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The 12 Best Champagne Glasses in 2020

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It’s time to celebrate! You just got a new promotion, your best friends are getting married, or it’s your dad’s 75th birthday. However, no celebration is complete without some delicious, bubbly champagne poured in the best champagne glasses.

As you prepare for your next celebration, make sure you have the highest quality champagne glass. Using any old glass could ruin the taste, aroma, and intensity of the champagne you are serving. If you aren’t sure which style is best, choose one of the following twelve lead champagne glasses.

Best Pick

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Champagne Flute

If you are looking for the best champagne glasses, the Schott Zwiesel Pure Collection is an excellent choice. With their durable material and elegant, geometric shape, you can use these champagne flutes for any occasion.

Budget Pick

Libbey Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses

The Libbey Stemless Champagne Flutes offer elegance without the hassle of cleaning and protecting a delicate stem. These glasses come in a large set with a weighted base to prevent any accidents.

1. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Stemware Champagne Flute

Highlighted Features

  • Each glass has effervescence points etched on the bottom of the bowl, which ensures continued fizz
  • The Titan Crystal technology makes the glass stems two times as resistant to scratches as other products
  • The Pure collection from Schott Zwiesel offers a postmodern style to glassware that is pleasing to the eye

Our first champagne glass comes from one of the most renowned glass businesses globally, the German company called Schott Zwiesel. They have been creating elegant glassware for over 140 years, so you can rest assured that their products are high quality and durable.

This particular set of champagne glasses comes with four pieces, each with a 7.1-ounce capacity. The medium-length stem, paired with a geometric bowl, provides both an excellent champagne taste and a chic look. The Schott Zwiesel utilizes unique technology to produce champagne glasses resistant to chips but still beautiful and elegant.


  • These glasses are dishwasher safe
  • They are for both everyday and professional use
  • The Tritan Crystal glass replaces the lead with titanium and zirconium for safer consumption
  • This specific set has four pieces, but you can order anywhere from 2 to 6 glasses at a time


  • While the material is durable, the glasses still require care, especially in the dishwasher
  • The glass-blown stems are fragile

2. L ibbey Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Even without a stem, these champagnes glass still have a slender, elegant look
  • You can store the cups easily without the hassle of the long stem
  • The narrow rim and gently sloping shape provide a delicious taste

Not all champagne glasses have stems! If you are concerned about these thin, fragile pieces breaking off, the Libbey Stemless glasses could be ideal for you.

The absence of a stem allows each glass to hold more champagne than other options. You can enjoy an 8.5-ounce glass of champagne without worrying about knocking it over or accidentally breaking the stem. Libbey designs these flutes with a weighted base to avoid any mishaps.

You’ll find a thick, sturdy layer of glass for balancing at the base of the glass. The glass thins out as it moves up the body, resembling a traditional champagne flute.


  • The glasses are dishwasher safe
  • Libbey is the leading glassware company in the Americas, ensuring quality champagne glasses
  • The design of the glass makes it ideal for everyday, casual use
  • You can entertain large groups with a set of 12 glasses


  • These are not ideal for more professional scenarios
  • The champagne will warm faster as your hands are directly touching the bowl

3. Riedel VINUM Champagne Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • If you enjoy dry, light champagnes, these glasses are a fantastic option
  • The shape of the bowel brings out a fruity taste in the wine
  • Riedel creates the VINUM products based on the taste of the champagne so that you can expect an exhilarating glass of champagne

We all know today that the shape of a glass affects the taste of the wine. The first company that realized that is Riedel, an almost 300-year-old business. After nearly three centuries of making and designing glassware, they have a high level of expertise. Their VINUM collection includes glasses for various types of wine, and the champagne option is a classic.

The shape and design speak of a more traditional style, with an elegant structure and average stem length. The bowel is widest at the rim and tapers down to a delicate point at the stem.


