The 11 Best Fat Separators in 2023

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Gone are the days when de-fating your juices were time-consuming, and you had to wait the entire night to refrigerate stock to skim the fat the following morning. Thanks to the advancements that have seen the innovation of fat separators. You can now make flavorful soups, gravy, broth, and juices within a few minutes.

However, though these kitchen tools help you de-fat your juices, they differ from each other. This makes it hard for you to decide which model best fits you. To help you shop smart, we have reviewed the top ten brands to help you choose the best fat separator that perfectly matches your needs.

Best Pick

OXO 1067505 Good Grips 2-Cup Fat Separator

Our best pick title goes to Oxo fat separator, which is the ultimate solution to all your fat separating problems. Starting from being heat resistant to being affordable to being dishwasher safe to featuring a stopper that blocks the fat from the sprout, it is an all-rounder in its field.

Budget Pick

Vondior Fat Separator

You will get the best bang for your buck if you go for the Vondior Fat Separator. Being ideal for both hot and cold fluids and super-effective strainer, this product steals our budget pick title. The product also comes with a three in one peeler as a bonus!

Quick Comparison: Top 11 Best Fat Separators

Product NameCapacityWeightMaterialGrade
OXO 1067505 Good Grips 2-Cup Fat Separator2 Cups 6.4 ouncesTritanA+
Vondior Fat Separator4 Cups1.01 poundsPlasticA+
Swing-A-Way 4-Cup Fat/Gravy Separator4 Cups11.84 OuncesPlasticA
Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator4 Cups12 ouncesNylon, Tritan, PlasticA
Bellemain Fat Separator4 Cups15.84 OuncesPlasticA+
Trudeau Gravy/Fat Separator4 Cups10.4 ouncesPlasticA+
VEBO Best 4 Cups Gravy Separator4 Cups1 PoundsPlasticA+
Norpro New 3 Cup Gravy Fat Separator3 Cups1.28 OuncesPlasticA
HIC Harold Gravy Strainer4 Cups1.1 poundsGlassA+
Fox Run Gravy/Fat Poultry Separator1.5 Cups3.2 OuncesPolycarbonate (Plastic)A
Vita for Home Fat Separator4 Cups12.3 ouncesA

1. OXO 1067505 Good Grips 2-Cup Fat Separator 

Enjoy your favorite gravy, sauces, broth, and soups with this OXO fat separator. The device has been designed using a high quality heat resistant material which allows you to pour your hot drippings much easier.

With this separator, you do not have to worry about your working area becoming messy. The device has a shield which prevents any spillage over the top. The stopper in this gadget keeps fat out of the sprout. The material used to design this separator is BPA free making it safe.

The material is also dishwasher safe which makes the maintenance easy.

Highlighted Features

  • Handy and easy to maintain
  • Has a heat resistant material and sieve which catches all the unwanted bits
  • Has a shield for preventing any spillages
  • The separator is BPA free

2. Vondior Fat Separator

Cut off the fat and enjoy healthier meals faster with this fat separator from Vondior. The gadget has been designed to help you de-fat both cold and hot fluids.

Preparing your favorite gravy, fruit pulps, soups, sauces and broth has been simplified. With just a press of a button, your separator will get your fluids ready in seconds. Its inbuilt strainer helps prevent fat, pulp, clumps and any thicker pieces from dropping inside your juices allowing you to enjoy your fluids to the last bit.

Vondior has also made the preparation of your fruits and vegetables easy by ensuring your separator comes along with a free peeler. The peeler boasts a high-quality stainless blade that peels off shaves and slices your fruits and vegetables into the desired size. Just like the fat separator, this peeler is top shelf dishwasher safe. 

Moreover, the fat separator is designed using high-quality material like a leak-free clear plastic body and a sturdy plastic lid.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for both cold and hot fluids
  • Comes along with a free three in one peeler
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The fat separator BPA free
  • It is very handy
  • Both the fat separator and the peeler is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a 3-Year Satisfaction – Manufacturer Guarantee

3. Swing-A-Way 4-Cup Easy Release Fat/Gravy Separator 

This Swing-A-Way fat separator features a classic steel design which adds elegance to your kitchen. Through its deep detachable spring lid and soft grip handle, you can quickly prepare your gravy easily and faster.

The separator boasts of a spring-loaded bottom opening which helps release your fat-free fluids. The container can hold liquids of up to 4 cups with standard measurements which allows you to know when your preferred quantity has been separated.

