The 10 Best Cookbook Stands for Keeping the Cookbook Clean

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For those of us who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, we have all experienced that moment – usually at the critical step in the recipe – when the cookbook closes! We then have the choice of using sticky hands to re-open the book or taking the time to wash our hands before handling the book. The understated cookbook stand is the essential kitchen accessory to not only keep the cookbook open on the correct page, but also out of the way of food splatters.

Today’s traditional cookbook stands also double as tablet stands for those of us who prefer to store our recipes digitally. In this article we take a look at what features we should look for when selecting the best cookbook stand, as well as reviewing some of the best stands that are available to buy.

​Best Pick

Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder

The Clear Solutions Household large cherry wood and acrylic cookbook holder with a splatter shield is our US-made best pick cookbook stand.

​Budget Pick

wishacc BamBoo Book Stand

The view adjustable BamBoo cookbook stand is our fold away budget pick of the cookbook stands.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Cookbook Stands

1. ​Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder  

Highlighted Features

  • A large cherry wood cookbook holder with a 15¾" by 12" acrylic splatter shield
  • Can be adjusted to different reading angles
  • Folds flat for easier storage
  • Made in the US, this also comes with a one year warranty against breakage

Made in the US, the Clear Solutions Household large cherry wood and acrylic cookbook holder can adjust to various reading angles. This stand is sturdy enough to allow you to use it for larger cookbooks and its 15¾" by 12" acrylic shield will prevent splatters on these larger books. This can also be used for tablets, but its shield will prevent easy swiping.

This large stand with a 15¾" by 6" base folds flat for storage and comes with a one year warranty against breakage. This stand does need handling carefully when inserting larger books as the front is hinged and if not careful, it will fall down onto the countertop. Also, if you are looking to buy this as a gift, the packaging does show exactly what is in the box.


  • Large stand
  • For cookbooks or tablets
  • Splatter shield
  • Fold to store
  • Made in the US
  • One year warranty


  • If buying as a gift, the packaging shows what is in the box
  • Extra care is needed when placing larger books into the stand
  • Can be used as a tablet stand but the splatter shield prevents easy swiping

2. wishacc BamBoo Book Stand 

Highlighted Features

  • A natural bamboo cookbook stand which measures 11" by 8.1"
  • Can be used for cookbooks or as a tablet stand
  • Has five different viewing angles
  • Wipes clean and can be folded down to store
  • Non-slip rubber feet to prevent sliding

Adjustable to five different viewing angles, the BamBoo cookbook stand can also be folded down flat for storage. Suitable for standing a tablet on as well, this stand measures 11" by 8.1". It has two metal pegs at the front of the stand to hold pages in place when in use.

Made from natural bamboo, it can be wiped clean and is durable. It has a design cut through the bamboo although some buyers have received one with a plain design. This stand should also have non-slip rubber feet to prevent any movement, but some have been shipped without the feet.


  • Bamboo construction
  • For cookbooks or tablets
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Cut through design
  • Folds down


  • Some buyers have received a plain design instead of one with a cut out design
  • There is a risk or receiving this without its non-slip feet
  • This does not have a splatter shield

3. Norpro Acrylic Cookbook/Tablet Holder

Highlighted Features

  • A 12½" by 9" cookbook and tablet holder made from clear acrylic
  • Has an in-built splatter shield
  • Offers one viewing angle and does not fold up to store

Measuring 12½" by 9", the Norpro acrylic cookbook/tablet holder is a contemporary design made with one piece of clear acrylic and it provides a splatter shield to protect your book or tablet from splashes.

As this is made from acrylic, there is a risk of it shattering if it is dropped on the floor and some have found that this stand is too flimsy for larger and/or heavier books. As the reading angle cannot be adjusted, this means it can be more difficult to read some books. This does not fold down for storage.


  • Clear acrylic
  • Splatter shield
  • Takes cookbook or tablet
  • 12½" by 9"


  • ​Risk of damaging it if you drop it
  • ​Can be too flimsy for heavier or larger cookbooks
  • ​Reading angle is not adjustable

4. OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder 

Highlighted Features

  • An auto opening pop-up cookbook and tablet holder
  • Folds down after use for cupboard or cookbook shelf storage
  • Pull down splatter guard for easy scrolling or page turning
  • Non-adjustable viewing angle

Designed to auto open, the OXO Good Grips pop-up cookbook holder is suitable for holding cookbooks and tablets. After use it can be folded down and stored flat or alongside cookbooks. The viewing angle of this holder is not adjustable which increases the risk of glare when using a tablet on it.

The splatter guard pulls down to allow you to scroll or turn pages easily and although this is suitable for larger and heavier cookbooks, the splatter guard will not fully cover larger books. The back is also a little short to support loose sheets of paper.


