastic. The plastic can get cracked if mishandled. Though the tubes and other parts are safe to put on the dishwasher for cleaning we are not sure that the tubes will be thoroughly cleaned as they are narrow. Due to the tools being plastic, you can use hot water to clean them.


  • It contains two types of sausage tubes for small and large sausages.
  • A meat grinder that can be directly used for making sausages.
  • The sausage stuffing tubes are dishwasher safe that reduces the cleaning work.


  • The tubes and trays are made of plastic that can be damaged easily.
  • There is no mention of the plastic being food graded.

6. Aobosi 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer

This sausage stuffer is an electric stuffer that effortlessly minces the meat to make delicious sausage for different meals. For mincing the meat, it has 3 different cutting blades to make the grinding quick. You can make any sausage of any kind of meat with this grinder. Moreover, the machine stays stable while working as it has a reinforced chassis.  

This machine is made of heavy-duty materials and the parts are not safe to put on the dishwasher. The brand advised to clean them with water and mild detergent. 

You can also use soft brushes to remove the remnants on the grinders or stuffer. To get a durable and efficient service from the cutting blades, putting a small amount of vegetable oil after cleaning would do the work.


  • Includes 3 stainless steel blades to mince the meat before making the sausages.
  • It is 3 in 1 kitchen accessory that can grind meat, make sausages and kubbe.
  • It includes a powerful motor to grind the meats in no time.
  • It is an electric grinder that makes the work easy.
  • Has a reverse button to free the meat when it gets stuck by a machine.


  • The parts are not dishwasher proof.
  • The parts need to be immediately dried with a cloth to get a longer service.
  • Need to be careful when operating as it has sharp blades and a high speeding motor.

7. AICOK 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer

A sausage stuffer that has 2 various types of cutting plates gives you the desired sausage you prefer. This is a 3 in 1 machine that can do most of the meat work within less time. It also has a reverse function to release when the meat gets stuck on the blades. Moreover, it has a high-speed motor to do the work effortlessly. 

However, the sausage tubes are made of plastic and need to be handled with care. On the other hand, the tubes, cutting plates, and other accessories need to be washed with hands in lukewarm water and mild detergent soap. We advise you to use a small soft brush to clean the meat that remains stuck on the tubes.


  • This Sausage stuffer also has a meat mincer and kubbe maker.
  • It has a high-speed copper motor that makes the sausage in less duration.
  • You can get sausages of 3 pounds minced meat in a couple of minutes.
  • 2 separate cutting plates to get the cut of meat of your preferred type.


  • The tools need to be hand-washed with care in soapy water.
  • The sausage tube is made of plastic that has a tendency to get cracked easily.

8. Weston Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer

If you are looking for a heavy duty manual sausage stuffer with a sleek design and a durable built, this is a product that will surely impress you. This sausage stuffer has a high capacity for holding up to 7 pounds of meat in its canister that can be easily tilted for filling and can also be removed for thorough washing. Its frame is made of high-grade stainless steel that has been coated to give a smooth, sleek look and makes it a great addition to the aesthetics of your kitchen interior. The rubber base of the stuffer stabilizes it and holds it down to the surface you are working on to prevent slipping. 

What is also great about this stuffer is that you can choose between two-speed settings to control how fast you want the filling rate to be. It also offers you four different nozzles that are all made of durable stainless steel and allows you to make sausage links of different kinds such as pepperoni, snack sticks, summer sausages, and luncheon meats.


  • Sleek design and coated steel body with smooth surface makes it aesthetically pleasing
  • Two fill rates to choose from
  • Rubber base gives a secure hold on the countertop
  • The piston has an air release valve to prevent trapped air and overheating
  • Has a high capacity of 7 pounds and is suitable for heavy-duty purposes
  • Has four different nozzle sizes which are all made of durable stainless steel


  • It is very tall so if you have a small space in your kitchen and you do not require the high capacity, you can choose for other smaller sausage stuffers

9. Cofun Store Food Grinder

Sausages are loved by kids and it requires a lot of work to make them. The sausage stuffer from Cofun makes the work easy as it has 2 cutting blades to mince the meat properly before going into the sausage tube. The accessories are easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and storing. 

