The 10 Best Brown Rice Brands in 2020

Brown rice is known for its health benefits.  And for years now, different brands have been used to manage weight, diabetes, and for supplying the body with essential nutrients. But one thing most people do not understand is that every brand is different from the other and consuming the wrong rice will not help you achieve the desired results.

This has raised many questions on what is the best brown rice brand. And today, we are going to take you through some of the quality brown rice brands in the market. Regardless of whether you are looking forward to losing weight or supply your body with healthy nutrients, we have got quality brands for you. Just stay close.

Best Pick

Lotus Foods Gourmet Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

Our best pick is Lotus brown rice because it is delicious, easy to cook, organic and ideal for preparing varied dishes from pilafs, stir-fries, and pudding.

Budget Pick

Lundberg Family Farms Eco-Farmed Gourmet Black Japonica Field Blend Rice

Our budget pick is Lundberg brown rice because it’s affordable, appealing, with an exotic nutty flavor which permeates and fill your dining room leaving your loved ones begging for more.

1. Lotus Foods Gourmet Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

If you are looking forward to adding healthy nutrients to your body, then look no further than this brown rice from Lotus Foods.  The company is always focused on giving its customers quality and healthy products.

Lotus Food also values cook time and are always determined to source for the best flavor organic rice varieties that cook quickly and faster. This is a great feature which makes their products unmatched with any standard rice brand. 

With this fine organic jasmine rice, you can prepare your preferred dish ranging from plain rice, pilafs, and stir-fries to pudding giving you the freedom to enjoy your meal just the way you love it. The fact that Lotus food produces gluten-free products makes it an excellent choice for vegans and those who are looking forward to a healthy diet.

The rice is also a great pick for people who are gluten intolerant. This Lotus Foodrice rice comes in a 25-pound bag which is ideal for larger families and for minimizing the need for rushing to the shop often. It comes loaded with antioxidants and fiber which are essential to the body, keeping you and your loved ones well nourished.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used to prepare different dishes giving you a good cooking versatility
  • Gluten-free making it ideal for vegans
  • Cooks faster and easily
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • High quality

2. Lundberg Family Farms Eco-Farmed Gourmet Black Japonica Field Blend Rice 

Keep your families begging for more with this brown rice from Lundberg. The company boasts of their specialty to produce high quality, delicious and healthy rice which have been processed with high precision and vigilance to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Lundberg brown rice is a fine whole grain which is a blend of medium-grained mahogany rice from Japanese seeds and short black grained rice. The 66.1 pound rice touts of its nutty, mushroom-like flavoring perked up with sweet exotic spicery which leaves a sweet aroma in your dining room making your family and friends beg for more. To get the desired results, follow the recommended cooking guide.

Highlighted Features

  • Delicious and flavorful
  • Easy to cook
  • Certified organic rice which has been processed using high industry standards to ensure you get quality
  • Weighs 66.1 pounds
  • Gluten free
  • Ideal for vegans

3. Nishiki Premium Brown Rice

Nishiki is one of the leading producers of premium quality rice, and for years now, the company has supplied consumers with quality products that meet the industry standards, and this rice is not an exception. 

Nishiki premium brown rice is medium grained rice from California which has been selected using high specialty to ensure you enjoy your dish at its best. The rice is all natural making it an excellent pick for vegans.

Preparing your rice is easy and fast. With this rice, you can make different type of dishes like vegan tofu scramble, Asian beef, and rice or customize it as preferred. Ideal for daily use.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality
  • Vegan
  • Gives you the freedom to customize it as preferred
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Easy to prepare

4. Gerbs Brown Rice

Gerbs is an FDA certified brand which produces high-quality rice. All the production, processing, packaging, storage and shipping are done by the company to ensure consumers get products of the right quality and quantity.

Their brown rice is tasty with a nutty flavor which makes it a great pick for both vegan and vegetarians. However, you do not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy the rice. Gerbs rice is loaded with essential minerals and vitamins and can be substituted for white rice.

