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Best Salad Spinners

The 10 Best Salad Spinners in 2020

One of the problems that people who like to eat salads face is cleaning the raw vegetables. It takes time not only to rinse the greens with water, but also to pat them dry with a paper towel. This takes up a good amount of time that you’d rather enjoy doing something else. Luckily, you can find a solution in the form of the best salad spinners.

How a Salad Spinner Works?

All salad spinners have a slotted inner basket that rests on the pivot point at the middle of a bowl, which is covered with a lid and holds the mechanism for spinning the slotted inner basket or ‘colander’. Spinning the bowl creates centrifugal force that pushes the vegetables to the edge of the inner basket. The water is strained via the perforations and enters the outer bowl, leaving the vegetables dry and ready to eat. There are two types of salad spinners. While some spinners operate on pump action with the help of a cylinder that pops from the lid, others have a knob lid for manual spinning.

A salad spinner is a great tool to have around the kitchen, especially for those who love to prepare their own salads. Rather than making it seem like a chore, choosing the best salad spinner can make preparing a salad easy and fun. The salad spinner was first introduced in the market in the 70s and very quickly grew in popularity because of its efficiency in cleaning and drying leafy greens and other vegetables. All salad spinners follow the same basic design and have pretty much the same features, but all salad spinners aren’t the same. Here’s a list of the salad spinners we’ve seen in the market.

​Best Pick

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

The OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner is the original pump-action salad spinner and is touted as ‘America’s favorite.

​Budget Pick

Westmark German Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout

Unlike many other products available in the market today, the Westmark German Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout is made in Germany. You can rest assured that you are going to get exceptional quality.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Salad Spinners

1. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner  

Highlighted Features

  • Easy, single-hand operation
  • Sturdy and strong build
  • Non-slip knob to lock down the contents
  • Clear bowl that’s perfect for serving
  • Non-slip ring with wide base to help the bowl maintain balance
  • Secure, transparent lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Disassembles easily for cleaning

The OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner is great for drying leafy greens, herbs and even fruits, and all it takes is a simple push of a button. This salad spinner features the patented brake button which makes it extremely easy to stop the spinner at will. Built with top quality plastic, this salad spinner boasts of a premium quality feel with a solid plastic bowl and a see-through lid.

The convenient push-button function makes one-handed spinning easy. All you have to do is just push to clean and dry the contents. Apart from being well-built, the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner is also easy to clean. The lid comes off easily and can be snapped together when you’re done. Every OXO product undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring that the highest quality standard is met, and it shows in the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner.


  • One-hand, push-button spinning for added convenience
  • Clear bowl makes it perfect for serving
  • Can be easily taken apart for cleaning


  • Does not allow a faster spin

2. Westmark German Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout 

Highlighted Features

  • Strong build
  • Polypropylene base
  • Ergonomic design
  • Specially designed pouring spout
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

The Westmark German Vegetable and Salad Spinner with Pouring Spout is another brand that makes it to the top of our list. Made in Germany, you can expect to get the highest quality with this salad spinner. There are quite a few reasons that make this a good choice for those looking for a reliable salad spinner. With a five-liter capacity, this is a large unit that can drain water out of your vegetables well.

The unit features a solid and reliable spin mechanism that is operated with a hand crank. The easy-to-operate spin knob is able to wash leafy greens efficiently as well as fruits. The bowl features a specially designed pouring spout that can be used for serving or storage. The basket can also be easily removed to be used as a colander. The Westmark German Vegetable and Salad Spinner with pouring spout is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient pouring spout to drain water
  • Sleek design


  • Does not have a string for spinning the mechanism which might not appeal to some people

3. Prepworks by Progressive Salad Spinner

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Made with flexible plastic to avoid cracks or damage
  • Easy-spin mechanism
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

The Prepworks by Progressive Salad Spinner with Handle works great for washing and drying leafy vegetables and fruits. Boasting of a sturdy build, this unit has been constructed using premium quality materials, which is easy to see right out the box. This salad spinner features a nice long handle, making it easy to carry around. The pour spout is neatly designed on both sides, which makes it convenient for both left and right-handed individuals.

Prepworks has been in the business of designing amazing kitchen tools for the past 40 years and the Prepworks by Progressive Salad Spinner with Handle is only another feather in their cap. Apart from a sturdy build, this salad spinner also offers no-nonsense functionality. The internal basket where the vegetables sit can be easily removed for cleaning. It is also dishwasher safe.


  • Effective spinner
  • Doesn’t get the contents stuck on it unlike other salad spinners


  • ​It is a bit too small

4. Mueller Large Salad Spinner 

Highlighted Features

  • Larger capacity and heavier duty
  • Stop button for easy braking
  • The lid is a Smart Lock lid
  • Has an Anti-Wobble feature and non-slip feet
  • Made from BPA-free plastic

With a 5.28 quart capacity, the Mueller large salad spinner is 30% heavier duty and made from BPA-free plastic. This spinner operates as pull control and it even has a button stop/brake feature to make using it even easier. This patented design has been engineered in Germany and it has a few other extra features, for easy use.