The feature we like about this sausage stuffer is that the parts can be cleaned on the dishwasher which reduces your kitchen time. However, you need to dry them as soon as they are cleaned for long-lasting service. The brand used high-quality plastic so that the tubes don't break off easily.


  • It has 2 sausage filler tubes to get the shape as you like.
  • All the parts are easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.
  • High-quality plastic is used to make the tubes durable.
  • This machine also includes a meat mincer that helps to make other meat dishes.
  • The tubes and trays are dishwasher safe that reduces your workload.


  • Though premium quality plastic is used but needs to be carefully handled.
  • Every part needs to be dried with a cloth after washing with water.

10. Super Deal Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

This sausage stuffer from Super Deal is an old designed sausage stuffer that can be used at restaurants. It is made of high-quality stainless steel that is great for regular use. You will find a locking nut to avoid any kind of leakage. The package includes 4 tubes of different diameters starting from 15mm up to 35 mm. The stuffer is vertical and can hold 11 pounds of meat for sausages. 

The best feature about this sausage stuffer is that both left and right-handed people can use it with comfort. It has a great grip that refrains from slipping while rotating the handle for sausages. 

You don't have to hold the machine with both hands while making the sausages as it has 4 rubber nozzles at the base to keep it stable. The brand has not clearly mentioned if the parts are safe to put on the dishwasher. Therefore we suggest, you hand wash the tubes to make them last longer.


  • It has 4 sausage tubes to make various sized sausages.
  • The whole sausage stuffer is made of stainless steel that makes it durable.
  • The base has 4 nozzles to provide stability while using the stuffer.
  • Ergonomic handle that is appropriate for left-handed and right-handed people.


  • Requires manual labor to make the sausages.
  • The tubes need to be hand-washed for thorough cleaning.
  • The meat needs to be minced before placing it on the stuffer for sausages.

Now that you are familiar with some of the great sausage stuffers that you could use at your kitchen or at a butcher shop, it’s time for you to move on to the next section where we will disclose the secrets of how to choose the sausage stuffer that will be best suited to your needs.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Sausage Stuffer for Your Kitchen

Your child loves to eat sausages but you do not want her to eat store made sausages. With the sausage stuffer, you can make healthy sausages at home. Not only sausages but also you can grind the meat on some sausage stuffers as they have the cutting plates. The electric sausage stuffers usually come in dual options.


Sausages originated from the idea of being able to preserve meat for a long time and making sausages still remains one of the most effective and delicious ways to store your meat supplies. You can make fresh sausages fresh every time you want to use it, you can go for the compact designs that can make up to 2.2 pounds or similar amount. But if you want to make a bigger amount so that you can store for later use, or if you are going to make a large number sausage links for your restaurant or butchery, you can go for the heavy duty ones that can have capacities of 5 pounds or 7 pounds.

Manual or electric

The traditional sausage stuffers are manual, with a handle that you can crank to stuff your sausages, and they are quite effective since you can control the speed and work at your own pace. They are also easy to disassemble and can be cleaned easily. But if you want the process to be speedier and with less amount of work, then you can go for the electric ones that will effectively fill your sausages on its own.

Grinder function

One of the key prerequisites for making sausages is that the filling meat has to be ground. For using sausage stuffers without grinding function, you can simply buy ground meat from a butcher shop but if you want to do the grinding yourself, there are sausage stuffers that can also be used as a meat grinder by fitting blades and grinding plates that come with the stuffer.