The lid is removable and allows you to pour and clean your container easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Recommended to be stored on a top rack
  • Can hold up to 1 liter with metrics on the sides with 1/4, 1/3 & 2 ounces increments
  • Offers easy cleanup and maintenance
  • It is dishwasher safe

4. Cuisipro Fat Separator

Prepare rich and healthy sauces, gravies, soups, and broth easily and fast with this Cuisipro fat separator. The kitchen tool boasts of its heat resistant and durable titanium material which gives you the freedom to pour hot fluids without breaking it.

With this kitchen tool, you do not have to worry about dribbles. The strainer has been integrated which means no foreign or unwanted material can mix with your sauce. Through the transparent window, you can easily keep track of the amount of sauce dripping inside. With just a thumb press release, you can quickly stop the sauce from dripping when you have got enough.

The cup capacity can hold up to one liter at a time. Cleaning your separator after use has also been simplified. Thanks to it’s easy to disassemble design and dishwasher material which allows you to easily clean it faster.

Highlighted Features

  • The fat separator is top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Made of high-quality titanium material
  • Features a thumb release handle
  • Has a sizeable straining area for separating large food particles

5. Bellemain Fat Separator

Enjoying your favorite juices, broth, sauces, and gravy has just got better with this fast separator from Bellemain. The gadget helps you up your cooking game by separating your liquids from excessive grease and fat.

Bellemain fat separator boasts of its new design. The device comes with a silicone stopper for your airtight sprout and an ergonomic slip-resistant handle. On top of the separator is a solid catching strainer which helps you pour your drippings easily.

With this separator, you do not have to deal with congealed fat which may splash your rim during the separation process. Thanks to its innovative design which makes the process easy and manageable. It also has a large capacity cup (1 liter) which allows you to prepare your favorite gravy in large quantities for your holiday or party.

Unlike other traditional fat separators which may spill some of your juices, sauces, this Bellemain separator won't. The tool has a big pouring sprout which prevents spillages. The device is heat resistant and allows you to pour sizzling hot liquids of up to 400F.

Highlighted Features

  • It is very handy
  • Has a large sprout which prevents grease and fat from mixing with your liquid
  • Features a ABS free body
  • Features a large capacity cup
  • Comes with a slip-resistant handle
  • The fat separator is heat resistant and withstand up to 400 degree Fahrenheit

6. Trudeau 0991105 Gravy/Fat Separator

Prepare a healthy gravy with Trudeau fat separator. The device is easy to use and will get your juice ready within minutes. The material used is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 400oF giving you the freedom to pour hot fluids.

Its filter is also heat resistant and fits perfectly well on the separator, preventing fat or unwanted pieces from dropping inside. Its cup can hold 4 cups at a time which enables you to prepare flavorful and healthy gravy faster and in large quantities.

Aside from being heat resistant, Trudeau fast separator is also microwavable. This feature allows you to warm your cold fluids anytime. You can also use the container to store your fluids inside the fridge, another great feature which will enable you to chill your juices when needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Backed by a 5 year-warranty
  • Features a clear window which makes it easier to see the fluids inside
  • It is microwaveable
  • The fat separator is heat resistant
  • Can be used as a fat separator or as a storage container
  • Strainer fits perfectly well on the container preventing any fat from mixing with gravy
  • It is dishwasher safe

7. VEBO Best 4 Cups Gravy Separator

If you are looking for a fat separator that comes in the perfect size, VEBO offers just the right one. You can make the healthiest soup or sauce using this fat separator without any stress. The 4 cups large capacity makes it highly functional and super-easy to use.  

Moreover, the fat separator features a leak-free plastic clear window, which makes the fluids inside it very easy to see and has a plastic filter lid, making this a very durable product. It also features a drip plug for releasing the fluids. You can very easily and effectively separate sauce from fat facilitated by the silicone plug. 

The separator is designed with very safe and healthy materials, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your health. Not only that, but they also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not delighted with the quality of the product, they offer a full refund.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for both hot and cold fluid
  • The separator is heat-resistant
  • It is BPA-free, which makes it safe for your health
  • The separator is top shelf dishwasher safe

8. Norpro New 3 Cup Gravy Fat Separator

It is always an advantage to have a clear view of what you are cooking, and the fat separator is specifically good at doing so. It comes with a clear window to help you see the layer of fat when it rises. Not only that, the fat separator features a standard and metric measurement. 

