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The 10 Best Mug Warmers in 2020

Coffee is undoubtedly the most popular beverage in the world. Many individuals prefer to have it entirely hot. Mug warmers make it easier to consume hot coffee until you consume it. These are compact in size, can be placed on desk and keep your coffee warm for long. There are no elaborative steps required when it comes to using coffee mug warmers.

It is essential to choose the right mug warmers are numerous models are available in the market. When you compare two designs, it is vital to understand the factors to consider before buying the best mug warmer. We will mention them in this review so you can choose the best option available in the market.

1. ​Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer  

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for office and home 
  • Convenient cord length
  • Illuminating power light in the front
  • Comes with a ceramic mug of 10 oz.

If you are a huge Disney fan, then this mug warmer would be the ideal choice for you or make a great present for any Disney fan. This warmer features a unique design. It can be used to keep soups and hot beverages warm. There is an LED light in the front of this mug that illuminates indicating when your beverage is ready to be sipped.

You can use this mug warmer convenient in your home or at your office. A long cord is offered along with this use mug warmer so that you do not have to face any inconvenience while using it. A ceramic cup of 10-ounce is offered along with this warmer. If you are looking for an artistic design, instead of mundane mug warmers, then you should certainly consider this design.


  • Features a visually appealing design
  • Is easy to use
  • Functions flawlessly
  • Keeps beverages hot for long


  • The surface oxidizes with regular use
  • The capacity of the cup is small

2. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used to warm hot cocoa, tea, coffee and more
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Surface is easy to clean
  • ON/OFF switch indicates when the warmer is turned on

You can keep your favorite cocoa, tea, coffee and any other beverage hot whenever you need with Mr. Coffee mug warmer. It comes with a convenient ON/OFF switch with an indicator light to let you know when your beverage is hot. The extended cord length lets you use this warmer almost anywhere.

This affordable electric mug warmer is over five inches wide. You can place your favorite tea, cocoa or soup on the plate and keep it hot for hours. This quality product will offer you seamless service for years to come.


  • 17-watt warmer fits different mug sizes and styles
  • Comes with a long power cord 
  • Great heating capability
  • Quality product


  • Keeps the drink warm for long but not hot

3. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used at home, office or during travel
  • Nonstick heating element can be cleaned easily
  • Comes with an ON/OFF switch for easy operation
  • Cord length measures 60”

Norpro is a leading brand which is at forefront when it comes to product innovation. This decorative cup warmer is great for use at travel, dorm, and home office. The heated plate keeps your mug warm for long so that you sip your favorite beverage at your own pace.

The nonstick heating element of Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer can be cleaned easily. It features a neon light indicator. The cord is extra-long and measures 60”. This product has been designed with superior materials and craftsmanship. The minimalist design would make this a perfect addition to your work desk or kitchen table.


  • Heated plate keeps mug warm for long
  • Can be used to heat hot cocoa, tea, coffee and other beverages
  • Features Neon indicator light
  • Warms up faster in comparison to other mug warmers


  • ​The neon light is difficult to see in a bright room
  • ​Switch is difficult to push with one hand

4. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Would make a perfect gift choice
  • Keeps beverages warm for long
  • Conducts heat efficiently
  • Is easy to use
  • Can be warmed up to the desired temperature up to 110ºC
  • Precise temperature indication

This beverage warmer keeps your drink warm for long. It has been designed beautifully and can be used as a gift for your family and friends. You do not have to bother about coffee spill out when you opt for COSORI Coffee mug warmer. The high-end brushed stainless steel construction makes it easier to clean.

What is unique about COSORI coffee mug warmer is that you can easily switch the temperature unit from ºC to ºF. If you want to warm your beverage efficiently, then choose steel and iron mugs with this warmer. You can warm hot cocoa, tea and coffee with this mug warmer.


  • Easy switch between Fahrenheit and centigrade by touching two arrow buttons
  • Made with high end brushed stainless steel
  • Mug warmer is stable, durable and solid
  • Is safe and reliable
  • ​Equipped with high-tech Pi film heating element
  • ​Features a spill-proof design
  • ​Is easy to clean


  • Just prevents the drink from cooling off under ideal conditions
  • Requires design improvements

5. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer and Cup Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Features a tempering button to set temperature
  • Reliable and safe for desk use
  • Can heat up to 149ºF
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Is both fire and heat resistant

You will never have to sip your coffee cold again if you add invest in VOBAGA coffee mug warmer. This mug warmer can heat to up 149ºF. It is one of the few mug warmers models that can heat up to a high temperature. This 20 W warmer operates quite efficiently.

