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The 10 Best Juice Cleanse for Detox and Kick Starting That Diet

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‘Should I juice cleanse?’ is a question many of us have been asking ourselves. Promoted by Hollywood stars and others, it seems that the juice cleanse is a quick way to detox our bodies and kickstart a new health regime. To date, though, there is little research showing how useful juice cleanses are, so in this review we take a look at some of the science supporting the use of an occasional and short three day juice cleanse.

Home juicing can be costly and time consuming, so commercial juice cleanses easily fit in with busy lifestyles. From cold-pressed fresh juices, to organic powder formulas which may be unsweetened or naturally sweetened, to plans that are just juice or those which include some meals with juices, there are many different types of juice cleanses available. To help you choose the best juice cleanse, we review a range of different ones so you can find the most suitable for your body and lifestyle needs. We also offer some tips on preparing for a juice cleanse, what you can experience during it and what to do afterwards.

​Best Pick

Juice From the RAW 3 Day ORGANIC Juice Cleanse

The JUICE from the RAW three day cleanse is our best pick as an organic, vegan, kosher and gluten free cold-pressed fresh juice cleanse with more nutritional value than other pressed juices.

​Budget Pick

CLEANSE on the go Two Day Juice Cleanse

The CLEANSE on the go two day juice cleanse is our budget pick as this vegan and natural ingredient juice cleanse just needs water adding for on the go cleansing.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Juice Cleanse

1. ​Juice From the RAW 3 Day ORGANIC Juice Cleanse  

Highlighted Features

  • A three day unpasteurized juice cleanse with coconut fusion and the UpBeet! Health tonic
  • Made with cold-pressed juice from organic fruits and vegetables in USDA inspected facilities in New York
  • This is pressed in a way which keeps three to five times as much nutritional value as other pressed juices
  • Suitable for vegans, gluten free and kosher diets
  • Shipped on ice and must be kept frozen until ready to consume

Made from cold-pressed raw and unpasteurized juice from organic fresh fruits and vegetables, the JUICE from the RAW three day cleanse with coconut fusion is also kosher certified. This juice has been pressed using a different technique to other producers to retain three to five times as much nutritional value as other pressed juices. For a three day cleanse, six bottles per day should be consumed.

This juice cleanse is also vegan, non-GMO and gluten free and is designed as a beginner’s detox, containing essential vitamins and minerals and the UpBeet! health tonic. Manufactured daily in New York in USDA inspected facilities, this juice cleanse is shipped cold and must be frozen until you are ready to drink them.

The odd buyer has experienced a mild reaction, such as a headache, to drinking these juice cleanses and a number of buyers have commented that these are quite high in sugar – albeit from natural rather than refined sources. This juice cleanse will also give higher daily doses of vitamin A (retinol) – not suitable for all individuals.


  • Three day cleanse
  • Cold-pressed organic juice
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free


  • As this is unpasteurized, it may not be suitable for all to consume
  • Extra costs for shipping on ice
  • Can be a risk of side effects such as headaches
  • The high daily dose of vitamin A will not be helpful to all

2. CLEANSE on the go Two Day Juice Cleanse 

Highlighted Features

  • A two day juice cleanse made from natural ingredients
  • 14 single serve packets of four different flavors designed for a specific function such as vitality
  • Contains fruits, vegetables, turmeric, ginger and several botanicals
  • Each packet should be added to 16 fl. oz of water and stirred or shaken
  • Suitable for vegan diets, this juice cleanse comes with full instructions and a Daily Success Plan

Coming as 14 single serve packets, the CLEANSE on the go two day juice cleanse just needs 16 fl. oz of water adding to it, then stirring/shaking and drinking. These juice cleanses are made from natural ingredients and are vegan. It also comes with a Daily Success Plan and instructions for optimal results.

There are four flavors of juice cleanse in each pack; greens and apple, berries and beet, carrot and pumpkin, and, pineapple and mango. Each is designed for a specific function such as detox or vitality. This juice cleanse also contains ginger, turmeric, dandelion, milk thistle, yellow dock and monk fruit.

Some buyers have not been keen on the flavor of these juice cleanses and have occasionally found they are difficult to fully dissolve in water. As these are water based juice cleanses, they are also lower in calories than other types of juice cleanses, which may not be suitable for all.


