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The 10 Best Bacon Cookers For Perfect, Crispy Strips Of Bacon

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If you find your bacon always turns out to be too greasy, you might be interested to grab a bacon cooker. This product is specially designed to cook crispy bacon in a short time. All you need to do is line the strips of bacon onto the ridges and place the bacon cooker in the microwave for a few minutes. The best bacon cookers carry out an excellent task in keeping the bacon away from the grease, resulting in crispy and somewhat healthy bacon. 

Best Pick

Progressive Prep Solutions Microwave Bacon Grill with Cover

The Progressive Prep Solutions Microwave Bacon Grill with Cover is our best pick because of its spacious capacity, BPA-free solid construction, and ability to cook crispy, non-greasy strips of bacon. The cover helps to reduce splatters which keeps your microwave clean.

Budget Pick

The Original Makin' Bacon Microwave Bacon Rack

The Original Makin' Bacon Microwave Bacon Rack is our budget pick because of its ability to cook many strips of bacon in a healthy way. The fat from the bacon falls right on the tray underneath which helps to reduce your fat intake by 35%.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Bacon Cookers

One of the best microwave bacon cookers, this grill allows you to cook 7 to 9 pieces of bacon at once. It is perfect for people with limited kitchen space! The grill keeps the meat above the bottom surface, giving the fat a place to drip down to.

The lower amount of fat also makes the bacon healthier than cooking on a pan. The even cooking inside the microwave makes the bacon crispy. The cover is vented and prevents any grease splattering the insides of the microwave, making cooking bacon a clean and easy process.

The BPA-free plastic grill is safe to use in a dishwasher but can be easily washed by hand. The entire cooking process only takes a couple of minutes. All you need to worry about is how hot the grill becomes in the microwave. The recessed handle in the cover makes it easier to lift, but just make sure to use tongs or oven mitts when removing for safety.


  • Raised grill lets bacon fat drip down
  • Healthier than cooking bacon on a stove as there is less fat
  • Cooks very quickly
  • Lid prevents grease splattering and making a mess
  • Easy to clean


  • It is harder to time how long the bacon needs to cook for the best texture

2. The Original Makin' Bacon Microwave Bacon Rack

This bacon rack is used to cook bacon in the microwave. The three bars can hold up to 18 slices of bacon. The tray at the bottom holds any dripping fat so it does not make a mess inside the microwave. The sides of the tray are high to prevent grease splattering inside the microwave. Letting the fat drip down as the bacon cooks means that there is less fat in the bacon making it healthier to eat.

The placement of the bars can be customized depending on how many slices of bacon are being cooked. Using this microwave cooker is easy. 

The bacon slices simple need to hung on the bars and covered with a paper towel. the towel soaks up fat and prevents splattering. Each slice only needs to be cooked for a little over a minute, making the cooking process very quick. Clean up is also fast and simple since the cooker is dishwasher safe.


  • Excess fat is soaked up and drips down from the bacon, making the bacon less fatty and healthier
  • The drip tray catches dripping grease and keeps microwave clean
  • Cooks a large number of slices at the same time
  • The cooking process is very quick
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No lid present, so paper towel needs to be placed to prevent grease from splatteringmall and thin handle

3. Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray & Food Defroster 

This item from Nordic Ware is constructed using durable materials that allow you to use it both in the freezer and microwave. The slanted tray makes it perfect for cooking crispy, non-greasy bacon in the microwave. You can easily cook 8-10 strips of bacon along with some salami at a time which makes it great for small or cozy parties. 

The tray has ridges on it that help to keep the strips of bacon separate from the oil. It allows you to transfer the bacon onto another plate without using a kitchen towel to soak in the excess grease. Moreover, it makes it easier to drain the grease from the tray. You can also use this tray to defrost food in the microwave.

This bacon tray has a strong base that keeps it stable while in use. It sits well on flat surfaces which makes it easier to use in the microwave. Although this item is said to be dishwasher-safe, the label on the packaging says that it is best to wash it by hand. However, many consumers have had trouble trying to reach the nooks and crannies of this item.