  • The champagne glasses are dishwasher safe
  • They are ideal for a variety of uses, from casual dining to hosted events
  • The crystal is high-quality
  • A set comes with two glasses


  • The bowl has a smaller capacity at only five ⅝ ounces
  • These glasses are more fragile than our previous options

4. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte Stemware Champagne Flute 

Highlighted Features

  • The six effervescence points on each glass and the elegant curvature ensure a delicious taste and prolonged bubbles
  • The Tritan Crystal Glass combines zirconium and titanium for added strength and brilliance
  • This material is environmentally friendly thanks to the absence of lead in the glass

Here we have another Schott Zwiesel champagne flute. The previous option was part of the Pure collection, and this one comes from the Forte collection. The main differences are on the designed use of the glass and its shape.

While the Pure collection’s design was for special occasions and everyday use, the Forte set is specifically for standard settings. The glass’s curvature is much softer, and the shape gives your palette a hearty, robust taste of the champagne.

The larger bowl lets you enjoy more champagne at once, as each glass holds 7.7 ounces. Also, these champagne flutes come in a set of 6 glasses for you to celebrate with friends.


  • The glasses are durable and long-lasting
  • The Tritan glass is dishwasher safe, yet still elegant
  • They are ideal for everyday use and are resistant against scratching
  • Even though the glass is lasting, it is still remarkably thin


  • These glasses are not for professional use
  • The stem is fragile, especially during washing

5. Elixir Edge Champagne Glass 

Highlighted Features

  • While other options are glass-blown with a machine, these are made lovingly by hand
  • The style allows for a variety of uses, from a small dinner to a large event
  • If you’re looking for the perfect gift, the unique design makes these glasses an excellent option for anyone on your list

If you’re worried about the champagne glasses arriving in one piece, you’re not alone! Elixir prides themselves on their incredibly careful packaging for their champagne glasses. The last thing you want is to order an elegant champagne flute and have it arrive broken, especially one as unique as these Edge champagne flutes.

You may think that the best champagne glasses have an elegantly tapered bowel, but not all do! The Elixir Edge glasses have a cylindrical, 6-ounce bowl with no curves. The 90-degree angle from the bottom of the bowl to the rim gives the glasses a sophisticated, modern look.


  • Elixir provides a one year warranty
  • The glasses come in very secure packaging
  • The crystal does not contain any lead
  • Each set comes with four glasses


  • The glasses are not dishwasher safe
  • The glass is fragile

6. GoodGlassware Champagne Flutes

Highlighted Features

  • The long, elegant style of these champagne flutes is ideal for large parties or a special dinner at home
  • The shape of the bowl helps maintain fizz in the champagne for an extended period
  • The thin, rounded edges create an enjoyable, comfortable drinking experience

For a classic, traditional champagne glass, try these elegant flutes from GoodGlassware. Their impressive length, measuring over 10.6 inches, gives them a delicate and timeless look. The long stem connects to a gently curved bottom, which then stretches up to a narrow rim.

The added height means more bowl capacity. These champagne glasses can hold up to 8.5 ounces to enjoy more sparkling wine with your friends. The quality and smoothness of the glass make holding the glass enjoyable. Plus, the glass is lead-free and has a sturdy construction so you can revel in your champagne without worrying about dangers or potential accidents.


  • They are dishwasher safe
  • GoodGlassware includes a 60-day guarantee
  • The material is recycled glass
  • Four glasses come in a set


  • The glass is relatively thin
  • They are top-heavy

7. Juvale Wedding Champagne Toasting Flutes

Highlighted Features

  • In addition to the silver lettering, the stems contain air bubbles that resemble crystals
  • These champagnes glasses could make an excellent gift for newlyweds or a couple celebrating an anniversary
  • The simplicity of the design ensures that they can fit with any wedding theme

A wedding is a perfect occasion for champagne toasts, so why not get specialized glasses for the happy couple? Juvale offers two champagne glasses with “Mrs.” and “Mr.” engraved in an elegant script in the bowl’s center. The bowel’s soft slope and incredibly clear glass could make these toasting flutes the perfect addition to a wedding.

Not only are they a beautiful table setting, but the couple can include them as a prop in their photos and even take them home as a reminder of their special day.