  • Two day juice cleanse
  • Just add water
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Contains turmeric


  • These may not dissolve as easily as expected
  • Has a lower calorie content than other types of juice cleanses
  • The flavors will not be liked by all drinkers

3. LEMONKIND SUPER DETOX ME Metabolism Booster 3 Day Reset Cleanse

Highlighted Features

  • 24 pouches of fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices, purees and organic botanicals manufactured in the US
  • A three day juice cleanse which is batch tested to ensure quality
  • Non-GMO, free from allergens and suitable for kosher and vegan diets
  • Should be refrigerated and consumed cold
  • Packaging is BPA-free and 100% recyclable

Containing 100% fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices, purees and organic botanicals, the LEMONKIND Superfoods three day Super Detox Me cleanse is non-GMO, free from gluten and other allergens, vegan and kosher. Each batch is also laboratory tested to ensure it conforms to the relevant standards.

This three day pack contains 24 pouches; eight of which should be consumed every day, which will give a total of 1060 daily calories. These pouches should be kept refrigerated and consumed cold within three to five days of opening. The packaging is 100% recyclable and non-BPA and this juice cleanse has been produced in the US. Some buyers have not liked the flavors of these juices and consider that the flavors are not as well balanced as they could be.

Like any juice cleanse, there is also the risk of stomach discomfort or headaches and if you choose this juice cleanse you may also want to check that all of the pouches are there on arrival as the odd person has experienced missing ones.


  • Fresh pressed three day juice cleanse
  • Allergen free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Laboratory tested
  • Responsible packaging


  • ​Some packs can arrive with missing pouches
  • ​There can be a risk of minor discomforts such as headaches or digestive upsets
  • ​The juice flavors may not be as balanced as expected

4. RAW GENERATION Three Day Skinny Cleanse 

Highlighted Features

  • Three day skinny cleanse containing cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice
  • Five flavors of sweet-tart greens, cool greens, sweet roots, citrus carrot and sweet greens
  • Does not contain any added sugars, gluten, dairy or soy
  • Also free from preservatives and artificial additives
  • Cold shipped, these should be stored in the freezer until ready to use

The RAW GENERATION three day skinny cleanse is made from cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. This juice cleanse is free from dairy, soy and gluten as well as any artificial additives or preservatives. It is also free from any added sugars – all the sugars it contains naturally occur from the fruit and vegetable juice - although the odd buyer has found these to be on the sweeter side of juice cleanses.

Coming as a pack of five flavors; sweet-tart greens, cool greens, sweet roots, citrus carrot and sweet greens, it is shipped on ice and should be kept in the freezer until you are ready to consume. There can be a risk of some intestinal upset or other minor side effects from cleansing.


  • Three day juice cleanse
  • Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices
  • Vegan
  • Soy free
  • ​No gluten
  • ​No artificial additives


  • Extra costs for ice shipping
  • As with any juice cleanse there is a risk of some minor side effects
  • You may find some of the flavors a little sweet

5. SMART PRESSED JUICE Three Day Organic Juice Cleanse 

Highlighted Features

  • Three day juice cleanse in which a packet should be added to water and consumed every two hours
  • Lower in naturally occurring sugars than other juice cleanses
  • One lunchtime meal can be consumed on this juice cleanse
  • Certified kosher, USDA organic and non-GMO
  • Also free from dairy, soy and gluten

Made with USDA certified organic cold-pressed greens, beets, turmeric and other organic superfoods, the SMART PRESSED JUICE three day organic juice cleanse is also non-GMO, kosher, soy, dairy and gluten free. Made in the US, this is six packets of greens, six packets of protein and three packets of pineapple chia that should be added to water.

One packet should be consumed every two hours alongside a protein and greens meal at lunch time. This is also lower in naturally occurring sugars compared with other juice cleanses. A number of buyers consider that these taste worse than other juice cleanses and can have a ‘chalky’ taste to them, although they can be mixed in with juice or almond milk as well as water.


  • Three day organic juice cleanse
  • Add water
  • Non-GMO
  • Lower sugar
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free


  • Juices can have a ‘chalky’ taste to them
  • A number of buyers have not liked the taste of these

6. Life Equals Green Superfood Shot 

Highlighted Features

  • 24 pack of two ounce bottles of superfood shots free from any added sugar
  • Contain half a day’s serving of fruits and vegetables as well as turmeric
  • Certified USDA organic, this is also non-GMO and free from major allergens including gluten and soy
  • Shelf stable and suitable for drinking on the go

Containing half a day’s serving of organic fruits, vegetables and turmeric, BALANCE The Superfood Shot (green) is shelf stable and designed to drink on the go. This 24 pack of two ounce bottles are vegan, free from added sugar and gluten and are also certified USDA organic and non-GMO.

