12 Best Cherry Pitters to Help You to Extract Pits Effortlessly

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Are you scared of feeding the cherries to your kids due to the pits and pits extracting takes a lot of time? To reduce the waste of time, cherry pitters are available on the market. There are pitters that can extract pits of 6 cherries at a time. This will help you to extract the pits and store them on the refrigerator for future use. Cherry pitters not only reduce the work but also keeps the cherries in shape. As a result, you can use the perfect shaped pitless cherries as a topping on your desserts. So choose the best cherry pitter that reduces your workload and serves all your desired purposes.   

As the cherry pitters are small shaped in order to accommodate the cherries, cleaning it can be tricky. Some pitters need to be disassembled before putting them on the dishwasher. On the other hand, some are not safe for dishwashers. In our article, we have mentioned both handheld and countertop designed cherry pitter to give an insight into each type of pitter.

Best Pick

OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

The OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter is our best pick on our list as it made premium materials and zinc made prong extracts the pits easily. It also has a splatter shield that restricts all the splashing while pulling out the pits. Moreover, the handles are in an ergonomic design that gives a strong and non-slippery grip.

Budget Pick

Westmark Cherry Stoner Kernex

The Westmark Cherry Stoner "Kernex" is on our best budget pick because it extracts the pits only keeping the whole cherry intact. Most importantly, this pitter does not require to disassemble after every use for cleaning. It is shaped like tweezers that is easy to operate and provides a sturdy grip while extracting the pits. Moreover, this pitter is handheld and easy to carry outdoors for its lightweight.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Cherry Pitters

Just like the fact that one person might prefer large and sweet Bing cherries while another person might be in love with small tart cherries, people’s taste and preferences about cherry pitters can be very different. That is why we have included several different cherry pitters on our list so that a wider range of users have a higher possibility of finding one that is the best for them.

1. OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

OXO always makes innovative and quality products, and this time it has kept up its good reputation with this cherry pitter. The cherry pitter is a handheld type so it is excellent for anyone who is looking for a compact pitter that is simple to use.

The pitter can be operated using one hand, and all you have to do is to place a cherry in the position and press the pitter using your palm, supported by your fingers, and the seedless cherry will smoothly fall down. 

The holder for the cherries has been made to accommodate large cherries such as Bing and Rainier, but can also be recessed to fit smaller varieties of cherries, so you can process any type of cherry that you want to. The handle part is made of OXO's signature material which is soft and comfortable but also is good for gripping, preventing your hands from slipping even when it is wet, and allowing you to work for long periods of time without developing fatigue in your hands.

The ergonomic design of the handles further enhances its ability to absorb pressure and to give you a tireless working experience. Another thing about this pitter that we love is its versatility, as it can allow you to pit olives as well. You might be thinking of the mess it might create since it is a handheld type.

But this pitter comes with a splatter shield which is like a bottomless cap that prevents the juice of the cherry from splattering around the working area. When you are done using it, you can lock the pitter along with the splatter shield for a neat and compact storage.


  • It has a handheld design so it is compact and easy to use even using one hand
  • The splatter shield that comes with the pitter prevents the process from creating a mess
  • The holder of the pitter is spacious enough to accommodate large varieties of cherries but can be recessed to fit smaller varieties as well
  • The handle is made of a soft ergonomic material which allows you to work with it for long periods of time without causing fatigue to your hands
  • This versatile pitter can also be used to remove the seeds from olives
  • The pitter can be packed into a compact size for storage


  • It can pit only one cherry at a time

2. Westmark Cherry Stoner "Kernex"

This cherry pitter does not involve any complicated components that you would have to learn how to use, and that is one of its strongest points. If you have ever used a stapler machine, then you would feel very comfortable using this cherry pitter since it is designed like a stapler, but with a cherry holder and a pitting component.

What you have to do is to place a cherry in the holder and gently press down on the ergonomically designed handles, just like you would press down on a stapler machine. Then the seed will fall off from the cherry. 

The pitter has been made with cast aluminum with a powder-coated finish, which protects it from abrasion and corrosion. These are important protective features for a cherry pitter since it has gone through a heavy workload if you are pitting pounds of cherries, and also they have to resist the possibility of rusting from frequent contact with water and humidity in the kitchen.


