The 12 Best Jar Openers That Will Effortlessly Open the Lids For You

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Manufacturers usually tighten jar lids to ensure the food is safe inside which makes it hard to open them. Un-lidding jars or bottles with your hands can strain your wrist increasing the risk of developing carpal tunnel. A great way to conquer your stubborn jars without losing your mind is by taking advantage of jar openers. With these tools, you will not only reduce the chances of getting injured but also decreasing any risk of breaking your jar or bottle.

While an opener will help you achieve all these, people with arthritis are at higher risk of suffering from chronic pain especially when they use poorly designed openers. To avoid all these frustrations, we have reviewed the top ten best jar openers to help you choose one that suits you.

Best Pick

EZ Off Jar Opener

The EZ Off Jar Opener is our best pick on our list as it does not take a lot of space and opens all types of factory sealed jars in a few seconds. It is easy to install and it has stainless steel blades where you place the lids of cans or bottles. This opener is easy to maintain and is of great use for arthritis patients.

Budget Pick

The Grip Jar Opener

The G GRIP Jar Opener is on our best budget pick because it is easy to use and effortlessly opens the jar lids. It has a V-shaped area where you put the lids or caps of the bottle. A slight twist will release the tough lids. This opener does not require the usage of both hands and takes out the lids without creating a mess.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Jar Openers

1. EZ Off Jar Opener

EZ Off Jar Opener is a manual jar opener that opens lids effortlessly. This opener does not require a lot of space to store as you can place them under the cabinet. They are very easy to install as they have an adhesive cover that needs to be removed before sticking to the desired place. They also provide 3 screws to tightly fit the opener 

The best feature about this jar opener is that it has flexible width that can fit all lids of all ranges. Most importantly, this jar opener is beneficial for arthritis patients as they do not require any force and a simple twist will open the lids. 

The product has a V grip where you need to insert the bottles or jars to open the lids. The opener is made of plastic and the blade on the V grip is made from stainless steel. Moreover, it is useful to open jars if you have an injured arm and cannot use it for a few weeks.

Highlighted Features

  • It can open all kinds of factory sealed jars easily.
  • The opener does not take a lot of space and can be installed under the kitchen cabinet.
  • This is a great opener for people with arthritis as light twisting will open the lids.
  • The opener can open lids of nail polish, pickle jar, etc.

2. G GRIP Jar Opener

Open your tough lids effortlessly regardless of the size with this jar opener from the Grip Jar Opener. The tool is designed using premium quality materials to help you open the most stubborn lids easily.

With this tool, the choice of jars you can open is limitless. The opener allows you to open all types of jars from nail polish to big sized jars like tomato sauce, to marshmallow crème jars with ease. The 4.8-ounce opener is easy to use and recommended for use in commercial kitchens, dental labs, operating rooms, and NICU’s.

Installation of this opener is easy. Due to its compact size, the opener will take small storage space and also easy to move around with. Opener is recommended for use by children, people with dexterity, arthritic, and elderly people.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install as you just need to peel the adhesive cover and stick on the chosen place.
  • It has a V shaped design grip that firmly holds the lids of bottles or jars.
  • The blade is made of carbon steel that ensures durability and long term service.
  • By twisting clockwise, it releases the lids effortlessly.

3. Kuhn Rikon Jar Opener 

Un-lid your stubborn jars of varied sizes with this fantastic jar opener from Kuhn Rikon. The tool is designed to help you open your stubborn lids and caps. Its handle is ergonomically designed to allow you to un-lid your jars without using much force.

The material used to design this tool is reliable and quality, allowing you to enjoy using it now and years to come. Unlike other opener brands which require high maintenance, this opener is dishwasher safe making it easy to maintain.

On its handle, is a hole which allows you to hang your opener for easy reach when required. Its white color also complements well with any décor and most kitchen appliances.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for use on grooved and smooth lids and caps between 1" to 3.5."
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has a hole on the handle for easy storage
  • Made using high-quality plastic
  • Un-lids your caps and lids effortlessly

4. Prepworks by Progressive Jar Grips Multi-Purpose Lid Openers 

For outdoor events, flexible and portable jar openers are necessary. It is a set of 3 jar openers with different shapes that can fit like a glove to all types of jar lids. They are round, square, and cone-shaped to help open a jam jar or a beer bottle. 