People who have allergic reactions like gluten, soy, peanut, eggs, wheat, milk or dairy, mustard, fish, and sesame can also benefit from consuming Gerbs rice. Due to its high dietary fiber content, Gerbs rice is one of the best brown rice brands for babies.

Highlighted Features

  • Tasty with a nutty flavor
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • 100% vegan
  • Rich in essential minerals and vitamins
  • FDA certified
  • Excellent source of nutrients for babies, vegans, vegetarians, and white rice lovers

5. Pride Of India - Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice 

Pride of India brown rice is a 100% natural thin sized grain and extra-long rice which is cultivated from the fertile Himalayan valley with great care. The rice then undergoes a special aging process for a maximum of two years which reinvigorates a great rich aroma when cooked.

The rice has been a pride for most vegetarians and vegans who are looking forward to enjoying a tasty and nutritious meal. The rice is GMO-free, BPA free, gluten free and vegan. Usually, Pride of India rice comes sealed in food grade plastic pet jars ensuring a high level of hygiene.

Highlighted Features

  • Rich in fiber and antioxidants
  • Nutritious
  • Easy to prepare
  • GMO-free, BPA free and Gluten free
  • Provides 3G protein per serving
  • Rich in manganese mineral

6. Sukoyaka Brown Rice

Nothing can be stressing like spending hours in the kitchen preparing food. However, Sukoyaka has made thing easy by producing premium quality rice that cooks fast. The rice is organic and is a good source of fiber, protein, iron, and thiamin.

Proteins are known as a bodybuilding food and for each serving of this Sukoyaka rice, you will get 3G proteins. This makes it an excellent choice for those who may be looking forward to adding a healthy diet while building their bodies. Customers who have taken this rice are satisfied with the result and the consistency of quality rice from the company.

Highlighted Features

  • Free from saturated fats and Trans fats
  • Easy to cook
  • Ideal for build building
  • Rich in iron, fiber, thiamin, and proteins
  • Weighs 4.4 pounds

7. Tamanishiki Super Premium Brown Rice

Tamanishiki is premium brown rice which you will find in most prestigious Japanese restaurants. The rice is a combination of Yumegokochi rice and Koshihikari rice which gives it great texture and great flavor.

The rice is usually raised in California and is one of the super-premium brown rice. It’s all natural making it a good choice for both vegans and vegetarians. Usually, the rice comes in two packs with each pack weighing 4.4 pounds.

Highlighted Features

  • Delicious with great texture and flavor
  • Premium quality
  • Widely used in most Japanese restaurants
  • Grown and shipped within California

8. Dynasty Jasmine Brown Rice

Dynasty brown rice is a trans-fat and saturated fat-free rice which makes it great for vegans. The rice is rich in proteins (2G) and fiber which allows you to not only to enjoy your meal but also add extra health nutrients to your body.

With this Dynasty rice, you do not have to spend hours in the kitchen. The rice cooks easily and faster, so you do not have to keep your loved ones waiting for long. The package comes in a convenient resealable bag of 5lbs.

Highlighted Features

  • Rich in fiber and proteins
  • Easy to prepare
  • Weighs 5lbs
  • Packed in a reseal-able packet for user convenience

9. Riceselect Brown Rice

Living a healthy life has never been easy but with this brown rice from Riceselect, you can now enjoy a healthy meal. It doesn’t matter whether it is a great side dish or a main course, Texmati rice is specially designed to ensure you enjoy varied dishes as preferred.

When cooked, the rice boasts of a slightly chewy texture and a nutty taste. Besides, Textmati rice is organic and a good source of dietary fiber which is known to reduce any chances of developing coronary heart complications and colon cancer. 

Riceselect can be enjoyed as pilaf, fried rice, stir fry or stuffing. Best when paired with sauces and strong seasonings.