  • It has a simple stapler-like design which allows it to be comfortably used by anyone
  • It has been made of cast aluminum with a powder coated finish which gives it a high resistance to abrasive damage and corrosion
  • The pitter has a simple and compact design making it portable and easy to store
  • It is safe to be washed in the dishwasher


  • It works better for small, tart-sized cherries
  • The pitter does not have a splatter guard, so you would have to prepare a collecting bowl below it for the seeds and the juice
  • It can pit only one cherry at a time so if you want to remove the stones from a large number of cherries in a small period of time then this might not be the best option for you

3. Progressive Cherry-It Cherry Pitter

In desserts, people don't like to experience the taste of hard seeds from cherries or peaches and for that Progressive Cherry-It Cherry Pitter removes the pits from the cherries. The pitter is designed in such a way that can be used at the top of the kitchen counter. It is an efficient kitchen tool as it can pull out pits of 4 cherries at a time. 

Every part of the pitter can be disassembled easily and a tray provided at the base to collect the pits. The tray is the best feature of this pitter as it does not create any mess. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe and you don't have to work longer to clean it. The pitter does not slip when you are removing the pits as it has a non-skid base and holds the pitter stable in place.


  • The pitter is capable of removing pits of 4 cherries at a time.
  • It has a base to carry the juice of the cherries.
  • The prongs are made of zinc that makes them strong to remove the pits effortlessly.
  • The pitter can be easily disassembled before putting it on the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Little press down separates the pit from the cherries that puts no stress on the hands.


  • Suitable only for small shaped cherries as the trays have specific size cherry holes.
  • Needs to assemble and disassemble before using and cleaning.

4. Locisne Revolutionary Cherry Pitter

The pits of cherries are needed to be pulled out before feeding to the children and this pitter effortlessly does the work. It is made of earth-friendly materials and the prongs are made of zinc. These progs help to get rid of the pits without causing any mess. The non-skip at the base of the pitter collects the juice and seeds.

The feature we like about this kitchen tool is that it is designed for countertops and it is safe to put on the dishwasher. Disassembling of the cherry pitter is required before washing and slide lock for compact storage. Sometimes you will find the pits are completely out. In those situations, you need to reposition the cherries and try removing the pits by pressing the lids again.


  • A pitter that extracts pits from 6 cherries at a time.
  • Includes a container that can hold the seeds and juice to reduce the mess.
  • The pitter stays stable while pressing the lid to pull out the pits.
  • Reduces the washing work as it is dishwasher safe.


  • Cherries may remain unpitted if they are placed incorrectly.
  • Before cleaning the pitter, it needs to be disassembled.
  • The prongs can be dangerous for children if they use them recklessly.

5. Obecome Cherry Pitter

Taking out the pits of the cherries one by one is very time consuming and hard work. The Obecome cherry pitter makes the work easier by extracting pits of 6 cherries at a time. Its 8-inches long prongs easily penetrate through the cherries extracting the pits with less effort. 

Moreover, it has a tray at the base to collect the juice and the seeds and to let you pull the pits out without cleaning often. It comes with a slide lock to easily store the pitter in your kitchen drawer. This cherry pitter is dishwasher safe, so it reduces your work. 

It will be a great tool for arthritic patients as it does not require twisting or any manual work. As this whole kitchen tool is made of plastic, just be careful it does not fall off from a high place.


  • Remove the pits of the cherries with a single press on the lid.
  • Removes pits of 6 cherries at a time.
  • A removable cherry tray that helps to put the cherries with ease.
  • The base of the pitter is non-skid and keeps it steady while removing.


  • Sometimes a cheery needs to be done twice or thrice to extract the pits.
  • It needs to be disassembled by parts to properly clean the pitter.

6. Prepworks by Progressive Cherry Pitter

With an absolutely genius design, this cherry pitter from Progressive would be hard to compete against when it comes to working efficiency. This cherry pitter enables you to remove seeds from not only one, but six cherries at a time.

It has a countertop design, with a holder that can accommodate six cherries at a time. Since the holder has designated spaces for the cherries, the cherries remain stable when they are being pitted, and this makes sure that the seed is removed properly, without causing excessive damage to the flesh of the cherries. 