The feature we like about this item is that they are easy to carry and do not take space in your kitchen drawers. The openers need to be hand-washed as is recommended by the brand. They have strong grips that open lids by twisting slightly. However, the openers cannot be used to open with one arm.

Highlighted Features

  • The jar openers are made of rubber that provides a non-slippery grip.
  • The package includes three different designed openers that can be used for all shaped lids
  • Easy storage as they do not take huge spaces.
  • This opener is easy to travel with for picnics or outdoor events.
  • The jar openers are easy to maintain as the rubber releases the dirt easily.

5. Besmon Electric Jar Opener 

People suffering from arthritis can't move their arms easily and for them, electric jar openers are a blessing. This Besmon jar opener is an electric jar opener that is able to open lids of small to big sized jars. The magnet spins to lose the lids and as the rotation completes, it will release the jars by pressing the buttons.  

However, this jar opener is only suitable to use on glass jars. The claws will not be able to hold the plastic jars stably. You need to place your hand on top of the opener if you are opening a tapered jar. It is a hands-free jar opener and its automatic function reduces a lot of workloads.

Highlighted Features

  • An electric jar opener that opens the jar for you easily.
  • The claws are adjustable and get a grip of various sized lids.
  • A button does all the work and no twisting is required.
  • The opener operates with batteries.
  • The magnet between the claws ensures the cans don't slip off while extracting the lids.

6. Keeptop Jar Opener 

Keeptop Jar Opener works as a 5 in 1 tool to make opening the lids easy. It takes a lot of force and energy to open the jar lids without creating a mess. This premium jar opener comes with wide options to open the jars and tins. It comes in a pack of 2 and you can use them as needed.

The handles are designed with ergonomic handles and have rubber to give a sturdy grip. Moreover, food-grade materials are used to construct the opener that makes it safe for use. However, this item might not be suitable for elderly people as you need to strongly hold the opener before twisting to open the lid.

Highlighted Features

  • A manual lid opener that is made of stainless steel.
  • The lid opener is flexible to open a coke to a pickle can.
  • The wide range of grips accommodates all shapes of lids to open.
  • The opener is lightweight and can be easily carried for picnics.

7. Maxracy Bottle Opener 

The manual jar openers need to provide a solid grip and the Maxracy bottle opener is designed with anti-slip features. It has premium quality rubber and PP(Polypropylene) that makes the opener durable. It is constructed with 5 functions that can be used for versatile products. 

The feature we like about this brand is that it can open jar seals, bottle tabs, etc. This will be a great tool for drinks bars as it can fit into all sized lids. It reduces the effort you need to put in opening the jars as slightly twisting opens the lids easily. However, it requires both arms to function properly.

Highlighted Features

  • This manual opener is capable of opening jar lids as well as the seals.
  • It is designed to open 4 lids of different dimensions.
  • Easy to carry outdoors for its lightweight and small in size.
  • It has an ergonomic design that resists slipping off while opening the jars.
  • A pack of two openers that is capable of opening soda cans, pickle jars, etc.

8. Leifheit Extra Wide Stainless Steel Lid and Jar Opener

Open all your standard jars, bottles, and tubes effortlessly with this jar opener from Leifleit.  The opener touts of its strong construction and a long handle which offers firm and secure grip when un-lidding your bottles and jars.

Its hinged design makes the tool ideal for use on almost all jar sizes. On its mouth are stainless steel teeth which grip your jar lids and opens them without damaging or stressing your hand.

This 5.6 ounces opener is designed to conquer different bottles, common jars and tubes of varied sizes with ease. Its stainless steel material blends well with any décor and other kitchen appliances. The opener also makes it an excellent pick for use in bars. Cleaning the opener is comfortable and dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features

  • The opener weighs 5.6 ounces that make it easy to carry outdoors.
  • Hasan extra-large handle to provide sturdy and non-slippery grip.
  • It is dishwasher safe that reduces your cleaning time.
  • This manual jar opener can open all kinds of jars, cans, or bottle lids.
  • Flexible jaws to fit all sized lids of jars.

9. Ancokio Electric Can Opener

Automatic can openers help in opening lids without using any arms. You just need to put the jar in flat space and then place the lid between the blade and the metal. The magnet will hold the jar stable and the metal gear and blade will rotate 360° to release the lids.

