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The 8 Best Canned Baked Beans in 2020

Whether you a person with limited culinary skills or are a student or a professional with barely any time to invest in cooking, then canned foods can prove to be the best options for you. These seem godsend and come with plenty of options. You can go for canned pasta, meats, vegetables and a lot more.

Baked beans are immensely popular as these blend well with many recipes and are nutritious too if you opt for the low sodium variants. 

This review covers practical information about the best canned beans brands available in the market. 

1. ​Amy’s Organic Baked Beans  

Highlighted Features

  • Features a rich, deep flavor from simmering organic white beans with mustard seeds, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and tomato puree.
  • Made from natural and wholesome ingredients
  • Great source of fiber and protein
  • USDA certified organic
  • Soy free/dairy free/lactose free/vegan/tree nut free and trans fat free 

While all organic products come with a hefty price tag, Amy’s Organic baked beans is an exception. The company does not compromise with the quality and offers an exceptional product at a reasonable rate. Although this product has a tomato base that may turn off a few, it has a great balance of maple syrup and tomato sauce.

Overall, Amy’s Organic Baked Beans has a mild flavor. It is a great option for vegetarians and is also gluten-free. The vegetable ingredients are healthy and offered at an affordable price. You don’t even need convection or a microwave for cooking the contents. You can eat the contents directly.

Amy’s Kitchen was started in 1987 for producing nourishing and organic convenience foods for health conscious individuals. It is a family-run business that utilizes organically grown grains, vegetables and fruits. All the dishes offered by the company are non-GMO and the cans used for packing are BPA free.


  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Vegetarian product
  • Has a tomato base
  • Is gluten free
  • Made from natural ingredients


  • The tomato flavor is quite strong
  • Has higher sodium when compared to other brands

2. B&M Baked Beans Original Flavor 

Highlighted Features

  • Has the best traditional flavor
  • The beans are slow baked in old fashioned style in brick ovens
  • Has rich sauce which imparts homemade taste
  • Low in fat
  • Great source of protein and fiber

B&M has been in baked bean business for over centuries. The company employs a unique technique in which they cook the beans in traditional ovens slowly and then season them with brown sugar and molasses. They also use bits of pork for imparting a robust flavor to the recipe.

Unlike other baked beans brand, they are more firm in texture which implies they do not melt if they are used in any dish. These beans are slightly different from other brands to which people are usually used to. These possess a unique flavor as well as texture and this is the reason why they stand out from the rest.

B&M brand has been around a century and excel at offering baked beans. The best thing is that the beans do not turn mushy while being used in any recipe. These beans also retain their texture when used as a regular side dish or on a toast.

B&M Baked beans have a warm and sweet flavor. The 16-oz small can is ideal for students, couples and individuals. It is not sufficient for families.


  • Doesn’t turn mushy
  • Is slow cooked in a traditional form
  • Have a great texture
  • Offered by a reputed brand
  • Is low in fat


  • Small cans are not ideal for families

3. Heinz Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce

Highlighted Features

  • Has tomato paste as the base
  • Popular brand in the UK
  • Baked to perfection
  • Tastes exceptional

Heinz Beans is a staple brand in Britain and arrived in the UK in the year 1886. The recipe of this popular baked beans brand has only evolved with time. The company sells over 1.5m tins of baked beans in the UK in a day. It dominates 70% of the market in the country.

If you are planning to cook familiar home cooked taste in your delicacies, then this Heinz Baked Beans is just perfect for you. The sauce used in the recipe has a traditional flavor and it can complement any meal. It would not taste like ketchup and would impart an authentic flavor to your dish.

Heinz baked beans is baked to perfection. It has a balanced taste and has a tomato base. If you love tomato-based beans, then you would repent not trying out this baked beans product from Heinz beans. This product would certainly appeal to the vegetarians.