Below the holder, there is an enclosed space where the seeds and the juice gets collected, so your hands and your countertop will stay clean and mess-free. Moreover, the base of the pitter has an anti-skid feature which keeps the pitter stable on the work surface and prevents it from slipping or falling.

As zinc provides a very good impact force, the prongs that remove the pits from the cherries are made from Zinc, reducing the force that your hands would have to apply to press down the prongs. The whole unit can be easily disassembled and washed in the dishwasher, making the cleanup easy and hassle-free. Overall, this cherry pitter is a user-friendly and highly efficient cherry pitter.


  • You can pit six cherries at a time using this pitter
  • The holder for the cherries has designated holes for the cherries to sit in, which increases the efficiency and ease of the process
  • The collecting compartment at the bottom prevents the seeds and juice from creating a mess
  • You can pit olives as well as cherries using this pitter
  • The pitter can be disassembled and washed in the dishwasher


  • Some people might not like the idea of having to place the cherries in the proper place every time
  • Since the prongs are sticking out, it might not be safe to let your children use it without adult supervision

7. ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter

ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter is a great tool to pull out the seeds of cherries. This pitter is very handy and can be taken for outdoor events. The best feature we like about this pitter is that it does not require any assembling or disassembling for cleaning. The whole item is made of heavy-duty material to make the pitter durable and sturdy. 

However, it can be tiresome to take out the pits of the cherries one by one as this pitter can accommodate one cherry at a time. The pitter is handheld type and the handle is designed to provide a strong grip but it has no anti-slip functions. Though it reduces a lot of work by being dishwasher safe.


  • This pitter does not need assembling or disassembling for cleaning.
  • Pull out pits of cherries without putting hard pressure with your hands.
  • The prong is made of zinc alloy that protects from rusting.
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable grip for pitting.


  • Extracts pits of 1 cheery at a time.
  • Has no pit container to carry the pits after taking out.
  • Creates a mess as the splashing happens when pressure is applied.

8. Norpro Deluxe Cherry Pitter

The cherry pitter from Norpro Deluxe is designed with a spring plunger to extract the pits from the cherries. The feature we liked most about this pitter is that it has a feed tray that can hold 10 cherries and pulls out the seeds in no time. It also has a container to hold the pits after extracting.

However, the pitter needs to be disassembled for cleaning and it needs to be hand cleaned. It is a light-weight pitter but it needs to be disassembled for storage as well. As the plunger is made of spring it can lose tightness after a few usages. Another feature about this pitter is that it is designed for countertop and has a vacuum suction to stably hold the cherry pitter in place while working.


  • Includes a feed tray to store cherries at the top.
  • A spring plunger extracts the pits of the cherries.
  • Has a pit container that stores the seeds.
  • No mess is created from splashing juice while extracting pits.


  • The pitter needs to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and storage.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

9. Ordekcity Cherry Pitter

The cherry pitter from Ordekcity is a countertop designed pitter that can extract 6 cherries at a time. It can accommodate any size of cherries. But for small cherries, you need to place them in such a way that the prongs can pierce through the cherries. It also has a pit container at the bottom to avoid creating a mess due to extracting.

Moreover, the pitter is dishwasher safe. Just you need to disassemble the parts before putting them for cleaning. The lid is made of silicone that can endure the pressure required for taking out the seeds. However, it also contains plastic which can crack if the pitter is not stored securely.


  • Pulls out the pits of 6 cherries at a time with less effort.
  • The pitter is made of food-grade silicone that makes it safe for use.
  • Residue container at the base to collect the pits of the cherries.
  • The pitter is safe to put in the dishwasher for cleaning.


  • It requires disassembling before cleaning.
  • It has plastic that can be cracked if much pressure is applied.

10. Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter

This is a great cherry pitter if you want a quality family time during the weekends by letting your children take part in the cherry prepping session at home. You would want a device that your children would use to be fun, attractive, and safe.

And this uniquely designed cherry pitter fulfills all of those requirements, making it a wonderfully fun tool to use for both adults and children. This cherry pitter looks like a standing character with a smiling face, and its mouth is where the cherry goes, and it might remind you of a nutcracker doll that has been made to be cuter and to pit cherries instead of cracking nuts. 