Highlighted Features

  • Kosher and Star-K certified
  • High source of dietary fiber
  • Natural
  • Can be used daily as a side or main dish
  • Easy to prepare

10. Planet Rice Sprouted Brown Gaba Rice

Decrease your cook time by 20% with this easy to cook brown rice from Planetrice. The rice is usually grown in Califonia , and the company has a long history of producing high-quality rice. For many years, Planetrice has kept its customers happy by maintaining excellent quality consistency.

Even when you store your cooked rice, it does not lose its taste. You can enjoy it on the second day which saves you time. Besides, Planetrice is organic and rich in healthy nutrients and essential vitamins which keep your body well nourished.

One good example of these vital food components present in Planetrice is GABA. Usually, GABA is an essential amino acid which is known to help reduce anxiety, high blood pressure, depression and enhance cardiovascular activities. The essential amino acid is also released by our brains and increasing its levels can help you fight these health complications. When cooked the rice has a soft and less chewy texture which makes it ideal for children and people with dental problems.

Highlighted Features

  • Gluten-free and GMO-free
  • Cooks faster
  • Ideal for vegans, vegetarians and small children
  • Rich in iron and GABA
  • Less chewy as compared to regular rice

Why is brown rice better?

During the production of brown rice, only the outermost layer is removed. This does not interfere with the nutrient content which is contrary to the way white rice is produced. The process that changes brown rice to white rice destroys the nutritional value of vitamin B1 by 80%, vitamin B3 by 67%, 60% iron, 90% of vitamin B9, 50% of manganese and phosphorous, and all the essential fats and fatty acids. This leaves white rice with low nutritional value.

Healthy benefits of eating brown rice

When compared to white rice, brown rice is known for its high nutrients, vitamins, essential minerals in regard to quality and quantity. However, each brand will differ from the other in terms of taste, flavor, texture, and nutrient content. With that said, below are the amazing benefits of introducing brown rice to your diet.

Manage weight

Brown rice contains Manganese which is an essential mineral which aids in synthesizing body fats. People with obesity or who have challenges managing their weight can do so by introducing brown rice to their diet.

Studies have also shown that when most people are stressed they tend to react to food which eventually causes excessive body weight gain. Brown rice also contains fiber which helps you feel fuller, a great feature for people who tend to gain more weight while stressed.

Reduces stress levels

People who consume brown rice are known to have less stress levels as compared to their counterparts who rely on white rice. Nursing mothers can also fight high fatigue levels, mood swings, and depression levels by introducing brown rice into their diet.

A study conducted in 2007 showed that introducing pre-germinate brown rice into lactating mothers diet can reduce mood disturbances. Once moods are managed, chances of getting depressed, anxious and stressed also go down.

Prevents breasts and colon cancer

Brown rice contains high levels of antioxidants and dietary fiber which helps fight breast and colon cancer. Unlike white rice, brown rice is known to have high bran which contains essential phenols like tricin acid, caffeic acid, and ferulic acid which help suppress the development of breast and colon cancer cells.  

Promotes healthy digestion

High fiber content present in brown rice is known to improve the digestive system. People who have constipation or inflammatory bowel complications like colitis can benefit from taking brown rice.

Manages cholesterol levels

Brown rice is trans-fat and saturated fat-free, but instead contains naturally occurring oils which help maintain cholesterol levels. High cholesterol in the body has been linked to high blood pressure, heart diseases, and obesity.

Minimizes the probability of developing type 2 diabetes

Due to its high Magnesium levels, brown rice is known to inhibit the onset of type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that magnesium helps produce enzymes which aid in regulating blood sugar and insulin production. Production of these vital enzymes helps manage insulin levels in the body thus minimizing any chances of developing diabetes.

Individuals with diabetes can introduce brown rice to their diet to manage the condition as well as preventing any chances of developing type-2 diabetes. Aside from preventing type 2 diabetes, magnesium is also known to fight other health complications which among them include: migraine headaches, Asthma, coronary heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Helps build the body

Proteins are known to help the body develop stronger muscles, and brown rice is one of the good sources of healthy proteins. Individuals who may be looking forward to building stronger body muscles can do so by introducing brown rice to their diet.