Its Anti-Wobble feature and non-slip foot pads means it is sturdy when using and as it has a Smart Lock lid, it will not unexpectedly open. The manufacturer is confident of their product and offers a full lifetime limited warranty on it and as this is completely dishwasher safe, it means minimal fuss cleaning up after use.


  • 5+ quart
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Locking lid
  • Non-slip base
  • Has a brake


  • May not dry some greens as well
  • More of a premium priced salad spinner

5. Culina Space Saving Salad Spinner 

Highlighted Features

  • Built with premium quality materials
  • Efficient cranking mechanism
  • Concave bowl, with an inverted cone in the middle of the bowl
  • Large basket
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4 rubber feet to keep the unit in place while spinning
  • Easy to wash

The Culina Space Saving Salad Spinner is a well built, powerhouse of a salad spinner that’s one of the best options for drying vegetables on the fly. The unit is made of premium quality materials and looks expensive for its price point. The Culina Space Saving Salad Spinner is made of three parts: the clear bowl which also doubles as a serving bowl, a tight fitted lid that has the instant-stop spin brake button, and the well-built slotted colander.

Because of its large capacity, this salad spinner is a great option for those who eat salads regularly. Sturdy, non-slip legs make sure the unit remains in place while spinning. Cleaning the Culina Space Saving salad spinner is effortless since all the components are easy to disassemble. The convenient size of this unit also makes it easy to store away once you’re done.


  • Doesn’t slip while your turning the crank
  • Fairly large basket
  • Well-balanced


  • Washing in the dishwasher may warp the strainer

6. OXO Steel Salad Spinner 

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel build makes it more durable
  • Well-built, sleek design
  • Double-duty salad spinner
  • Large build makes it clean more
  • Patented spinner top is easy to use
  • Non-slip base keeps unit in place
  • Easy to clean and store after use

The OXO Steel Salad Spinner is an easy-to-use salad spinner that features a patented pump mechanism along with a specially designed brake button. The main selling point of the OXO salad spinner is its easy-spin mechanism which doesn’t take much effort and enables users to enjoy single-handed use. The unit has been built using premium quality plastic and has been built to last. The lid is transparent, so you can take a look at the contents while they are spinning.

There’s also a non-slip stainless steel bowl that keeps it steady on a countertop. A nice feature of the OXO steel salad spinner is that the basket and the non-slip stainless steel bowl can also be used separately. The large bowl capacity means you can clean a whole bunch of lettuce or other leafy greens at a time. The brand OXO is known for its brilliantly designed products and the OXO Steel Salad Spinner is no exception.


  • Heavy-duty spinning bowl
  • Super-easy spinning mechanism


  • Heat of the dishwasher might make it age quicker
  • Flimsy lid
  • Could be a bit expensive for some

7. Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner

Highlighted Features

  • Well-built bowl and spinner
  • Sleek design
  • Fastest RPM as compared to many other units
  • Effortless use of spinning mechanism
  • Built-in crank handle with locking mechanism
  • Ideal for right hand and left-hand use
  • Built-in water drainage
  • Built with durable materials

The Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner is a beautifully designed unit. Constructed with high quality, premium materials, this salad spinner is definitely one you would want to have in your kitchen. This would be especially true if you prepare salads regularly. It will automatically add to your décor style in the kitchen space because it is awesome to look at. Apart from its brilliant design, it offers exceptional functionality, allowing the user to wash and dry large amounts of leafy greens with relative ease.

The Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner features a crank handle and a locking lid that latches on securely, ensuring that the contents of the spinning bowl remains in place. Another reason to buy the Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner is because its design makes it easy for both left-handed and right-handed individuals to use, so you no longer have to change its position during use.

Its versatile design alone is enough to make you want to purchase this unit. While it’s manually operated, it is easy to use and you can comfortably go through large amounts of salad with ease thanks to an extra-large bowl. The non-slip base of the Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner means it stays in place while you are drying your vegetables. It also features a built-in drain that takes care of the water, so you’re not left with soggy veggies in the end.


  • Large basket can fit multiple servings of salad
  • Smooth spinning mechanism cleans nicely


  • Absence of brakes in the unit can make it harder to stop when needed

8. Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner 

Highlighted Features

  • Well-built and compact design
  • Easy to use spin mechanism
  • Add or drain water without removing the lid
  • 5 quarts large capacity
  • Non-slip base keeps unit in place
  • Clear base doubles as a serving bowl

The Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner is a nicely built salad spinner that is reliable and efficient. The unit boasts of a well-built frame that’s been designed keeping the user in mind. The Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner offers good value for its price point with superb design and excellent functionality, which makes washing and drying leafy green vegetables and fruits a breeze.