  • The tray is made using heat-resistant plastic so you will not need to wear oven mitts or potholders while taking it out of the microwave
  • It can be used as a serving dish which saves cleaning time and effort
  • You can check to see if this tray will fit inside your microwave by putting in the brand and model number on the website


  • It does not come with a cover so you will need to put a paper towel or microwave cover on top to prevent food splatters 
  • Many users have said that item is difficult to clean

4. Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker, Black

With three racks and space to cook 12 slices of bacon at once, this microwave cooker is another good choice for those looking for a bacon cooker that will cook bacon fast and make it healthier.

The three racks rest on a deep, black painted base, allowing the bacon fat to drip down into the tray. Placing a paper towel over the bacon slices will make sure that the fat does not splatter all over the microwave. The bacon crisps up very well when cooked with this microwave cooker.

The rack is dishwasher safe and so is hassle-free to clean and reuse. There are no grooves or small areas on the rack and dish that could be hard to clean. The excess fat can be drained away easily from the bottom tray. The bacon slices do not stick to the racks either and serving is easy. The bacon cooker takes very little space to store as the racks can be removed and stacked inside the base.


  • Cooks 12 slices of bacon at once
  • The cooking process is very fast
  • Dishwasher safe and can be washed easily
  • Prevents fat from dripping inside the microwave with a drip tray
  • Takes little storage space
  • Bacon slices do not stick to the racks


  • It is hard to measure the perfect cooking time accurately in a microwave and bacon may overcook
  • A paper towel needs to be placed over the slices to prevent grease from splattering on the walls of the microwave

5. Lekue Microwave Bacon Maker/Cooker with Lid

This plastic bacon cooker is designed to work in the microwave. The grooves on the base keep the bacon elevated so the fat has a place to drip down to. The bacon slices do not come into contact with dripping fat and this reduces the amount of fat consumed with each slice.

The cooker fits up to 6 slices of bacon, which is enough for couples or small families. With a fast cooking time, it also doesn’t take too long to make more batches to feed larger families.

The lid that comes with the microwave cooker prevents fat from splattering inside the microwave as the bacon cooks. The transparent lid also lets you see inside to check how much the bacon has cooked. The cooker has a built-in spout that allows you to pour out the grease gathered on the tray after the cooking process has ended.

The handles are large and easy to grab on to with paper towels or a dishcloth when removing from the microwave. The cooker is made of BPA-free plastic and so no chemicals will leach into the food. It is not recommended for people to use plastic that has BPA.


  • Has deep grooves that allow fat to drain down
  • The spout makes it easy to pour grease away
  • Transparent lid prevents splattering and lets you see the cooking process
  • Quick cooking time
  • Dishwasher safe


  • May be small for large families
  • It is hard to judge the perfect cooking time in a microwave

6. Emson Bacon Wave, Microwave Bacon Cooker

A large microwave bacon cooker, this is a good choice if you are looking for a bacon cooker that can cook the largest number of slices in the shortest time. When stacked, 28 slices of bacon can fit into this cooker. The cooker has raised racks to hold the bacon, allowing bacon grease to drip down from the bacon onto the tray.

The racks allow air to circulate around the bacon slices, cooking them all evenly until they are crispy. With this cooker, each slice only takes 1 minute to cook completely. After use, the cooker can be drained of excess grease and washed inside a dishwasher.


  • Can cook up to 28 slices of bacon
  • The rack allows bacon fat to drip down
  • Drip tray catches excess fat
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Quick cooking time


  • There is no lid and so grease may splatter inside the microwave leading to a messy cooking process

7. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Large Bacon Grill

If you are looking for a bacon tray that will cook your strips of bacon properly, then you might want to check out this product. It has a spacious capacity that allows you to fit 7-9 large strips of bacon together. Moreover, the well-built structure allows you to cook crispy bacon in no time. This is a convenient tray that can be used in the microwave to cook large quantities of frozen snacks such as salami, pizza rolls, sausages, sandwiches, and lots more. 