Enhance how nervous system functions

Brown rice contains magnesium and manganese minerals as well as vitamin B which are great for a healthy nervous system. Vitamin E also plays a vital role in promoting a healthy brain.

Boosts energy levels

Brown rice is high in starch which is further broken down by the body to ensure you have enough energy. This implies that people who consume brown rice are more likely to be more productive than those who consume white rice. 

Factors to consider when buying brown rice

As mentioned earlier, brown rice usually differs from one brand to another. So before you spend your money on any rice, you should be sure about what, exactly, you are buying. There is more than just the color. And without any further ado, let's have a look at the factors that you should consider when purchasing your brown rice.

Size of the grain

Brown rice comes either as short, medium or long sized grains. For short grains, the rice is shorter as compared to medium-sized type. The grains are sticky and tender. When cooked, the short-grained rice has creamy texture which makes it a great pick when preparing pudding, risotto or sushi.

Medium-grained rice, on the other hand, is a little bit longer than the short type. When cooked the rice has a sticky texture and tend to be moister and softer as compared to long grained rice. Medium sized rice is ideal for preparing soup, paella and rice salads.

Long grained rice is three to four times longer than its width. When cooked, the rice usually has a slight, separate and fluffy because it's high in starch content. Long grained rice will take more time to prepare than short and medium types.

The long-grained type makes it great for various dishes like casserole and pilafs.


When cooked, brown rice has a unique texture. Though this may not be a great feature most people pay attention to, it is recommended to take it into account if you are purchasing the rice for children, old person or individuals with dental complications.

Softer textured rice makes it an excellent pick for small kids.

Ease of cooking

To get the desired results, you will have to follow the cooking instructions as per the manufacturer. Choosing a hard- -to-cook rice will always give you poor results, and you may end up disappointing your family and friends with a poorly prepared dish.


Different manufacturers pack their rice in different quantities. Most people purchase brown rice brands without considering the quantity they are buying. Since brown rice has less shelf life than white rice, small families should be careful about the quantity they buy.


While you can prepare different types of dishes with brown rice, not every brand will allow you to achieve all this. To avoid any disappointments, you should consider the versatility of your preferred brand in regards to which dishes you can prepare with your preferred brand.

For instance, if you love Indian cuisine, Jasmine and basmati brown rice are great picks for you due to their aromatic and nutty flavor.

Nutritional content

Each brown rice brand has nutritional content. However, the dietary levels vary from brand to brand. The choice of the brand you choose should be high on the nutritional content you are looking forward to adding to your diet.

For instance, if you are looking forward to adding bodybuilding nutrients to your diet, you should consider buying rice with high protein levels. To supply your body with high protein content, consider pairing your rice with other foods high in protein like beans.

If you are hunting for the best brand for managing certain conditions, ensure the product you select is recommended or used for the same purpose you are buying it for.


Most people pay more attention to the rice quality that they forget to look at how it has been packaged. Though manufacturers have made efforts to ensure the rice has been well wrapped, not all of these packaging products are of the right quality.

Just in case you were to choose a rice brand which has been packaged in a jar, ensure it is food grade and BPA free. For packaging bags, ensure they are completely sealed.

Ease of storage

Unlike white rice, brown rice has a short lifespan and requires proper storage. Most manufacturers recommend refrigerating your rice to help prevent it from going bad.

What is the best brown rice brand for weight loss?

It is evident that brown rice is a good source of dietary fiber which helps maintain weight. However, the fiber levels do differ. This has left many people wondering which could be the best brown rice brand for weight loss. But to be honest any brown rice brand can be used to maintain weight.