The way it works is that you place one cherry into the mouth of the pitter, and then lightly press down the head of the pitter, which is actually a plunger, and the cherry will become seedless, and the seeds and the juice will be collected at the bottom so as to not make the process messy.

You might be wondering whether it is safe to be used by the children since they might stick their fingers into the mouth of the pitter, but the manufacturer has already taken care of it, by gearing the mouth with a protective tooth which prevents any harm to the fingers of your children.

These teeth prevent the pitting component to touch any part of your child's fingers and thus makes the equipment children-friendly. As the base of the pitter is widely spaced out, it keeps the pitter stable and prevents it from being toppled. With this cherry pitter at home, you can have a fun-filled time with time with your children and get your work done at the same time!


  • The pitter has a unique design that makes it attractive to children and makes pitting cherries a fun activity
  • It has a protective tooth near the pitting component to make it safe for being used by children
  • The bottom of the pitter has a collecting compartment where the juice and seeds remain contained, which prevents a mess
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher


  • It can pit only one cherry at a time
  • The seed compartment is small so it might have to be emptied frequently

11. Cherry Pitter Olive and Cherry Pitting Tool

This is a cherry pitter that is perfect for anyone looking for a tool that can be used not only at a home kitchen but also at professional settings. It does not contain any plastic parts and is made completely of chromium-zinc alloy, which gives it a classy appearance gleaming with a metallic luster.

The presence of chromium in the construction also makes it highly resistant to corrosion, making it a tool that will last for a long time. It has a construction similar to a kitchen scissor, except with a pitting component and a holder component in the places where the blades would be. 

Hence, many users would feel comfortable using this, all they have to do is to place the cherry in position and to squeeze the ergonomically contoured handles gently. Since the pitting process is so gentle, it ensures that the cherry's shape is not damaged and that no juice is lost. The tool is also safe to be washed in the dishwasher, and the arms of the pitter close in together for a compact storage.


  • The pitter has a classy, professional look to it
  • It does not contain any plastic parts and is made of lustrous chrome plated material that is highly resistant to corrosion and damage
  • It causes minimal damage to the flesh of the cherry and also prevents the juice of the cherries from being lost
  • The arms have been designed in an ergonomic way and can be used even with people who have arthritis
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher


  • The arms of the pitter do not have an anti-slip material
  • Since the pitter does not have any collecting compartment, you would have to prepare a separate bowl for keeping the seeds

12. Cuisipro Cherry/Olive Pitter

This handheld cherry pitter from Cuisipro has an innovative design which makes working with this pitter into a one-hand operation. Yes, you have read it right! During a busy time at the kitchen, one of your hands might not be clean or soaked with a sauce that you would not want to touch cherries with.

That is when this cherry pitter comes to your rescue, as you can get the job done flawlessly with only one hand. The cherry holder of this pitter has an elongated spoon-like part which scoops up the cherries from a bowl of cherries into the holder, and all you need to do next is to press down the handle and the seed will fall down neatly into another bowl for the waste. 

The pitter has also been geared with a splatter guard to prevent the juice of the cherries from creating a mess on your apron and table top. While the body of the pitter is made from sturdy plastic with an elegant matte finish, the holder part is made of silicone material for holding even the small cherry varieties in placer. With this pitter, you can not only pit cherries but also remove the seed from olives and enjoy it in a salad, as stuffed olives, in a glass of martini, etc.


  • The cherry pitter allows you to complete the whole process using only one hand which is particularly useful when you are busy in the kitchen
  • The mouth of the holder part has an elongated spoon like structure which helps you scoop out cherries into the holder without using your hands
  • There is a splatter guard which prevents the juice from creating a mess
  • The holder part has soft silicone fins which enable even small varieties of cherries and olives to stay in place without becoming displaced
  • It can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher


  • You can only stone one cherry at a time

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cherry Pitters

Now that you are well-informed about what type of cherry pitters are available for you in the market, you must be wondering how to pick out the one that would be most useful for you. In that case, you can go ahead and read the next section of our article which is going to tell you some of the key factors that can help you determine which cherry pitter would work best for you.