Its large capacity of 1 liter, which is equivalent to 4 cups will allow you to get done with your task in one go so that you do not have to go through the hassle of separating the fat over and over again even if you are cooking for a large bunch. The fat easily rises to the top, and you can pour out the good juice very conveniently. The fat separator also features a dripless spout.  

Moreover, the fat separator is dishwasher-friendly, which means you can wash this with your regular cooking utensils as it does not require any extra care.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a large capacity
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a dripless spout

9. HIC Harold Import Co. Gravy Strainer and Fat Separator

Separate your hot soups, gravy, sauces, and seasonings from fat by taking advantage of this fat separator from HIC. This kitchen tool is handy and one of its kind. Unlike plastic fat separators which normally leave an odor when hot fluids are put inside, this separator won't.

The kitchen tool has been designed using high-quality clear glass to ensure you enjoy your sauces, gravy, and flavorful soups just as desired. The handle has been designed with great features to offer you comfort while keeping your hands off the hot fluids.

The filter is heat resistant and ensures your fluids have been properly separated within minutes. With this kitchen tool, you do not have to worry about mess or any spillages when pouring your liquids. The separator has a large mouth which allows you to easily pour your liquids making the process manageable.

During the separation process, your fluids may get cold. This separator allows you to reheat them again on a stovetop, or microwave. The material can withstand temperatures of up to 300o F which is higher than the average boiling point of your liquids. The features that this HIC kitchen tool possesses makes it stand out from the rest which makes it one of the best glass fat separators in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with high-quality transparent glass
  • Offers easy cleanup procedures
  • The fat separator is FDA approved
  • Allows you to reheat your liquids with a microwave or stovetop as it is heat resistant
  • Offers easy separation of fat from liquid

10. Fox Run Gravy/Fat Poultry Separator

If you are particularly looking for a fat separator that is small in size and capacity, then Fox Run, with its 1.5 cup capacity, offers just the ideal one for you. With its super-durable acrylic construction, you do not have to look for replacements for your gravy separator after a few times of use only as it outlasts its competitors.

The measurements are clearly marked in standard and metric in this product so that you can easily measure out the quantities. Another amazing feature of this is that it is microwave safe. Moreover, this is top-rack dishwasher safe, which means it does not require any extra care.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for a small measurement of fluids
  • Offers easy cleanup as it is top-rack dishwasher safe
  • The fat separator is very long-lasting as it is made of durable polycarbonate
  • It is microwave-friendly

11. Vita for Home Fat Separator

Vita fat separator features an innovative, classic, non-spill design which allows you to prepare rich and flavorful sauces and gravy within no time. The separator allows you to complete your fat separation process in just two steps.

Its filter has been integrated so you do not have to waste time filtering unwanted herbs and bits or using a separate filter. During the process, your hands may get greasy, but with this Vita fat separator, you do not have to worry about your hands. The handle has been designed to offer you extra solace with a non-slip resistance feature making the entire process more manageable.

Its spout has been designed to help prevent any messy drips. On the sides of the separator are metric units that have been clearly marked to help you prepare the right gravy quantity. Fat is then blocked from mixing with the pouring spout by the silicone stopper. The spout is positioned at a lower position to allow you to easily pour your fluids leaving the fat behind.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a heat resistant container and lid
  • It is handy
  • Has a comfy and slip resistant handle
  • Silicone stopper for preventing grease or fat from mixing with your fluids
  • Features clearly marked metrics
  • Comes with double stoppers

Why you should use a fat separator 

A fat separator is one of the kitchen tools that not only makes your cooking easier but also allows you to customize your gravies, sauces, broth, and soups as desired. Besides, innovation is also an excellent way to stay healthy.

Typically when you consume foods high in fat, the body fat levels go high. High body fat has been known to increase the risk of developing heart complications. A fat separator will help you separate fat content from the food allowing you to reduce fat intake.

High-fat content in the body has also been linked with weight gain, which may later result in obesity. Excessive weight gain interferes with the way our bodies produce insulin, which exposes you to a risk of becoming diabetic.

Eating foods high in fat content has also been linked with poor blood circulation. When fat content in the body increases, it tends to block the arteries interfering with the blood circulation process. It may result in high blood pressure or even heart attacks.

As simple as it may seem, a fat separator will help you reduce your fat intake, minimizing your chances of developing these complications. However, you should note that as much as this kitchen tool will help you reduce the chances of having the above-mentioned health diseases; it will not prevent you from developing them. Some of these health complications are genetic. Implementing health measures like reducing fat intake will only help you manage and reduce the probability of such complications arising.