Hand Wash or Dishwasher safe

The sausage stuffer needs to be assembled and disassembled before using and cleaning. All the parts are easy to dismantle and most of them can be put on the dishwasher for cleaning. However, some brands specifically mention not to put the tubes and stuffer on the dishwasher for durable service. In our article, we have described tubes that are made of stainless steel and plastic. The stainless steel-made tube has less risk to get damaged if mishandled while plastic tubes can get easily cracked if they experience high pressure. So, check the cleaning procedure before buying the best sausage stuffer for yourself. 

Speed of the sausage stuffer

The electric sausage stuffer comes with at least 2 speeds to make the sausages quickly. If you are willing to buy a sausage stuffer for your restaurant, you need to have multiple speeds on it as you cannot keep your customers waiting for their meal. However, if you are a noob in using sausage stuffer, start making sausage at low speed. The fast speed can be hard for you to cope up with the shape of the sausages. Though make sure someone is holding the machine tightly as high speed will not keep the machine stable in a place if it is not mounted on the countertop.

Stability at the base

Whether you are using a manual sausage stuffer or an electric one, the machine needs to be stable in place. Otherwise, the machine can fall off the countertop causing heavy losses. The sausage stuffer usually has a mounting option at the base. At home, you might not want to mount it on your countertop, then you need to hold the machine with one hand to refrain from falling over. On the other hand, the sausage stuffer from Super Deal has 4 rubberized nozzles to hold the machine stable while working. With the increase of speed, the machine can move from its place.

The various dimension of sausage tubes

Sausages come in various shapes as they are used in different meals. Sausages also differ in diameter. As various meals require various types of sausages, the machine should come with 2 different types of sausage tube. Moreover, you will find sausage tubes made of plastic that can get damaged at any time. So, if you own plastic sausage tubes, you can keep them as secondary tubes in case the first ones get damaged.

Presence of air valve

The most ignored feature while buying the sausage stuffer is the presence of an air valve. Air valves release the air that comes out from the meat and prevents making air pockets on the sausages. If air pockets remain at the sausages, they break and will hold the shape. Make sure to check the air valves in the sausage stuffer before buying one.


Sausage stuffers are kitchen tools that have several parts that can be assembled and disassembled and it is important that all parts can be thoroughly cleaned, especially the parts that come in contact with the meat, to maintain proper hygiene. The whole stuffer should be durable, rust resistant and sturdy. One common material used for making sausage stuffers is stainless steel, but you should always check that the stainless steel is of a high grade especially if the stuffer is going to be used for heavy-duty purposes.


Why is an air releasing valve necessary in sausage stuffers?

An air valve is necessary to remove the air packet that comes from the minced meat. The presence of air packets damages the shape of sausages. 

Can I use any type of meat to make sausages?

Yes, all types of meat like beef, pork, turkey, etc can be used to make sausages. Be sure the meat needs to be minced properly if your sausage stuffer has no meat cutting plates. 

Is additional meat grinder features along with sausage stuffer a better option than just sausage stuffer?

Yes, the meat grinding option is a great addition to the sausage stuffer as it reduces the work of mincing meat separately. 

Is it necessary to mount sausage stuffers on the countertop?

No, it is not necessary to mount it on the countertop but for stability and safety, you need to hold the sausage stuffer. If you increase the speed of the motor, the machine can vibrate and move from its position.


Are you having trouble making the perfect shaped sausages? Sausages are one of the most loved foods in the world and it comes in various shapes. If you are a restaurant owner, you will need various sausage tubes to make various types of sausages. The sausage stuffer also needs to be sturdy for regular use. Electric and manual sausage stuffers are available and you need to choose the one that makes your work easier.

To reduce the workload you can choose the stuffers that have meat cutting plates to mince the meat before making the sausages. In our article, we have mentioned machines that have 3 in 1 option to make sausages, grind meat, and kubbe. Moreover, not all the tools are safe for dishwashers, so you need to clean each of them with your hand. Depending on your preferences, you need to choose the best sausage stuffer for your home or restaurant.

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