The opener is easy to operate and a single button completes the whole process. After releasing the lids, the openers hold the lid between the gear metal and blade. Its dimension is 6-inches in length, 3-inches in breadth, and 2-inches in height that can fit most of the jar lids. Hand clean is advised to cleanse the opener as it will contain batteries.

Highlighted Features

  • An automatic lid opener requires no manual effort.
  • 2 AA batteries are required to operate the opener.
  • A single button opens the jar lids without causing any mess.
  • Great kitchen tool for arthritis or people with injured arms.

10. LUFU Jar opener

For outdoor events or picnics, compact and lightweight openers like the Lufu jar opener are very useful. They have a 3 in 1 function that not only cuts the lids smoothly around the edges but also opens the lids of pickles or beer bottles. It is very easy and safe to operate and does not put pressure on your hand. 

The opener is easy to maintain as wiping it with wet clothes removes the stains or specks of dirt. However, you need to use both your hands for this opener, unlike the automatic ones. Also, an edgeless can or specially shaped cans cannot be opened with this opener.

Highlighted Features

  • A lightweight opener made from stainless steel.
  • Cuts the edges smoothly without creating any sharp edges.
  • It is easy to clean as a wet cloth can remove the stains.
  • The opener is also used for opening the beer or soda cans.

11. Handupfree Electric Jar Opener

As the name of the brand is Handupfree, this jar opener does not require arms to open the jars. It is an automatic jar opener that makes the unscrewing the lids effortlessly. It is a great kitchen for arthritis patients as you do not need to hold the jars or cans to open. The whole product is made of plastic that makes it light in weight to carry. 

Moreover, one single button performs all the functions. The opener can accommodate lids from 25mm up to 80mm. Plastic jar lids should be opened using this opener as the jars will get damaged by the claws. It is not suitable for dishwashers, we advise cleaning up the stains on the opener with a piece of towel or cloth.

Highlighted Features

  • The opener does not require any hard labor as it works automatically.
  • Suitable to open cans, jars, and bottles.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries to function properly.
  • The outer claw and inner claw is present to hold the jars still while twisting the lids to open.

12. Sorxine Jar Opener

At parties or events, bottle openers are necessary to open the cans. The Sorxine Jar Opener opens effortlessly all types of bottles and cans. It reduces the manual labor and wastage of time that is spent on a can. It is designed in a way to provide a solid grip to open the lids without creating any mess.

The feature we like about this opener is that it is suitable to put in the dishwasher. It takes less storage space that makes it suitable to carry outdoors. It has no dangerous blades that will cut your fingers. This opener is safe and easy to use for kids as well as for elderly people. It is designed in an ergonomic style so that the bottles don't slip off easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with strong and durable plastic to endure the pressure of opening the lid.
  • A set of 2 openers that can open soda cans, bottles, pickle jars, etc.
  • Easy portability due to its lightweight and requires less storage space.
  • It is safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Benefits of using a jar opener

While there may be different ways you can use to open your jars, some of them are not helpful and will not enable you to open the most stubborn jars. Other methods like using hot water on plastic or glass jars are not safe. Plastic material releases BPA when subjected to heat and this may get contaminated with the food or juice inside. Glass jars, on the other hand, may crack or become slippery when dipped in hot water making the un-lidding process next to impossible.

Unlike traditional methods, using jar opener has turned out as one of the most helpful ways to un-lid your jars. And below are some of the benefits you will enjoy.


For you to successfully open your jar or bottle using a jar opener, you do not need to be a professional. These tools are convenient and can even be used by small children. Though each model may differ in regards to the jar opening procedure, the instructions are easy to follow.


Opening your jars using hot water makes them wet and slippery and may get out of hand and injure you. Also, not all jars can withstand high temperatures and may crack.

Saves time

Relying on traditional methods will keep you waiting for long, and you may spend your energy and time with no success. Jar openers offer you a convenient and effective way to un-lid your stubborn jars and bottles effortlessly.


Jar openers are portable and easy to move around with. This feature makes them ideal for use on outdoor parties or holiday.


Most jar openers are compact in size allowing you to save on storage space. Some models have a hole in the handle for hanging on the wall making them easily accessible. 