  • Has a tomato base
  • Is delicious and healthier
  • Has less sugar and sodium
  • Cans are smaller and perfect for students


  • ​Cans are small
  • ​Has strong tomato flavor

4. Grandma Brown’s Home Baked Beans 

Highlighted Features

  • Home baked beans
  • Comes easy-to-manage in a 16 ounce can
  • Does not turn mushy
  • Has mild taste and thick chunky texture
  • Provides perfect foundation for many recipes

This baked beans brand has a thick coarse texture and a mild taste. These beans provide the perfect foundation to any recipe and go well with almost anything. The best thing about Grandma Brown’s Home Baked Beans is that these are too composed. Unlike other baked bean brands, these beans would not turn mushy.

If you are a fan of mushy beans, then you will have to rebake these beans and soften them up a bit. These beans come in small 16-oz cans and possess a mild flavor. As the cans are smaller, you can use them in a single recipe and do not have to bother about storing them in a refrigerator.

If you crave for traditional recipes, then you cannot go wrong with Grandma Brown’s recipe. You would be delighted with the outcome if you use this in your recipe.


  • Has a mild flavor
  • Is brown sugar sweetened
  • Tastes great
  • Has great texture


  • Smaller can is not enough for families
  • The flavor may be too mild for some tastes

5. Bush’s Best Homestyle Baked Beans -28 oz 

Highlighted Features

  • Consists of navy beans in a sauce with blend of spices, brown sugar and cured bacon
  • Is cholesterol free
  • Is naturally gluten-free
  • Is rich in protein and fiber

If you are looking for a tangier sauce, then you can try out Bush’s Best Homestyle Baked Beans. It has a remarkable blend of spices, the brown sugar and specially cured bacon. It has been a favorite amongst the masses since its debut in the year 1993.

Bush’s Best is a consistent product and has a great texture and strong flavors. You can eat these beans directly from the can or heat them up and serve as a side dish. We personally love the Homestyle flavor as it does not taste like ketchup unlike most of the baked bean brands.

The warm tang of tomato and the robust flavor is balanced perfectly with spices. This baked beans product is worth your time and money.


  • Has a tangy flavor profile
  • Huge can of beans
  • Tasty and creamy
  • Is cholesterol and gluten free


  • Has a strong taste of brown sugar
  • Way too sweet

6. Bush’s Best Vegetarian Baked Beans 

Highlighted Features

  • Navy beans cooked slowly with brown sugar, tangy sauce and spice blend
  • Is cholesterol and fat free
  • Is also gluten free
  • Each serving consists of 5g of fiber and 6g of protein

This is one of the best canned beans available in the market. The makers have not used bacon or pork for reinforcing the flavor of the beans that they do in their traditional recipe. Hence, this variant would appeal to the vegetarians. The same potent flavor profile has been retained in Bush’s Best Vegetarian Baked Beans as in the Homestyle beans.

These canned beans are just perfect and would satisfy vegetarians who are looking for a great option that do not taste like tomato ketchup. The beans have a strong flavor and have been sweetened with brown sugar.


  • The sauce is thicker and it tastes fresh
  • The taste is outstanding
  • All the flavorings taste good
  • Comes in a conveniently packed can
  • Priced reasonably


  • Has a strong spice flavor profile

7. Van Camp’s Pork & Beans

Highlighted Features

  • Tastes delicious because of flavor of beans and pork
  • Has been simmered in special blend of spices and vine-ripened tomato sauce
  • Is an excellent source of protein
  • Packaged perfectly
  • Great tasting beans at a reasonable price

Van Camp has been offering delicious baked beans for over years. The original recipe from the company can be traced back to 1861. The recipe has beans and pork simmered in special blend of spices and vine-ripened tomato sauce. This imparts a bold flavor to this sauce that you will truly cherish indulging in.

What we love about Van Camp’s Pork & Beans is the great taste of pork. This recipe of baked beans is just perfect for office potlucks and backyard barbecues. These baked beans are free from trans-fat and are excellent source of protein. You can quickly prepare the dish by emptying the contents in a pan and cook for a couple of minutes.