These shots are also free from other major allergens including soy, tree nuts and peanuts. The flavor of this is not popular with all consumers and it does come packaged in aluminum bottles. There is also a risk of the twist caps not opening properly.


  • Superfood shot
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Major allergen free
  • Shelf stable


  • These superfood shots are in aluminum bottles
  • Twist caps do not always come off cleanly
  • You may not be as keen on the flavor of these shots

7. Purity Products Organic Juice Cleanse

Highlighted Features

  • Berry flavor powder formula juice cleanse for adding to water
  • This is certified USDA organic
  • Mix of 24 superfruits, berries, green vegetables, enzymes and flax
  • Contains five grams of fiber

The Purity Products Organic Juice Cleanse Plus (berry surprise) is a mix of 24 certified USDA organic dark green vegetables, superfruits and berries as well as enzymes and flax. This also contains 5 grams of fiber. This juice cleanse is a powder formula which should be added to water and mixed.

Some consider that it is too sweet tasting and because it does contain stevia, it can leave a slight aftertaste. Some drinkers have found this juice cleanse tastier when mixed in with juice rather than water, but it does need mixing well to prevent it from settling at the bottom of the glass.


  • Juice cleanse
  • Organic
  • Berry flavor
  • Just add water
  • Contains fiber


  • Contains stevia as a sweetener which can give an aftertaste
  • Some drinkers consider this tastes a little too sweet
  • Needs mixing thoroughly

8. Suja Juice Organic Cold-Pressed Juice, 3 Day Cleanse 

Highlighted Features

  • A three day cold-pressed juice cleanse comprising 21 bottles of juice which is produced in the US
  • Blend of USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables
  • Certified kosher, this is also free from dairy, gluten and soy
  • Consume one bottle at set times during the day along with a breakfast meal
  • Needs to be stored in the refrigerator

The Suja organic three day juice cleanse is made from cold-pressed USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. This is also non-GMO, gluten, dairy and soy free and is certified kosher. Made in the US, this juice cleanse comes as a pack of 21, twelve oz juices, seven of which should be consumed at set times every day along with a breakfast meal.

Although it may not be clear on the packaging, this juice cleanse should be refrigerated, and some recent buyers have not been as keen on the green juices in this cleanse compared to when they have consumed them previously.


  • Three day juice cleanse
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free


  • It is unclear on the packaging that this needs to be refrigerated
  • It appears the green juices have changed formula recently and not all buyers are as keen on the new flavors

9. Purity Products Organic Juice Cleanse (OJC) 

Highlighted Features

  • A 30 day supply of Apple Surprise flavor juice USDA organic cleanse powder
  • Contains 24 dark green vegetables and superfruits along with other organic nutrients
  • Each serving contains the antioxidant equivalent of five fruit and vegetable servings
  • Does not contain any GMO ingredients and is vegan
  • Made in FDA-inspected premises and the juice cleanse is purity tested

The Purity Products Organic Juice Cleanse (OJC) contains 25 superfruits and dark green vegetables along with other organic ingredients for nutrition. As well as USDA organic certified, this juice cleanse is GMO-free and vegan. Coming as Apple Surprise flavor, a serving offers an antioxidant equivalent of five of your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. This powder comes as an 8.46 oz container which is 30 days’ supply.

This OJC is manufactured to Good Manufacturing Principles in FDA-inspected premises and the ingredients are also tested for purity along with the finished product. Some buyers are not as keen on this particular flavor of OJC and others have found it to be on the sweet side, with the taste of stevia sometimes coming through.


  • Contains 25 superfruits and dark green vegetables
  • Powder form
  • 30 day supply
  • Organic
  • GMO-free
  • Quality tested


  • You may not be as keen on the Apple Surprise flavor compared to other OJC flavors
  • Some consider this cleanse tastes too sweet
  • The ‘chemical’ taste of stevia can come through for some people

​10. Country Farms Super Cleanse 

Highlighted Features

  • A 14 serving powder formula juice cleanse containing 35 fruits and vegetables as well as flax seed and aloe vera gel
  • One serving should be mixed with 8 fl. oz of water or any beverage either once or twice a day
  • Free from any GMO ingredients, this is also certified USDA organic
  • Free from gluten or any added sugar

The non-GMO and USDA certified organic Country Farms Super Cleanse organic juice formula is a powder formula that contains 35 fruits and vegetables as well as aloe vera gel and flax seed. This cleanse juice does not contain any added sugar and is gluten free.

This comes as a 14 serving container; one scoop of the formula should be added to 8 fl. oz of water or any beverage once or twice a day. This juice cleanse does contain stevia and some buyers consider that it tastes like Kool-Aid/cough syrup! Some drinkers have also found it easier to mix this with a blender or add to homemade juices/smoothies as it may not dissolve well by just stirring or shaking it with water.