  • For cookbooks and tablets
  • Auto open
  • Pull down splatter guard
  • Fold away


  • Viewing angle cannot be adjusted
  • Can be difficult to read your tablet if there is glare from overhead lighting
  • Not suitable for heavier or larger cookbooks

5. TRIPAR Swirl Design Cookbook Stand 

Highlighted Features

  • A traditional style cookbook and tablet stand with weighted chains
  • Made from metal, this has a swirl design with a dark colored antiqued finish
  • The back folds down for easier storage

The antique-style TRIPAR cookbook stand (swirl design) is constructed from metal with a dark antiqued finish. A traditional non-adjustable cookbook stand, this has weighted chains to hold pages in place when using. This stand is also suitable for using a tablet on although it does not have a splatter guard. Its back folds down for easier storage.

The build quality of this may not be as sturdy as expected and there can be a chance of receiving this with minor cosmetic damage.


  • Metal construction
  • Antiqued finish
  • For cookbook or tablet
  • Folds away


  • Does not have a splatter guard
  • You may receive this with minor cosmetic damage
  • Construction may not be as sturdy as expected

6. Boston Warehouse 72728 Tablet Stand Bake 

Highlighted Features

  • A black and white ‘bake’ design tablet and cookbook stand
  • An easel design which is made from composite wood
  • The easel leg folds for easier storage or it can be hung on the wall
  • Has one viewing angle

The Boston Warehouse tablet stand (72728) is a composite wood design with a black and white finish, detailed as the ‘bake’ design. This is an easel style stand suitable for cookbooks and tablets although it does not have a splatter shield, and neither is the reading angle adjustable.

The leg of the easel folds for storage and there is a hole at the top of the easel so you can hang it on the wall when not in use. A few buyers have found that the stand is not as sturdy as expected and there can be some minor cosmetic damage to its surface.


  • Easel style
  • Tablet and cookbook stand
  • Black and white
  • Wood composite
  • Has hanging hole


  • The reading angle cannot be adjusted
  • Does not have a splatter shield
  • Can receive it with some minor cosmetic damage

7. VonShef 07/277 Wire Cookbook Stand

Highlighted Features

  • A contemporary styled and chrome finished metal cookbook stand
  • Raised from the countertop this is a non-folding design
  • The height is 9.6" and the platform measures 7½" by just over 11"
  • Has one viewing angle and is suitable for thinner cookbooks

The VonShef wire cookbook stand (07/277) is a contemporary design with a chrome finish. This stand is raised from the countertop which can help keep your book clean. This cannot be folded down for storage which means it may be too large for some kitchens if storage or countertop space is at a premium.

Measuring 7½" by just over 11" this actually stands at an overall height of 9.6" and it is only suitable for thinner cookbooks. This does not have a splatter shield.


  • Large stand
  • Contemporary design
  • Metal construction
  • Chrome finish


  • Does not have a splatter shield
  • Only suitable for thinner cookbooks
  • Cannot be folded away for storage

8. Home Basics Cast Iron Fleur-De-Lis Cookbook Stand 

Highlighted Features

  • A black cast iron cookbook and tablet stand
  • Traditional style stand with a fleur-de-lis design
  • Has pegs or arms to hold the cookbook in place and feet to prevent slipping or countertop damage

The Home Basics cast iron fleur-de-lis cookbook stand (black) is a heavyweight stand for a cookbook or tablet. Measuring 5" in height, 10.5" long by 5.7" wide, this has just one viewing angle. It also has pegs or arms to hold the pages in place and small feet on the base to prevent slipping or any damage to the countertop.

As this is a cast iron stand, it cannot fold down for storage and there can be a risk of receiving this with some cosmetic damage. This also comes without a splatter shield.


  • Traditional style stand
  • For cookbook or tablet
  • Cast iron
  • Fleur-de-lis design


  • No splatter shield
  • Can arrive with some cosmetic damage
  • Does not fold down to store
  • Has just one viewing angle

9. US Art Supply Extra Large Cookbook Holder 

Highlighted Features

  • Extra large table easel that can be used as a cookbook or tablet stand
  • Measures 13½" wide and 9½" tall and folds for easier storing
  • Hand sanded aged beechwood construction which has been oil finished
  • Has two flip up page holders and the viewing angle is adjustable

The US Art Supply extra large table easer is also suitable for use as a cookbook and tablet stand. Measuring 13½" wide and 9½" tall, this folds flat for easier storage. Made from aged beechwood, this stand has been hand sanded and oil finished and has two flip-up page holders to keep a book open or tablet in place. You can also adjust the viewing angle.

This does not contain a splatter shield and may not be quite as durable as expected. The base also appears to be made from a composite material rather than beechwood as advertised.


  • Extra large table easel
  • Folds away
  • Aged beechwood
  • Adjustable
  • Flip up page holders


  • The base is composite construction rather than beechwood
  • Does not have a splatter shield
  • May not be as durable as expected

​10. Clear Solutions Under Cabinet Mounted Cookbook Holder 

Highlighted Features

  • A mounted under cabinet cookbook and tablet holder
  • Made in the US from native maple
  • Folds away under the cabinet to a depth of 2"
  • Contains a partial acrylic splatter shield

Fitting under a kitchen cabinet, the Clear Solutions Household under cabinet mounted cookbook holder is made in the US with native maple and has a partial acrylic splatter shield. When stored under the cabinet, it is 2" deep and when pulled out holds a cookbook or tablet.