The raised ridges on the tray help to keep the food separate from the grease. The strips of bacon stay on top while the fat drips on the bottom of the tray. Since the tray is not completely flat, the excess grease will not overflow and make a mess in your microwave. Moreover, the handles on the sides allow you to easily transfer the tray in and out of the microwave.

This item is constructed using high-quality plastic that does not warp or melt when exposed to high heat. You can easily use this tray in the oven for 5-10 minutes without any disruptions. Moreover, the plastic does not contain any BPA which makes it safe for consumption. You do not have to worry about the tray releasing harmful toxins while being used in the microwave. 

The sturdy and durable construction also enables you to use it in the microwave for easy and quick cleaning. It is super easy to clean by hand as well. All you need to do is rinse the tray well with warm soapy water. You can also soak it in water to get rid of the grease and stains quickly.


  • The item is super lightweight which makes it easy to carry
  • The non-stick coating allows you to use less oil while cooking food
  • The cooking area heats up quickly and evenly
  • The large cooking area allows you to cook frozen pizza slices as well


  • It does not come with a cover or splatter guard
  • The tray seems to release a bad odor when being used in the microwave

8. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill Indoor Grill, Griddle & Bacon Cooker

This bacon cooker is a must-have. Allowing you to multitask and cook your entire breakfast in one pan, the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill goes a long way to make mornings easier for you. The bacon cooker mode makes the grill rise higher.

The grill heats up quickly to ensure that the bacon becomes crispy and finishes cooking in only ten minutes. The elevation lets excess fat drain away, preventing any hot fat from splattering. Both the top and bottom of the grill heats up, and once the lid is closed, you only have to wait for the bacon to cook, without needing to turn it.

The cooker can be opened and laid completely flat, letting you grill the bacon and cook other breakfast items on the griddle. The entire surface is made of non-stick material and gives you 200 square inches of cooking space. The grill allows you to grill a variety of meats and press sandwiches indoors. You can easily adjust the temperature of the grill and griddle. For easy cleanup, the cooking plates and drip tray are both dishwasher safe.


  • Both grill and griddle present
  • The drip tray and tilting mechanism allows bacon fat to drain away
  • A heating mechanism on top and bottom means meat does not need to be flipped
  • Large cooking surface
  • Dishwasher safe cooking plates


  • The grids are not dishwasher-safe
  • The drip tray is not very spacious which means that it fills up quite easily
  • The power cord is quite short so you might not be able to use this item on high countertops

9. ZFJ Microwave Bacon Cooker

If you are tired of having greasy, soggy, unevenly cooked strips of bacon, then this bacon cooker might be perfect for you. You will be able to fit up to 12 large strips of bacon on the three racks of this item. This item comes with tongs that make it easier for you to transfer the bacon onto another bowl. The tray at the bottom is positioned well to collect all the excess grease dripped from the bacon. The tray has a well-built design that allows you to pour the grease onto your sink or wastebin easily. 

This bacon cooker is made using high-quality and durable materials such as PP plastic that does not contain any BPA or other toxic chemicals. This high-quality construction allows the bacon cooker to perform well for a long period of time. It also enables the item to withstand a high temperature without warping or damaging any of its parts. This means that the product can be used in the dishwasher, too.

You will be able to cook the bacon in just three minutes. This makes it perfect for parties as you can make these light snacks in just a few minutes. Moreover, the item is easy to transport. The item weighs only 8.2 ounces so you are unlikely to feel a thing while carrying it in and out of the oven. Plus, the curved handle allows you to wrap your fingers around it comfortably.


  • The parts of this item can be disassembled quickly which makes it easier to clean
  • You will be able to reduce the fat content by 35%, thanks to the convenient drip tray underneath
  • You do not have to wear heat-resistant gloves when taking it out of the microwave


  • You will want to wrap a paper towel around the item if you do not want oil or food splatters in your microwave
  • Many users have complained about the plastic melting while cooking bacon
  • The grease from the bacon tends to slide down the handle, making it difficult to carry

10. WowBacon Microwave Bacon Cooker

This bacon cooker from WowBacon not only cooks crispy, professional strips of bacon for you but also reduces oil splatters in your microwave. The spacious rack can hold up to six strips of bacon at once, allowing you to cook them in just 3-5 minutes. If you want chewy bacon, you should put it in the microwave for less time. On the other hand, if you want crispy bacon, you should put it in the microwave for more time. 