  • Juice cleanse
  • Just add water
  • USDA certified organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar


  • Some buyers consider this tastes like cough syrup or Kool-Aid!
  • Does not always dissolve well when mixed with water
  • Contains stevia as a natural sweetener

Things to Consider Before Buying A Juice Cleanse

The main aim of most juice cleanses is to eliminate excess waste or ‘detox’ and boost health. Our bodies naturally produce toxins such as lactic acid, urea and other waste products, as well as them coming into contact with toxins we are exposed to through our diet and environment.

A juice cleanse or juice fast usually requires you to not eat any solid foods for three days. This is to give your body a break from processed foods and those foods such as meats which are harder to digest. Some juice cleanses may only replace a certain number of meals in the day and allow you to eat one balanced meal or even consume some prescribed snacks in between. Some juice cleanses can also be in the form of juice supplementation alongside a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Many people choose to do a juice cleanse as a way to kickstart a diet or healthy eating/weight loss plan. Although juice cleansing is not recommended by various professionals within the medical and nutritional community, there is however some consensus that if you do undertake one, it should not be for longer than three days.

To date, there has been little research done on the benefits or impacts of juice cleanses, with many experts considering that the body’s ability to detox itself naturally actually removes the need for a juice cleanse.

Many juice cleanses are less than a 1000 calories a day and if they are also low in protein then the body will begin to break down muscle protein to obtain the amino acids it would otherwise be obtaining from the diet. Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in protein although some juice cleanses may also contain nut milks which can provide some protein and fat to the juice cleanse.

Because a juice cleanse can often push the body into starvation mode, this can actually make it even more difficult to lose weight as our metabolism has slowed down so much which means it wants to hang onto anything we consume for as long as possible. Any weight that is lost during a juice cleanse is usually water from the body.

Although for some, a juice cleanse will help with starting a diet or healthy eating program, any weight loss achieved during it will rarely last and it could potentially leave you deficient in calories and other nutrients.

Most juice cleanses have had the pulp and rind removed from the fruits and vegetables which have been pressed. This means they are lower in fiber. Having a decent fiber intake is not only essential for better digestive health, but higher fiber diets are associated with improvements to blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

It is also worth noting that a commercial juice cleanse can be quite expensive, especially if you want to undertake one regularly. The more expensive juice cleanses are those which are cold-pressed, which means they have to be shipped cold to keep them fresh.

What to Look for When Selecting A Juice Cleanse

A better juice cleanse will usually contain a good mix of fruits and vegetables which offer different nutritional profiles and may also contain spices such as ginger and turmeric and botanicals such as dandelion and milk thistle.

Many juice cleanses do just contain natural sugars, although some may have added sugars, so it is worth checking what these are and avoiding any with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or similar. Some juice cleanses may also be sweetened with stevia or other plant-derived sugars which can occasionally give an aftertaste.

Potential Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

One quite recent study found that the 20 healthy participants who consumed only six bottles of different juices over three days were able to lose an average of 3¾ lbs. after the fast, and at a two-week follow up, their weight was around 2 lbs. lower on average.

There was no increase reported in levels of well-being straight after the juice fast, although these levels were felt to be higher by the participants at the two week follow up afterwards.

The scientists in this study also found that there were some increases in the amounts of bacteria/microbes that promoted health and decreases in some bacteria which can cause illness. Certain gut microbes have also been linked to obesity and it may be that juice cleansing can reduce some of these microbes to make the body more susceptible to weight loss.

Fruit and vegetables are naturally high in vitamins, minerals and other important molecules such as antioxidants. The USDA ChooseMyPlate recommends that as adults, we eat a minimum of 2½ to 3 cups of vegetables and 1½ to 2 cups of fruit a day. However, it is estimated that only one in ten of us meets this daily recommendation.

A diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables brings many benefits, including a reduced risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease. It is also linked with a lower risk of suffering from a stroke and helps to lower blood pressure. A fruit and vegetable-rich diet can help with blood sugar level control, reduce some digestive problems and it may offer protection from certain types of cancer.

Antioxidants such as vitamins A and C play an essential role in neutralizing free radical molecules in the body. These free radical molecules are byproducts of our own body’s metabolism as well as from environmental exposures, and they are able to damage our DNA. This type of DNA damage is associated with the signs of aging, an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and a number of cancers.

As the body will usually enter into a fasting state during a juice cleanse, some early research suggests that this fasting state is able to promote rejuvenation of the immune system and it could potentially play a role in cancer defense.