Factors to consider when buying a fat separator

Fat separators like any other kitchen tools differ from each other. So before you can purchase one, there are important factors you should take into account. Among them are:


Fat separators come in different materials with the most common being plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Plastic models are affordable, and allows you to  easily keep track of the separated liquids. However, when separating hot liquids when using plastic fat separators, it is highly recommended to ensure they are BPA-free and heat resistant.

Glass models, on the other hand, cost higher as compared to the plastic models. Cleaning and using them is easy but requires proper storage and handling. Glass unlike plastic material tend to become hot faster and may break easily. If you are careless in handling delicate items, we would suggest you choose plastic or stainless steel models.

Stainless steel fat separators are durable and long lasting. The only challenge is that steel is prone to rust and requires proper maintenance and storage.

Handle Design

Separating high-fat fluids can make your hands greasy. This makes the handle oily and may be risky when pouring your liquids. A good separator should have a comfy with slip resistant features to enable you to manage the whole process smoothly.

When handling hot liquids, you may end up burning your hands especially if the handle is not well positioned. Always ensure the handle of the model you choose has enough space to accommodate your hand without having contact with the jar.


Fat separators come in different sizes. The size you choose should be dictated by the size of your family or the quantity of gravy you prepare. For large quantities, four cups or 1 liter sized jar is recommended.

Jar design

Aside from the size of the jar, you should also check how the container is designed. A good fat separator should be clearly marked with visible metrics. The opening or mouth should be big enough to allow you to pour your liquids easily.

Strainer size

The size of the strainer will dictate the experience you will get when using your tool. Small sized strainers tend to accommodate small quantities and are hard to use. For better experience ensure you have selected a big sized strainer.

The strainer should also be easy to remove in order to allow you empty any big food pieces or vegetables that may get clogged while minimizing any spillages.

Bonus Feature

Though most fat separators are heat resistant not all of them are microwavable. A microwaveable fat separator will allow you to reheat your juices when needed. In case you do not have a microwave, you can take advantage of glass models which allow you to reheat your juices on a stovetop.

Ease of maintenance

Grease and fat will stick on the walls of your separator, sieve and handle and will require you to clean after use to avoid any contamination. A dishwasher safe model will enable you to quickly clean it with ease.


Most people pay more attention to quality that they forget about the warranty period. While it is important to invest in a quality model, you should always remember to check out how long you are covered by your manufacturer. Longer warranty period are the best.

What is the best fat separator?

Fat separators come in two different types, the bottom drainers, and pitchers.  Pitchers fat separators usually resemble a watering can. They have a handle and a spout extending at the bottom. Once you have poured your drippings and the fat has risen, you can quickly pour your juices easily through the spout.  

A good pitcher model should have a quality spout that prevents the fat from mixing with your juices.

Bottom drainers, on the other hand, have a trigger on the handle for controlling your drippings and an opening at the base for releasing your juices. All the separator types have a strainer for preventing large pieces from dripping inside.

All the above models are an excellent pick for you depending on how you would like to separate your fat. To get the best out of your kitchen tool, ensure you use it for the recommended purpose.


Q. How do I take care of my fat separator?

Fat separators usually offer easy cleanup processes. You simply need to wash it after using it every time in a dishwasher or by hand to maintain it, depending on what is mentioned in the user's manual.

Q. How long does it take for a fat separator to separate fat?

There is no standard time as different fluids require different times. However, a good 10 minutes will separate the fat from most properly. 

Q. How does a fat separator work?

You firstly need to pour your sauce, broth, soup, or whichever fluid you want to de-fat. The fluid will flow through the strainer filtering out the residues. They will be left behind in the strainer. 

You need to wait for a while before seeing the fat rise to the top. You can now separate the fat then using the method depending on the type of fat separator you are using (spot-style pitcher or bottom-drain)


Fat separators are the best way to prepare healthy food and juices. The kitchen tools are handy, and allow you to enjoy your flavorful juices just the way you like in a matter of minutes. Before you select your best fat separator for your de-fating needs, you should pay attention to the factors like the material used in its construction, whether it is durable or not. Moreover, if you would love to separate fat from fruits, gravy, broth, or soups, you should select a model that possesses features that will give you versatility. For plastic models, check if the material is BPA free. 

With these tips, you can comfortably choose your preferred model. All the above models can be an excellent pick for you if selected and used for the recommended type of juices.

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