  • The material is entirely glass
  • The design is modern and chic
  • The champagne flutes can be a souvenir for years to come
  • They are tall, measuring 9.5 inches


  • The glasses are not sturdy enough to handle the dishwasher
  • These champagne flutes are only for weddings, anniversaries, and couples, not any other occasions

8. Elixir Classy Champagne Flutes 

Highlighted Features

  • Each glass is carefully hand-made like a piece of artwork
  • The lead-free crystal is incredibly clear with a sparkling brilliance
  • The rim makes it easy for the wine to go directly to the center of your palate.

Here we have another superb Elixir option. While the previous option had more rigid angles and a straight bowel, these classy glasses have a slight curve, still with a unique twist. Instead of a flat bottom, the base angles up from the stem to the bowel’s widest point, then slowly tapers into a narrower rim. The curve isn’t as smooth as more traditional glasses, giving these champagne flutes a particular flare.

They are slightly taller than the Edge glasses, measuring a little over 10 inches high. The glasses also hold an impressive eight ounces of champagne. If you are looking for a large, unique champagne glass, the Elixir Classy is a great choice.


  • One set includes four glasses
  • The modern design makes for a luxurious champagne flute
  • Elixir provides a one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • For durability, Elixir tempers the stems


  • The glass may be lightweight
  • You cannot wash these in the dishwasher

9. Fineline Flairware Champagne Flute 

Highlighted Features

  • The glasses are heavy-duty, and you can reuse them as many times as you want
  • They are also disposable for quick clean-up at large events
  • The design of the rim helps prevent any champagne spilling

If you want a unique champagne glass, Fineline may have just what you want. While other options have smooth glass tapered into a narrow rim, the Fineline champagne flute has a vertical curved pattern leading up to a broad, flared rim.

Most crystal champagne glasses are too thin to have such patterns, but these Fineline glasses are plastic. While they won’t pass for professional quality champagne glasses for an exclusive event, these flutes would be great for large parties, weddings, and receptions.

Even though they are plastic, they look just like glass champagne flutes. You can have elegance without worrying about breaking the glasses and how to wash them.


  • Each set comes with 96 champagne glasses
  • The plastic is recyclable
  • The champagne glasses are BPA-free
  • They are dishwasher safe


  • These glasses are not for professional events
  • They may not look like your traditional champagne flute

10. Lenox Tuscany Classic Flute Set 

Highlighted Features

  • You can use the Lenox glasses for any occasion, from a casual night at home to an elegant party
  • The Tuscany Classic collection uses only non-leaded European crystal for added quality
  • The glass has a decent seam connecting the stem to the bowl so your drink won’t get warm from the heat of your palms

This next option is a timeless classic, as the name implies. Lenox has been making elegant glassware for over 130 years, so they know what you want in a champagne glass. These glasses from the Tuscany collection are a combination of modern and traditional styles. They are relatively large, reaching 10.5 inches, but the bowel is still delicately narrow. You can serve up to seven ounces of champagne in each one and enjoy a resounding “clink” as you toast.

The glass’s shape is reminiscent of classic styles, and the bowel tapers down to a point at the stem. The curves are soft and subtle, and Lenox uses a break-resistant design so you can enjoy your champagne worry-free.


  • A set includes four champagne glasses
  • Lenox offers a lifetime warranty
  • The glasses have a nice weighted feel
  • They are dishwasher safe


  • The glass may be too heavy
  • The height could make them hard to store

11. RÖD Wine Champagne Glasses 

Highlighted Features

  • The glasses come with their own storage box. The put-and-click system ensures that they are secure and well-protected
  • RÖD creates the champagne glasses in an eco-friendly process to save energy
  • The rim is laser cut and strengthened to avoid chips

Another experienced company, with over 120 years in the business, is RÖD wine. They make their products in Bohemia, Czech Republic, an area famous for high-quality glass products. By using titanium Crystalline for the delicate champagne glasses, they ensure a durable, beautiful product.