Preparing for Your Juice Cleanse

You should always plan ahead and set a specific window for doing a juice cleanse; perhaps when you have some vacation time due. Avoid planning it for when you know you will be busy or attending parties or other events. It can also be better if you know you will be at home when juice cleansing as you will need frequent visits to the bathroom.

To reduce the risk of some of the withdrawal symptoms which can be triggered when cutting out processed foods and other dietary/lifestyle components, try to ease back on processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined sugars and wheat before you start a juice cleanse. Do not cut all of them out at once – just start a few weeks before you plan to do your juice cleanse and cut them back one at a time.

Withdrawal symptoms from your diet can include digestive discomfort, headaches, cravings and irritability. As well as cutting back on foods before a juice cleanse, you should also try to increase your water intake to between 32 and 64 fl. oz per day. Rather than drinking it all at once, take sips throughout the day.

During a Juice Cleanse

When undertaking your juice cleanse, avoid gulping it all down at one, instead, try to sip it slowly. This will help to prevent the juice from impacting (raising) as much on your blood sugar levels, as well as help you to feel a little fuller.

If you are feeling uncomfortably hungry or cold, then you may want to consume caffeine free herbal teas or rooibos tea in between juices. Do remember to keep note of intake of spices such as turmeric in herbal teas if these are also in your juice cleanses as too much of certain supplements can also cause some minor side effects. Some people may also add occasional drinks such as a glass of cashew nut or almond milk during a juice cleanse, or you could have some clear broth, or a small quantity of healthier snacks such as dried fruit or seeds.

The most common side effects from juice cleanses include headaches, digestive discomforts, fatigue, dehydration, hunger pangs and irritability. Because blood sugar levels can be affected quite drastically, juice cleansing can also increase the risk of weakness and fainting. Some juice cleanses may also contain ingredients which can stimulate the bowels, causing a loss of nutrition, risk of dehydration and imbalanced electrolytes.

It is better to avoid any intensive exercise during a juice cleanse as this can increase the risk of weakness or fainting. It is still good to exercise though as this will stimulate the metabolism. Instead, just try going for a brisk walk, a gentle swim or doing some light yoga.

Getting enough quality sleep during a juice cleanse is vital. Aim for your eight hours or more of quality sleep time as this gives your body chance to relax while it is cleansing. You may also want to indulge in a massage as this can help improve lymphatic drainage in the body – lymph fluid is what toxins usually drain into.

After a Juice Cleanse

As much as you may want to grab a takeaway to reward yourself for successfully undertaking a juice cleanse, you need to re-introduce processed and heavier foods slowly to prevent digestive upset. Your gut will need time to adapt from consuming easily digested liquid foods to dense and filling foods. For the first few days after a juice cleanse, try and keep to smaller portions of salads, fresh fruits and oatmeal eaten more often.

Those Who May Not Be Suitable to Juice Cleanse

Although most people who are healthy should be able to do a juice cleanse with minimal side effects/impacts, there are some exceptions. Those who are older can have a higher risk of developing an infection with a juice cleanse as they may already have depleted protein stores.

The potential bacteria in raw or unpasteurized juice cleanses can be high risk for those who have compromised immunity, young children and the elderly. Because juice cleanses cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, they are not suitable for diabetics.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should also avoid juice cleanses, as should those with advanced liver, kidney or heart disease, or who have compromised immune systems.

Some juice cleanses may contain high levels of oxalate, the crystalline molecules found naturally in certain fruits such as berries and vegetables like spinach. Oxalate can cause problems for those who are prone to kidney stones or who suffer with kidney disease, as well as those who have problems with their oxalate metabolism.

One published case study examined a patient who experienced kidney failure after taking in an estimated daily intake of 1,260 milligrams of oxalate while juice fasting for six weeks.

As many leafy green vegetables are high in vitamin K, those who take the blood-thinning agent Coumadin should avoid juice cleanses as these can impact upon how effective Coumadin is in the body.

If you are considering a juice cleanse, then you may want to check with a medical practitioner before starting, especially if you have any existing conditions or take any medications.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this review which includes some of the current opinions on the usefulness of juice cleanses and why some of us should avoid juice cleansing for medical/health reasons. If you are new to juice cleansing, we also hope that you have found our tips on getting the best from a juice cleanse useful.

If you prefer to keep to a raw juice cleanse or would rather use a powder or on the go formula, then we trust that our reviews of ten of the best juice cleanses has been useful and you can now select the right one for the needs of your body and your lifestyle.

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