The temperature in VOBAGA coffee mug warmer can be adjusted at three different levels. The mug warmer is available in three different color options. You can choose something that complements the color of your desk. You can use this warmer to keep your soup, hot cocoa, hot chocolate, milk, tea, coffee and more hot for a long time.

Three temperature setting are offered by this mug warmer. Low temperatures let you maintain your coffee above the room temperature. Mid temperatures keep your beverages best for drinking. You can choose the third mode if you want your beverage to be really hot.

The 4h auto shut off feature prevents any kind of possible safety hazard while using this mug warmer in case you forget to shut it down. It features a water proof design. The base of this mug warmer is 3.5” large. This is enough to fit most size bowls, carafes, mugs and cups. It works perfectly well with different mug styles such as plastic cup, paper cup, glass, milk box and stainless steel cup.

The polyamide film on this mug warmer protects the rest of the warmer from high heat. It is both fire and heat resistant. It can be managed quite easily. This product is quite reliable. The waterproof design makes it highly sturdy and durable. You can consider this model if you are looking for a heavy duty mug warmer.


  • Features a waterproof design
  • Convenient cord length
  • 4 hour auto shut off feature
  • Three temperature settings
  • Is durable and safe


  • Touch-sensitive buttons do not function appropriately all the time

6. Home-X Mug Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Heating element of 3.5-inch diameter
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Comes with a lengthy cord
  • Doubles up as a wax warmer
  • Is light in weight

The Home-X mug warmer doubles up as a candle and wax warmer in addition to warming your favorite beverage. You do not have to follow any lengthy procedures in order to operate it. It is simple and plain. It is inexpensive and is multipurpose when it comes to usage. You can use it at home or in your office.

The low profile design of this mug warmer allows you to place it on your desk without consuming a lot of space. It is lightweight and features a heating element of 3.5 inches diameter. The bright light indicates whenever it is in operation. The compact design lets you carry it with much ease.

This mug warmer is perfect for keeping gravies, beverages, cocoa, sauces, tea and coffee warm for long. It can be used with glass and ceramic mugs only. The mug warmer has been manufactured from lightweight, durable plastic. It is easy and safe to use.


  • Heated plate keeps beverages warm
  • Simple design
  • Features a sturdy plastic body
  • Features a sleek low profile design


  • Works with glass and ceramic mugs only

7. NiceLucky Coffee Mug Warmer

Highlighted Features

  • Easy adjustable temperature controls
  • Consumes little energy
  • Constant temperature control system
  • Is safe and reliable
  • Body made of silicone

If you are looking for an elegant coffee mug warmer, then you can consider adding NiceLucky Coffee mug warmer to your collection. With an impressive power rating of 205W, this coffee mug warmer offers a temperature range of 131ºF to 176ºF.

This coffee warmer offers two temperature adjustment modes. You can change the temperature by pressing the temperature button. This coffee mug warmer would make a perfect gift for your near and dear ones. The use of ceramic parts ensures you experience no odor of plastic while having your favorite cup of coffee.

It features a built-in heating chip which promises good thermal conductivity. This mug warmer is a result of mature technology. It is both reliable and stable. It promises continuous stable performance. The low energy, constant temperature control system maintains your drink at 131ºF.

NiceLucky mug warmer does not feature any raised rim. This allows you to use cup of any size for warming your favorite beverage. It powers off automatically after operating continuous for 4 hours. This makes it quite a reliable and safe product to use in case you keep forgetting to turn off your mug warmer.

Fireproof material has been utilized in designing this mug warmer which makes it quite safe. It also comes with a 50-inch power cord which offers you the convenience while using it.