This item is super easy to use. You can unlock the lid by pressing the black keys downwards. Then, separate the lid from the rack to occupy it with your bacon strips. You will be able to put in both thick or thin slices of bacon in the rack. After you are done placing the bacon, you should lock the rack with the lid and place it in the bucket. Then, you can place it in the microwave and cook for a few minutes to complete your breakfast meal.

Not only will this item catch the grease from the bacon but it will also help to keep your microwave clean. The cover on top prevents oil splatters in your microwave. You no longer need to use paper towels or a microwave cover to keep your microwave clean. The grease in the bottom container can be stored for later use. 

The bacon cooker is made using premium materials that allow it to withstand a high temperature without damaging any of its parts. This product is extremely sturdy and comes with a 3-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer will compensate you accordingly.


  • The parts can be disassembled for easy and quick cleaning
  • This item is dishwasher-safe
  • You will be able to cook scrambled and poached eggs using this item
  • It does not include any BPA


  • You can only cook six strips of bacon at once

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Bacon Cooker


If you want to invest in a bacon tray, make sure that it has raised ridges to keep the bacon separate from the grease. It should have enough depth to keep the grease from overflowing. On the other hand, if you want to invest in a bacon stand or rack, then make sure that it has a tray underneath to collect the excess grease from the bacon. It is very important for your bacon cooker to have a fine, well-built design for it to function properly. 


It is best if you invest in a spacious bacon cooker if you usually cook a large quantity of bacon. You might want to purchase one that allows you to cook 8-12 strips of bacon at a time. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of bacon or snack on it occasionally, a bacon cooker that can cook 6-8 strips of bacon at the same time will work just fine for you. 


A bacon cooker that is made using high-quality materials is likely to serve you well for several years. Most bacon cookers are made using plastic so it is best to look for ones that do not include any BPA or harmful chemicals that may put your health at risk. Your bacon cooker should be able to withstand a high temperature for quick and efficient results. 


A bacon cooker that is lightweight will make it easier to carry it in and out of the microwave. It is unlikely to put much strain on your wrists and allow you to have a comfortable experience while cooking bacon. 


Handles will make it easier to transport the bacon cooker from one place to another. It is best if you invest in a bacon cooker that has heat-resistant handles so you do not need to wear oven mitts or pot holders while taking it out of the microwave. Make sure that the handles are well-positioned and away from the hot grease. 

Ease of Cleaning

A bacon cooker that is easy to clean will help to save time and effort and encourage you to use it more often. If you are not a fan of doing the dishes, investing in a dishwasher-safe bacon cooker might be more suitable for you. 

Lid vs. No Lid

A bacon cooker with a lid will help to reduce oil splatters when being used in the microwave. The lid will also allow you to cook more flavorful bacon since it will help to trap moisture and juices. If your bacon cooker does not come with a lid, you will need to place a few paper towels on and beneath the bacon to keep oil splatters to a minimum. 


Do I need to use oil when cooking bacon in the microwave?

You do not need to use any oil when cooking bacon in the microwave. The high heat will cook the strips of bacon in just three or four minutes. 

Do I need to flip the strips of bacon in between the cooking session?

Since bacon strips are quite thin, you do not need to flip them during cooking time. A good bacon cooker will help to distribute heat evenly so that your bacon cooks perfectly without having to do anything extra.


Bacon cookers are convenient tools that deserve to be in all kitchens. The best bacon cookers will allow you to prepare non-greasy and crisp bacon in almost no time. If you want the bacon to be a part of your healthy diet, you might want to consider investing in a sturdy, durable, and efficient bacon cooker. 

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