RÖD Wine takes special care with the glass shape. The tall, narrow bowl tapers in at the rim and stem gives you continued fizz. As a whole, the glass measures 9.5 inches, and the bowl holds up to 7.5 ounces. The 3.5-inch stem allows you to carry the glass without warming the sparkling wine.

If you are looking for an elegant, durable glass for all occasions, the RÖD Wine champagne flutes could be a perfect choice.


  • You can wash these glasses in the dishwasher
  • The glasses come with an ebook called Wine Wisdom
  • They are lead-free
  • A set includes three champagne glasses


  • There is an odd number of glasses, which could be inconvenient
  • The base of the glass may be uneven

12. Mikasa Electric Boulevard Gold Champagne Flute 

Highlighted Features

  • These champagne glasses are the only ones that include a touch of color
  • The added design does not take anything away from the functionality
  • They use quality European crystal

Our last champagne glass has a unique flair that gives them a stunning look. There are gold lines that wrap around the glass. This delicate touch starts from halfway up the stem and extends to the bottom third of the bowl. Instead of using a regular, plain champagne glass, this option adds a polished, sophisticated look to your event.

The champagne flutes are tall, reaching almost 9.5 inches. The bowl curves out at the stem for a broad base then tapers to a narrow rim. The cavernous bowl holds up to eight ounces so you can enjoy the perfect amount of champagne.


  • The glass is free of lead
  • They are lightweight
  • The set comes with four glasses
  • They have a luxurious look and feel


  • They are not dishwasher safe
  • They may be a bit tall for your cabinet

Things to Consider Before Buying a Champagne Glass

If you go to your local department store, you could find dozens of different glassware brands and cheap champagne glasses. However, every part of the glass is essential, from the rim down to the base.

The shape, material, and construction all affect the taste of the wine, so you want to make sure that you are getting a quality champagne glass.

Before you invest in a new set of glasses, consider the following points. While not everyone needs the most delicate crystal for everyday use, you want a cup that enriches the champagne’s taste and lasts for more than one event.

Let’s look at the most important things to consider when buying champagne glasses.

How Often You Plan on Using the Champagne Glasses

Do you drink sparkling wine every night, or do you just want a couple of glasses handy for a special occasion? This question will help narrow your search down considerably.

Several of the above options are the highest quality crystal, which are for important events. However, if you are looking for a champagne glass for dinners with your family and friends, you may want to opt for a more durable glass.

You don’t want your favorite champagne glasses to break after one small dinner event, so make sure you buy glasses specifically for everyday use if you plan to use them regularly.

Preferred Size of Glasses

How much champagne do you like to drink? If you want a glass to sip from slowly, the narrow flutes could work well. On the other hand, if you are expecting a long night or event, it could be beneficial to invest in glasses with a larger holding capacity.

The Riedel VINUM glass has the smallest capacity of our list options, holding only five ⅝ ounces. Many of the taller options, like the GoodGlassware champagne glass, hold an impressive 8.5 ounces.

The decision here comes down to how you will use the glasses. For more relaxed events, you may want to enjoy more champagne with your guests so that a high-capacity option would work well. However, more formal situations may require a thin, sophisticated flute.

Type of Champagne Glasses

Every champagne glass on our list is a flute. Of course, there are several other champagne glass styles, each designed with a different purpose in mind.

While the flute shape is by far the most popular option, it is good to consider all your options before settling on one specific style.


As previously mentioned, this style is incredibly popular and has been around for decades. The thin, slightly tapered bowel on top of a long stem gives the champagne flutes an elegant and traditional look.

The narrow rim keeps the champagne’s rich aroma inside the bowel for prolonged enjoyment, while the skinny bowel gives you increased fizz.

Even though flutes are the traditional style of a champagne glass, they are not without their flaws. Because of the delicate make, they are incredibly fragile. Companies often use weighted glass to make it more comfortable to hold, but this can make them tip over easily.


Where the flute shape is tall and narrow, this style is short and wide. The stem is much smaller than the champagne flutes, and the bowel is also relatively short. However, it can still hold a decent amount of champagne thanks to the wide diameter.