What the Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner lacks in features (such as brakes) it more than makes up for in its cleaning efficiency. Some features that the unit does have include a non-slip base which keeps it firmly in place during spinning. You can also add or drain water from the unit without having to open the lid, which is a good thing, since the lid has to be snapped on to close.


  • Easy to turn knob
  • Non-slip base
  • Large capacity for its price
  • Can be used for serving


  • Lid needs to be snapped in place to close, increasing risk of breaking
  • Bulky knob makes storing the unit a hassle
  • Robust build but don’t drop the bowl!

9. Excelsteel Cook Pro Inc Mini Salad Spinner 

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy and well-built unit
  • High-speed knob for spinning
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Clip lock for efficient straining
  • Cleans and dries leafy greens enough for one person

If you are searching for a small salad spinner then the Excelsteel Cook Pro Inc Mini Salad Spinner, 1.4-Quart is the one for you. But, don’t let its small size fool you. This is a sophisticated salad spinner that has many of the features one would expect in a high-end branded salad spinner.

The compact design of this spinner makes it easy to store, and could also make it a handy salad spinner to travel with since it can fit easily into a suitcase and cleans just enough for one person. The clip lock straining lid secures the contents tightly in place for a hassle-free cleaning experience.


  • Ideal for travelling
  • Excellent price


  • Non-dish washer
  • Plastic gears could wear off

​10. ZYLISS Large Easy Spin Salad Spinner 

Highlighted Features

  • An improved version of design award winner
  • Plastic is free from any BPA
  • Ergonomic handle and retractable pull cord
  • Brake button with quick braking function
  • The bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher

This is an improved version of the Red Dot design award salad spinner winner and is made from BPA-free plastic. With an ergonomic handle that controls a retractable pull cord for easy spinning, this also has a quick braking action that activates with a brake button to not only stop the spinner but help fluff your salad more.

The non-slip base can also double as a serving bowl and this is also dishwasher friendly; although you will have to wash the lid by hand.


  • Pull cord spinner
  • Quick braking system
  • Non-slip base
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe bowl


  • The lid is hand wash only
  • Pull cord designs can be more fragile

How to Choose a Salad Spinner?

Salad spinners are a plastic bowl that comes with a removable plastic strainer that’s built into the design. Once activated, the strainer spins fast, draining the water from the vegetables. Since there are some moving parts in a salad spinner, it’s important that you choose the best one for the job.


While all salad spinners are made of plastic, some brands are designed to be more durable than others. Choosing a salad spinner from one of the well-known brands will ensure that you’ve purchased a robust and long-lasting product.

Bowl Capacity

Salad spinners come in different sizes, which is why it is important to pick on the one that meets your needs. A salad spinner that can fit 2 quarts is good for preparing a salad for two, while a salad spinner that can dry 3 quarts will be big enough for preparing four to six salads.

Secure Lid

Buy a unit spinner that comes with a lid that fits securely so that the vegetables do not fall out during the spin cycle. Since the centrifugal force can create lots of speed, choosing a salad spinner that has an easy-snap and secure lock ensures the vegetables remain inside the device.

BPA-Free Plastic

BPA is a harmful chemical toxin that’s normally found in plastic. Since there are so many options in salad spinners available in the market today, it’s best to purchase only those salad spinners that have been manufactured with BPA-free plastic.

Spinning Mechanism 

Salad spinners are available in hand crank and push button models. A large part about choosing between the two will depend on the results you are looking for. Both are effective in drying the vegetables so it all comes down to personal preference.

Serving Bowl

Many salad spinners use the outer bowl as a serving bowl as well. So, if you’d like to use it for serving, choose one that’s presentable.


Most manufacturers will advertise that their salad spinners are dishwasher safe but since it’s made of plastic, there is a chance of it warping. To stay safe, hand wash your salad spinner instead.


Again, this will depend on the brand you choose. The warranty of a salad spinner starts from a one-year duration and can go up to more. So, read the product details before making a purchase.

How much to Spend?

Needless to say, you get what you pay for. While this does not mean purchasing the most expensive salad spinner you can find, you should always purchase a unit from a well-known brand to ensure its efficiency and reliability.


Why waste so many paper towels when all you need is a salad spinner. The guilt of using so many paper towels to dry your vegetables is reason enough to invest in the best salad spinners. While the designs of salad spinners haven’t changed in over 50 years, the newer models are well-made, sleek and reliable when it comes to getting all of the dirt and grit out of your vegetables. Wet salad is definitely a downer to those who love eating their greens, so why not use a salad spinner. The aforementioned options and tips should help you get one that suits your needs.

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