Handheld or Countertop 

This is one of the most useful factors to help you narrow down your list when you are trying to buy a cherry pitter. Handheld cherry pitters are smaller in size and they are the best when you want a portable cherry pitter, or if you want to stone a small number of cherries and if you want to avoid the tasks such as having to wash all the components, and having to set it up on the counter.

But if you have a cherry tree at your home and you frequently make desserts and dishes with cherries, then it will be best to go for a countertop one as they can help you stone a few pounds of cherries in less than an hour.

The number of cherries can be done at a time

Cherry pitters are widely used as they reduce the workload of hands. At the same time, it needs to be time-efficient. If the cherry pitter takes the same time to pull out the pits by hands then you need to change your cherry pitter. In our article, we have mentioned the cherry pitters that can extract pits out of cherry more than one at a time. Locisne Revolutionary Cherry Pitter and Progressive Cherry-It Cherry Pitter are those pitters that reduce the work of preparing the cherries within a very short time.

Container to hold the pits

There can be a mess in your kitchen while extracting the pits of the cherries. For that reason, most brands add a container at the base to collect the seeds and the juices that come out while extracting. This container keeps your kitchen and hands clean. The cherry pitter from Norpro Deluxe includes a feed tray along with the residue container so that you don't have to refill the cherry tray frequently.

Assembling and disassembling for cleaning

Cleaning is very tiring work and we don't have enough energy after baking cherry tarts. Most of the pitters are dishwashers but they need to be disassembled before putting in the dishwasher. The Obecome Cherry Pitter has a residue container as well as a cherry placing tray which needs to be placed separately on the dishwasher. However, ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter does not need disassembling for cleaning. So you need to keep in mind the ease of cleaning before buying the cherry pitter.

Safe for dishwasher

The cherry pitters that are safe to put on the dishwasher reduces a lot of manual work. However, some pitters need to be disassembled before putting them on the dishwasher. On the other hand, the pitter from Pro Tensils does not need to be disassembled for cleaning. Make sure to read the instructions for cleaning before washing the cherry pitter.

Children-friendly or not 

Cherries are one of the most favorite fruits among the children and hence many children want to take part in the cherry pitting activity and help out their family in the kitchen. If you want your children to be able to pit cherries with you, then there are some excellent options for you that we have covered in our list.

These cherry pitters have a safety mechanism to keep the pitting prongs away from your children’s fingers and they have fun designs to make them more attractive to your children.

The material it is made of

Based on the material they are made from, cherry pitter can be divided into two main types, and one type is made of plastic, while the other type is made of steel or metal alloys. The plastic ones can have different attractive designs, which might be more fun for your children to use.

And also, plastic ones are lighter, and hence does not pose a risk of falling onto someone's feet and hurting the person. If you are going for a metallic cherry pitter which looks classier compared to the plastic ones, and are also more resistant to impact damage, it would be wise to go for a material that is highly resistant to corrosion, such as chrome-plated steel.


Can you freeze the pitted cherries for a long time?

Cherries need to be consumed when fresh to get all the nutrients. Yes, you can freeze them for 4 to 10 days. You can also store them in your deep freeze for 6 months. 

How do you find if there are worms on the cherries?

Before taking out the pits, you need to wash the cherries thoroughly. It is better if you immerse them in saltwater for 30 minutes to 1 hour which will bring the worms out. 

What happens if you swallow cherry pits?

Nothing will happen if you swallow cherry pits accidentally. The seeds of the cherry pits contain poisonous chemicals covered with indigestible shells according to the National Capital Poison Center (NCPC). If you mistakenly consumed it will come out with defecation.


Whether you are planning to buy a cherry pitter to be well-prepared for the next year’s cherry season, or you are in a hurry to buy a cherry pitter before this cherry season ends, buying a cherry pitter needs a good assessment of what you are going to use it for, whether your children are going to use it, and many other factors.

But if you have already done that and have read this article, then you are ready to pick the freshest cherries from your trees, or buy your favorite variety of cherries from the store and start using the best cherry pitter to remove the seeds from your cherries with the a lot of fun and make great cherry desserts.

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