  • Suitable for use with glassware, enamel, metal and ceramic ware
  • Is stable and safe product
  • Made from fireproof material
  • Shuts off automatically after 4 hours


  • Does not come with any mug
  • Issues with power switch have been complained by a few users

8. Evelots Desktop Electric Mug Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Is a perfect solution for keeping beverages warm at home
  • Heated plate  offers a simple and safe way for maintaining the temperature of your mug of soup, cocoa, tea and coffee
  • Comes with easy on/off switch
  • Indicator light lets you know when the device is in operation
  • Would make a great gift idea for coworkers, friends and family
  • Can also be used to warm scented candle waxes
  • Features durable construction

This mug warmer is a perfect solution for maintaining your beverages at a perfect temperature either at office or home. The heated plate offers a simple and safe way of keeping your mug of soup, cocoa, tea and coffee perfectly warmed. It is simple and safe in operation.

The easy ON/OFF feature lets you operate this mug warmer with much ease. The red indicator light lets you know when your device is in operation. You can also use this device for warming scented candle waxes. It features sturdy construction. The non-skid bottom prevents spills and offers stability.

The sleek and smooth white finish makes Evelots desktop mug warmer appear nothing less than a decorative piece. It measures 5 inches in diameter and can accommodate most of the cups and mugs having a base diameter of up to 3.5 inches. The cord is 42 inches in length which offers convenience to the users.


  • Non-skid bottom imparts stability and prevents spills
  • Features a sleek and smooth white finish
  • Backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee by the makers
  • Easy temperature control system
  • Safe and reliable


  • For use with ceramic and glass mugs only

9. Toastmaster Coffee Mug and Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Functions on hot spot technology
  • Has capacity of 12 oz.
  • Comes with indicator light 
  • Features ON/OFF switch

The toastmaster electric mug warmer is a convenient way of warming coffee or any other beverage. It is one of the most notable coffee mug warmers that has been designed to keep your beverage at an ideal drinking temperature at all times. This electric mug warmer features an ON/OFF switch for easy operation.

The mug offered along with the warmer has a capacity of 12 oz. The indicator light hints when the device is functional. The use of hot spot technology offers a steamy hot cup of coffee for an exceptional drinking experience.


  • Easy operating modes
  • Comes with a mug
  • Great durable product


  • Keeps the coffee lukewarm
  • Plastic rim tends to crack

​10. Salton SMW12 Mug Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Features non-slip feet for preventing spills
  • Versatile design
  • Illuminated ON/OFF switch
  • Stylish and clean look
  • Easy to operate

Salton SMW12 is an ideal mug warmer to keep your cup of soup, tea, cocoa, coffee and any beverage warm for long. It is convenient to use and features a simple design. It also warms candle safely and maintain any beverage at its ideal drinking temperature. This warmer features a rubber feet design that keeps it stable and also prevents spillage. It can also be used as a candle warmer.

Salton mug warmer features a versatile design which makes it perfect for use in offices and homes. The illuminated ON/OFF switch hints when the device is in operation.


  • Maintains temperature perfectly well
  • Safely warms candles without an open flame
  • Perfect for use in offices and homes
  • Illuminated ON/OFF switch


  • Does not come with a mug
  • Surface is too small for larger mugs

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Mug Warmer

Cord Length

It is vital to look into the cord length of a mug warmer while choosing one. Different mug warmers come with different cord lengths. If you have hard to reach electrical outlets at your workplace, then you can go for models with long cords. It would be upsetting to opt for mug warmers with short cord lengths in such situations. Taken cord length into account will let you determine whether you can use for on desk or not.    

Construction Quality

It is vital to look into the quality of the materials used in designing the warmer. Looking into these critical features will let you determine whether the product is fireproof, spillage free, stable or not. There is lot more you can identify by looking into the construction quality of a mug warmer.   

Safety features

Several mug warmers come with safety features such as auto shutdown. If you have a tendency to turn on your mug warmers and forget it, then it is vital to go for models that come with automatic shut off feature.  


Designs do matter to certain extent in mug warmers. Most warmers come with compact sizes which imply that you can use them far from home such as in dorms, on trips and also in offices. If you are somebody who is fond of attractive designs, then you can consider models such as   the Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer. 

Multifunctional model

There are several mug warmers that can also be used to warm soups, cocoa and also wax or candles. Go for a multipurpose model, if you intend to use your mug warmer for numerous applications and not just for warming your coffee.  


Mug warmers are ideal for coffee addicts who wish to sip hot beverages every time while either at work or at homes. By going through this review, you would be able to find mug warmers of high quality. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or any beverage at the best temperature by finding the best mug warmers as per your needs.    

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