Tulip champagne glasses look just like their flower namesake. While the flute still has a curve near the glass base, the tulip glass’s widest point is halfway up the bowel. The angle is more dramatic as it returns to a narrow diameter at the rim.

The tight rim helps maintain the fragrance, but it isn’t so small as to be uncomfortable. Plus, the wide bowl lets the champagne build up a more robust aroma.


You don’t need a specific wine glass to enjoy champagne. The white wine glasses are a favorite for many champagne drinkers because of the balanced design.

The long stem and wide bowel without a tapered rim make the glass easy to handle. They also keep the fragrance within the bowel and maintain an ideal level of carbonation.

Champagne Glass Material

Of all the options above, most are crystal. However, several companies use different types of crystal or glass, often combined with materials like titanium. So, what’s the difference?

Crystal glasses are thin, elegant, and fragile. Champagne glasses with this material are some of the more delicate, expensive products. If you buy champagne glasses with regular glass, the body will be thicker.

If you prefer a weighted glass or one that will be more durable, a good option would be standard glass.

While lead crystal was famous for some time thanks to the incredible brilliance it produced, most manufacturers are steering away from producing a lead crystal champagne glass. Since any lead consumption could be dangerous, it’s best not to buy any products that could potentially have this risky substance.

Thankfully, like Schott Zwiesel, many companies are including other safer materials in their products to improve durability and quality.

One material that we haven’t mentioned yet is plastic. Of course, plastic champagne glasses are not as sophisticated as their crystal or glass counterparts. Nevertheless, quality plastic glasses like Fineline products could be a great, affordable option for large events. 

Stem or No Stem?

Almost all of the champagne glasses listed above have elegant stems. Only the Libbey Stemless Champagne Flutes do not have an elevated bowl.

Stemless champagne glasses are becoming more popular for several reasons. One, if you are hosting an event and serving champagne, you don’t want stress about someone accidentally knocking over a glass or clinking hard enough to chip the rim. To avoid that headache, many people are opting for stemless champagne glasses.

Having a long, fragile stem makes most glasses extremely hard to store and wash safely. The part of a champagne glass that breaks the most is the stem. If you remove it, the glasses immediately become simpler to clean and store.

Now, the downside of stemless glasses is that your hand quickly warms the champagne as you hold it. They also don’t look quite as elegant and sophisticated as the traditional style.

If you are considering whether or not to buy a champagne glass without a stem, think about how you plan on using it and what your priorities are.

If you enjoy the elegant feel of a long stem and don’t mind the care that the tall champagne glasses require, it might be better to stick with a stem. However, if you have broken several glasses and have limited storage space, a stemless glass could provide elegance without the added hassle.

Rim Style

Since the rim of the glass is what comes in contact with your lips, businesses spend a lot of time perfecting the surface.

While the glass’s bowel may have a thicker layer of glass, the rim needs to be extremely thin so that the champagne flows smoothly out of the glass and into your mouth.

Some glasses have a broader or narrower rim, and you can choose what is best for your taste. A narrower rim helps keep the carbonation and aroma within the glass, while a more expansive opening lets the scent leave the glass.

Bubble Preservation

Champagne is sparkling wine, so carbonation is crucial. You want a glass that preserves the bubbles and provides streams of fizz for the entire time you have the drink.

The shape of the champagne glass alone can impact the amount of fizz. If the glass has a pointed base where the bowel connects to the stem, this will drive bubbles up to the top in a continual stream. A more curved bottom won’t eliminate the fizz, but it will send bubbles up in various streams.

Some companies, like Schott Zwiesel, include effervescence points etched into the base that prompt more bubbles. 


There are plenty of high-quality champagne glasses on the market, and there is an elegant option for everyone. Take your pick from tall, sleek glasses to more spacious, stemless choices. To find your ideal champagne glasses, you need to focus on your priorities. Consider whether you want to entertain regularly or just give someone a luxurious gift. Don’t forget to think about the material and shape, especially because these could affect the champagne’s taste.

Once you know what style would work best for you, look for the best champagne glasses in the list above. With twelve fantastic options to choose from, you’re sure to find just what you need.

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