This costs more than a typical cookbook stands and installation can be quite awkward as it does need fitting under an overhead kitchen cabinet. Some buyers have also found that the overall quality of the product was not as expected and when the holder is in use, it is unlikely that you will be able to leave anything on the countertop underneath it due to the space required for the holder.


  • Under cabinet mounted holder
  • For cookbooks and tablets
  • Native maple
  • Partial splatter shield
  • US made


  • Much more expensive than a traditional cookbook stand
  • Installation can be tricky
  • Overall product quality may not be as high as expected

Things to Consider Before Buying A Cookbook Stand

Whether you are an avid baker, or your preference is for whipping up savory dishes, the cookbook stand will allow you to concentrate on your cooking while keeping your recipe close at hand. Having the cookbook on a stand also means that you have more countertop space available to actually prepare food on.

A stand keeps your cookbook out of the way of grease splatters and flour dust and if your cookbook is one which has been passed down through the generations, it is even more important to keep it clean.

Although nobody seems to know when the cookbook stand first appeared, it was probably around the time of early cookbooks which date as far back as the fifteenth century. At this time, books of recipes were produced by palaces and other senior figures. They were usually created as aides-memoires for staff but also as a way for royalty to show off how luxurious their banquets were.

With the rise of modern printing in the fifteenth century onwards, more books began to be printed and by the seventeenth century, it was viable to publish cookbooks. These were still printed for wealthier individuals, but also for those less well-off, as one 1847 title published in England – Plain Cookery for the Working Classes – demonstrated.

Cookery books continued to retain class divides in European countries but as literacy rates improved and incomes increased in many households, some publishers began to produce books for ‘all households’ or ‘for all classes’.

As time moved on, the main distinguishing factor between cookbooks became their binding quality rather than social groups. The most expensive books would be calf bound and only available to those who were wealthy while the cheaper ones were printed as small yet affordable booklets. By the early twentieth century, cookbooks were rarely singling out particular social or income groups, instead the focus was now on publishing cookbooks for specific dietary requirements, such as those with kosher recipes.

Features of Cookbook Stands

Cookbook stands can be traditionally styled or may be contemporary design pieces that will make a statement on your countertop.

They are made from various materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel or coated steel and these are designed for longer life. Plastics and acrylics are also common as are materials such as wood or bamboo, although natural materials can be more prone to cosmetic damage and the humidity in a kitchen environment will take its toll on them over time.

The upright angle of a cookbook stand not only makes it easier to read from a book, it also reduces the glare from overhead lighting which can make it difficult to read a recipe when a book is open flat on the countertop. Some stands also have adjustable viewing angles which offer versatility with different sized books.

Depending on how much countertop space you have available, size can be a major consideration. If you are lucky enough to have enough space to leave your stand out on the countertop then the size will not matter, however, if you do need to store it away when not in use, then a smaller or slimline model will be more suitable.

Some stands have a swivel base which makes it easier if you are working across a larger or an angled countertop space and some will fold away to take up less room, although these types are often smaller and may not be as heavy duty as non-folding stands.

If you use various recipe books, then a stand that takes different book thicknesses is a must and it should also be sturdy enough to hold the heaviest book you own. A stand with a built in counterweight or bookmark ensures that it will stay open on the page but a stand with pegs or arms at the base of the upright can be more useful if you tend to use recipe cards or sheets of paper as these will help prevent draughts from disturbing loose pages.

If the stand has a shield to protect the pages from splatters, then one that does not need you to lift the book off before turning pages will make the task a little easier. It is also worth checking out the size of the splatter shield – i.e. is it large enough to cover the pages of your larger cookbooks?

If you prefer to use online recipes, then a cookbook stand that can be used as a tablet stand is a useful investment. These stands are usually suitable to use with any type of device and should offer a range of viewing angles to make it easy to read the screen. Some tablet cookbook stands also have space to connect the charger and a splatter guard – ideal for protecting your iPad from stray brownie mix!

A tablet cookbook stand should also allow you to insert your tablet or phone easily and be sturdy and stable enough that you can touch the screen without the stand tipping or sliding.


The easiest way to prevent splatters on a treasured cookbook or tablet is by investing in a cookbook stand. These understated, yet essential kitchen accessories often perform an aesthetic as well as functional role in the kitchen and features such as adjustable viewing angles and splatter guards improve the overall versatility of the cookbook stand.

As cookbook stands are available in a range of styles and sizes, we hope that this article has done some of the hard work for you by making it easier for you to select the best cookbook stand for your kitchen, whether you want it for cookbooks, your tablet or even both!
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