  • Has zero trans fat
  • Can be easily prepared in a microwave or on the stovetop
  • Can be eaten directly as a meal or as a side dish
  • Is economical


  • Is bit watery

8. 365 Everyday Value Organic Traditional Baked Beans 

Highlighted Features

  • Ready to serve baked beans
  • USDA organic certified
  • Made from organic navy beans
  • Has a healthy balance of tomato sauce and spices

If you are looking for exceptional tasting and traditionally cooked baked beans, then you must consider investing in 365 Everyday Value Organic Baked Beans. These are ready to serve and have been USDA organic certified. Offered by Whole Foods Market, these beans meet stringent quality standards. The company is a reputed name when it comes to offering organic and natural products that can be trusted.

There are a few organic brands in the market that are trustworthy and do not burn a hole in your pocket. 365 Everyday Value Organic Traditional Baked Beans is one of the brands you can rely on for your organic beans needs in your kitchen.


  • Is not too salty
  • Has great flavor
  • Is vegetarian
  • The container has BPA-free lining
  • Much cheaper when compared to other brands


  • Is slightly sweet

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Canned Baked Beans 

The first thing you must do is to look at the overall flavor profile of baked beans. You need to identify what you love having and go for it. Using the right bean in the precise dish can make a lot of difference while cooking. These can impact the general flavor of the dish in a significant manner.   

The practical thing to do while looking for baked beans is to opt for the brand that offers a similar flavor that you like. For instance, if you love having a spicier meal, then you should go for Bush’s bean and if you prefer a sweeter taste then you should go for B&M beans.

If you are looking for a richer flavor, then you can always add unique and different spices to the baked beans that you have purchased. This will also impart a personal touch to your dish. If you are vegetarian, then you need to make sure to check the label properly before making a purchase. Several brands use pork for adding more spice to their recipe.

There are several vegetarian brands that offer spicy baked beans without adding bacon or other meats to their recipe. Make sure to check the label thoroughly before purchasing one. Another aspect that should be ignored while looking for baked beans is the use of sweeteners in the recipe.

Baked beans are available in variety of flavors. They can be spicy, sweet or barbecue. Many makers add sweeteners for enhancing or balancing the tastes in their recipe. Molasses are preferred by many chefs. If you are diabetic, then you need to stay away from recipes that are too sweet to taste.  

Excess of sodium is something that you must avoid. It is not good for your health and can prove to be problematic for people who have high blood pressure. Hence, you need to make sure to check the label on baked beans can thoroughly for the sodium content in it.


Baked beans have become an integral part of the lives of people. If you are fond of cooking your own meals, then you would have at some point experimented with baked beans. If you are in love with them, then you should stick to the brand that offers the flavor profile that you desire.

We have provided a comprehensive list of the best canned baked beans products available in the market today.  You can let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

2 thoughts on “The 8 Best Canned Baked Beans in 2020”

  1. NoFearOfDiabetes

    So I have been looking for a good Store bought BBQ baked bean. I guess everyone’s option is different of course, but my nostalgia of real deal black soul food level BBQ baked beans gotta be sweet and taste really like BBQ, as most these ones taste fake to me.

    Bushes has a “Sweet and Tangy” I tried. Not sweet at all and I tasted no tang. Boring beans imo.. Amy’s and places like that I never liked, been disappointed with all of Amy products since their debut. And any 365 is a joke too.

    So someone else into black folk level food stuff (corn bread that tastes like pound cake ! That’s real food !) referred me to some BBQ baked beans at Safeway, forgot the brand name, but it was in a plastic tub, verses a can and was perishable. Tried them, and that tasted WAY too sweet. Literally like candy, so sweet my throat was kinda sore afterwards. You ever experienced that ? I liked it of course cause who doesn’t like sweet and salty ? Our taste buds were actually designed to gravitate towards that by nature. BUT even to me, these were just too sweet.

    So anyone that knows of that true old school Kansas City/Texas BBQ picnic style BBQ Baked beans, please let me know. I’m afraid to keep trying and missing especially now during the C19 stuff, cause going to the store is a ordeal. Bushes surprisingly was a strike, but maybe I tried the wrong ones ?

  2. Andrea Robinson

    Can I serve Van Camps and or Bush beans cold? It’s a hamburger & hot dog event..in hot AZ! Cold is nice but…?

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