Factors to consider when buying a jar opener

While a jar opener is designed to help you un-lid your stubborn bottles and jars, they differ from each other. To ensure you choose the best model that matches your needs, here are some of the factors you should consider.

Power mode

Jar openers come in three varied types. Manual, battery powered, and electric powered models.

Manual jar openers have a gripping handle and rely on leverage mechanism to un-lid your jars. They are ideal for opening stubborn lids especially if you are looking forward to saving on batteries and energy bills. They also make an excellent pick for those who live in remote areas.

Unlike electric or battery powered models which rely on electricity and batteries, the manual model do not. So you do not have to run to the shop to buy replacement batteries or get caught up during power rationing. However, the manual modes are not ideal for use on busy commercial purposes which calls for constant jar or bottle opening.

Battery operated jar openers, on the other hand, require batteries to work. Some models come along with batteries while others do not. In case you opt for a battery operated model, consider choosing one that comes with batteries and does not drain the cells faster. Using battery operated openers can help you save on energy bills.

Electrically powered openers are comfortable and a great pick for use on commercial purposes where a large volume of bottles or jars are continuously opened. Cost-wise, electric openers are pricey as compared to manual and battery operated models. Note also that you cannot function when the power goes off.  

Easy functionality

Jars openers are needed to open jars without cutting fingers or putting pressure on arms. People with arthritis find it hard to twist their wrist to open the lids of the cans. Jar openers make that work easy. As you read our article, you will find manual and automatic jar openers. Automatic jar openers operate just by pressing a single button whereas manual jars openers need both arms to hold the jar steady and twist the lids. Depending on the people, you need to choose the jar opener to satisfy all the requirements.

Type of jars you intend to open

Each opener is recommended to un-lid varied type of jars and bottles. While some will enable you to open almost all jar types, some will limit you to specific diameter range and height. For instance, if an opener is ideal for opening glass jars, using it to open plastic bottles or jars of the recommended diameter range will not be helpful.

To avoid disappointments, always take your time to know what you can accomplish with your tool and what you can’t.


Opening a jar is notoriously hard and subjects your opener into high pressure and stress. The quality of the material used to design your opener will dictate how long your opener will last. Most openers are designed using plastic and stainless steel material or a combination of both. Plastic models will cost lower as compared to stainless steel type.

However, you should ensure the quality of plastic is strong and hard enough to deliver the required torque to open your jars. Though you may be forced to pay more for stainless steel models, they are worth it. The material is long-lasting and rust proof.


In case you have storage space issues, it is recommended to know the exact size of the opener. Also, if you would like to use your opener in outdoors parties or move around with it, then, you should also consider its size.


For people who may have health complications like hand dexterity or arthritis may have challenges using a heavy opener. Lightweight openers are highly recommended for people with such difficulties and also for those who would like to use them for outdoor purposes.

Handle Design

Each jar opener will feature different handle design. A poorly designed handle can subject your hand into much stress and will force you to use excessive force to un-lid your bottles or jars. This calls for extra vigilance when choosing your preferred model.

A good opener should have an ergonomically designed handle to offer you comfort and secure grip. Longer handles offer better grip and help deliver the torque required to un-lid your jars.

Ease of maintenance

To extend the durability of your opener, regular maintenance should be done. A hard to maintain tool will require more time and attention. Before investing on your favorite model ensure you are in apposition to maintain it. Dish washer safe models allow you to regularly clean your tool when needed.


Warranty period is very important and protects you from any fault that may occur. This will vary from manufacturers. Longer warranty period is always recommended. Also, ensure you have read the rules to avoid your manufacturer from dishonoring the warranty.


With jar openers, you do not have to call for help or use hot water to un-lid yours sealed jars. These simple tools are designed to not only help you open your jars but also minimize the stress you put on your palm or the risk of relying on unsafe methods. The tools have proven to be reliable and still remain the safe, convenient and effective way to open your sealed jars.

But before you spend on any model, it is highly recommended to ensure it is of the right design, quality, size, easy to use and maintain, and is recommended for use on the type of jars you intent to open. Our list of best jar openers feature top quality brands for use on different jar and bottles and if chosen correctly, you will enjoy all the benefits.
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