The only difference is how you consume your rice. To help you lose some pounds, we have compiled a list of tips you can implement. Just take a look

  • Reduce the starch levels by ensuring that you wash your rice three to four times before cooking. When cooking, please make sure you also boil it with high water levels.
  • Consider eating steamed or boiled rice rather than a fried one
  • When cooking your rice, please make it a weight loss dish by add other fiber vegetables to the recipe
  • Soak your rice overnight for about 25 to 30 minutes to make the bran layer smooth

How to store brown rice

Though brown rice has massive benefits as compared to white rice, its lifespan is shorter which requires you to shop smartly to ensure you don’t end up wasting money. Typically, brown rice will last for three to six months before going rancid. However, you can increase the lifespan of your brown rice by practicing better storage techniques. So before we take you through the best brown rice storage tips, let’s have a look at why brown rice does not last long.

What makes brown rice rancid?

Since brown rice is not subjected into the same milling process as white rice, the germ and bran are still attached to the grain. This makes the rice to have high oil content and unsaturated fats and though they are healthy, they tend to go rancid fast. This calls for vigilance and better storage of your rice.

If you may be looking forward to reducing the chances of your rice going rancid, here are tips you can take advantage of, and among them include:

Shop in a smart way

When shopping most people forget that the rice has been sitting in the store for some time and end up buying in bulk for the sake of saving some dollars. One of the best ways to reduce any wastage is to ensure you shop enough depending on your family size and consumption levels. Even if you eat brown rice daily, try to calculate how much you will need for say like a month or some few weeks for those who do not have refrigerators.

Keep off your pantry

Brown rice is recommended to be stored inside a tight, clean container in a dry, cool dark place. Though your pantry maybe dark, temperatures in your kitchen keeps on changing making it a no storage place for your high fat grains.

Make use of your refrigerator

Due to its dark interior and cold temperatures inside, the fridge makes it a great storage pick for your brown rice and any high oil grains. You can store your rice from 6 to 16 months. However, due to frequent opening of your fridge which allows light, it is highly recommended to use either food saver bags, canned jars, or sealable freezer bags.

Freeze your rice

In case you have a freezer, you can make good use by storing your rice. For best results, divide your rice into small portions (daily consumption quantity recommended) and store in small freezer bags. This will give you convenience each time you wish to prepare your rice.

NB: Note that as much as the above-discussed tips will help you reduce any chances of your rice from being rancid, failure to follow the rules will result to poor results. Some people may store their rice and still become rancid. Ensure you have used the right storage materials to minimize any wastage.

Rancid rice is known to have low nutritional value. And like any other type of food, consuming stale rice can cause digestive complications. Frequent consumption of contaminated food has also been linked with cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory complications, and certain cancers. 

To minimize any chances of developing such complications, always remember to check your rice for any rancidity signs. Although some people may have challenges noticing the smell or strange taste, there are other ways of knowing whether your rice has gone rancid.

How to know if your rice is rancid

  • Our noses are very sensitive to smell, and the moment you open your packed rice, you will notice an unfamiliar odor of acidity. This is a good sign that your rice is rancid.

  • By looking at your rice, you can tell when it’s not fit for consumption. Fresh brown rice usually has this fresh shiny surface. Any other look is a sure sign your rice has gone bad.

  • By touching the rice grain, you can quickly know if it’s fit for consumption. If you touch your rice and it feels oily and dusty it high time you bin it.  

Who makes the best brown rice?

With different brown rice brands in the market today, it can be challenging for you to decide the best brand to buy especially if you have never bought it before. So if you may be wondering who makes the best brown rice, we would suggest that you consider your personal preferences.

All the above rice brands are an excellent pick for you if you shop smart. However, before you could spend on any brand, ask yourself these questions. How would you love to enjoy my meal? Do you love spiced or flavored rice? Do you love versatility or customizing your rice? Do you value aroma? Do you have a health condition? Are you intolerant to some products? With these questions, you should be in a position to choose your preferred brand that matches your needs.


It is without any shadow of doubts that brown rice can offer many health benefits as well as helping you manage some health complications.  And choosing the best brown rice brand should not be rocket science. Just before selecting your preferred rice brand, ensure it possesses all the features you prefer. If by now you have not identified one for you, you can go back and reread our shopping guide.

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